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1 Mar

Kards Unlimited Calendar of Events: March!

St. Patrick's Day Parade and hey!  I know those guys!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and hey! I know those guys!

It’s March again, friends!  Win­ter will be over soon and we’ll all be hap­py and cavort­ing around in the love­ly warm weath­er!  Hur­ray!  Until then, there’s still plen­ty of time to drink all the hot choco­late and sit in front of all the fires your lit­tle heart could desire.  Here’s what’s hap­pen­ing at KU this March!  (In addi­tion to hot choco­late and snug­gling, obvi­ous­ly.)

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5 Feb

Unlimited Valentine’s Day cards at Kards Unlimited!

Look at lil' Hickory!  So frickin' cute!

Look at lil’ Hick­o­ry! So frick­in’ cute!

Feb­ru­ary 14th fast approach­es, friends!  You need a great card and I am here to tell/show you that it is right here wait­ing for you to come and buy it.  Allow me to show you our (ridicu­lous­ly per­fect and adorable) wares!  Seri­ous­ly, the­se cards (and the many many more we have) are utter­ly adorable and will guar­an­tee you a Valentine’s Day you won’t for­get!* Click READ MORE to see more fab­u­lous cards!

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1 Feb

Go Seahawks! Or not. Whatever, really. IDGAF, to be honest.

Blah.  Just blah.

Blah. Just blah.

So here’s the thing.  About this year’s Super­bowl.  And let me pref­ace this by say­ing that the Steel­ers real­ly played with my heart this year because they were like, real­ly ter­ri­ble but then they kind of got it togeth­er and then they did real­ly well for like 3 weeks and I got real­ly excit­ed because I thought they were gonna like, ride that momen­tum all the way to the bank.  And it didn’t hap­pen.  So I’m kind of over foot­ball for this sea­son.  Despite the fact that I real­ly enjoy watch­ing foot­ball, there’s real­ly no way to dis­guise the fact that I’m a fenc­ing nerd and at the end of the day, if it’s not my home team, I’m pret­ty much not inter­est­ed.

Artists rendering of me when the Steelers lost.

Artist’s ren­der­ing of me when the Steel­ers lost.

So any­way, about this year’s Super­bowl.  First of all, the Patri­ots are prob­a­bly cheat­ing cheaters who should just go home and think about what they have done.  Also, Bill Belichick = yuck.  So I’m half or quar­ter-heart­ed­ly root­ing for the Sea­hawks.  (What even is a Sea­hawk?  An osprey?  Are you talk­ing about an osprey?  Or a Stellar’s Sea Eagle or some­thing?  I don’t know.)  Also, Chris Evans is a Patri­ots fan and has been hav­ing an adorable Twit­ter fight with Chris Pratt about the Super­bowl, so that’s fun.

He's the cutest.

He’s the cutest.

But we all know what the actu­al draw of the Super­bowl.  We do.  It’s the com­mer­cials.  Super­bowl com­mer­cials are total­ly awe­some and are the best thing on tv on Super­bowl Sun­day.  Sor­ry, Steel­ers, even your Super­bowls.

And yes, before you ask, it’s fine if you get lost in the Youtube rab­bit hole that is com­mer­cials.  Enjoy.

So any­way, in sum­ma­ry.  Boo to the Patri­ots, meh to the Sea­hawks, yay to Chris­es Evans and Pratt, and dou­ble yay (or dou­ble yoi, if you prefer) to the Super­bowl com­mer­cials.  Can’t wait!

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31 Jan

Kards Unlimited Calendar of Events: February!

Old timey Valentine's dates were the best.

Old timey Valentine’s dates were the best.

Ah Feb­ru­ary!  The per­fect mon­th to cud­dle up indoors and sip on a hot bev­er­age in front of a roar­ing fire!  The per­fect mon­th to con­sult an over-sized rodent about the weath­er!  The per­fect mon­th to shop at KU!  For all the deets about our upcom­ing plans and dates to remem­ber (includ­ing Valentine’s Day (on 2/14 as always!)), click READ MORE!

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30 Jan

It’s Fun At Work Day! An examination of how working at KU is better…

Here I am having Fun at Work with Filbert the Elephant. (I named him, but you can probably rename him if you buy him.  He probably won't mind.  Filbert is laid back like that.)

Here I am hav­ing Fun at Work with Fil­bert the Ele­phant. (I named him, but you can prob­a­bly rename him if you buy him. He prob­a­bly won’t mind. Fil­bert is laid back like that.)

…than lit­er­al­ly any­thing ever.

KU Book Club!  Most Fun at Work ever!

KU Book Club! Most Fun at Work ever!

So here at Kards Unlim­it­ed, we have the best job in the world.  Lit­er­al­ly every day is Fun at Work Day for us.  Our boss gives us cham­pag­ne, we play games and go to triv­ia togeth­er (that’s after work, but it’s still some­thing that makes work awe­some), and we also active­ly rec­og­nize and cel­e­brate hol­i­days like Fun at Work Day, so that should pret­ty much tell you every­thing you need to know.

In hon­or of Fun at Work Day (I was going to acronym that, but FaWD looks/sounds weird and wrong) I’m going to exam­ine sev­er­al ways/reasons work­ing at KU is fun so that my dear read­ers can iden­ti­fy and encour­age aspects of their own work­places that are also fun!

First­ly, our boss is a per­son and treats us like peo­ple.  To me this seems like an obvi­ous fac­tor of work­place fun, but I feel like there’s this stereo­type of a cor­po­rate boss as some weird robot who also thinks every­one else is a robot.  And not the fun kind of robot that helps you with your home­work, the lame kind that ruins your day and may or may not one day decide that you’re extra­ne­ous to an effi­cient envi­ron­ment and destroy you.  With lasers.  So yeah.

Me and Blair playing with Sesame Street toys because we are adults with jobs.

Me and Blair play­ing with Sesame Street toys because we are adults with jobs.

Also, I don’t know if you real­ly know this about us, but we sell fun!  More than just the actu­al prod­ucts we have, the whole envi­ron­ment of the store is fun.  We want peo­ple to have a good time shop­ping here, so we have to have a good time work­ing here.  Again, seems obvi­ous, but this one may­be doesn’t trans­late direct­ly to oth­er people’s work­places.  I mean, you don’t sell fun at a bank or at Home Depot or what­ev­er, and I get that.  Here’s the thing, though: it’s all about your mind­set.  You have to make the fun hap­pen!  You think I come in here every day and there’s just fun wait­ing for me?  Well, I mean, yes, there is.  But if there weren’t, I could make some!

The Deerstalker might be the most flattering hat I've ever tried on.

The Deer­stalk­er might be the most flat­ter­ing hat I’ve ever tried on.

Final­ly, we have per­son­al­i­ty!  Now obvi­ous­ly, every­one has a per­son­al­i­ty.  But WE have Per­son­al­i­ty.  So go to work and be you!  Let your freak flag fly!  You do you!  And oth­er pseudo-inspi­ra­tional stuff!  That’s how you have fun at work!


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19 Jan

KU Book Club Review! What you missed at the best book club in town!

Here's the edition we sell!  It's different from other editions, which is important, turns out!

Here’s the edi­tion we sell! It’s dif­fer­ent from oth­er edi­tions, which is impor­tant, turns out!

A lot!  Yesterday’s meet­ing was very well attend­ed and we had a ton of thoughts and feels about The Alchemist.  Most of us liked the sto­ry, though there were some dis­sent­ing opin­ions.  Here are some inter­est­ing high­lights from the meet­ing!

The Alchemist is some­thing of an inspi­ra­tional piece and its main mes­sage is that every­one should fol­low his or her heart to per­son­al ful­fill­ment.  There was plen­ty to say on that top­ic (includ­ing a fas­ci­nat­ing dis­cus­sion of priv­i­lege and oppor­tu­ni­ty and whether lit­er­al­ly every­one has the chance to fol­low their dreams or if it’s just the peo­ple that can afford to do so…) but some­thing that was coin­ci­den­tal and fun­ny was that we read this book so close to the new year when a lot of peo­ple look at their lives and won­der if they’re on the right path.

We also learned that dif­fer­ent trans­la­tions of books can entire­ly change people’s inter­pre­ta­tions of them!  Seems obvi­ous in ret­ro­spect, but I guess it nev­er occurs to you until it hap­pens to you direct­ly.  In one ear­lier trans­la­tion of The Alchemist, the phrase “Per­son­al Leg­end” is trans­lat­ed sim­ply as “des­tiny.”  Seems innocu­ous enough, right?  But actu­al­ly, it made a dif­fer­ence in how peo­ple inter­pret­ed the book, since des­tiny implies a cer­tain­ty in events that Per­son­al Leg­end avoids.  I dun­no, may­be you had to be there, but it made for good con­ver­sa­tion.

Here’s a snap of (most of) our book club­bers all ready to talk it up!  There actu­al­ly end­ed up being so many peo­ple at the meet­ing that I couldn’t get them all in the frame of my phone!  (Sor­ry friends!)  OH!  Also, it has come to my atten­tion that even some of our loy­al book club­bers didn’t know about KU’s Insta­gram feed!  Sac­ri­lege!  Fol­low along on IG @kardsunlimited

Look how much fun they're about to have!  So much, you guys!

Look how much fun they’re about to have! So much, you guys!

The next book club meet­ing will be at 6 p.m. here at Kards Unlim­it­ed on Feb­ru­ary 22nd!  We’re read­ing 2 (ish) books for that meet­ing, Alice’s Adven­tures in Won­der­land and Through the Look­ing Glass!  Hope to see you all there!

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16 Jan

Celebrate Appreciate a Dragon Day! Or, reasons why Spyro was the freakin’ best

Ok, so.  Jan­u­ary 16th is Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day.  Usu­al­ly, I like to talk about a bunch of dif­fer­ent drag­ons and why appre­ci­at­ing drag­ons is super fun and great.  How­ev­er, this year I’d like to remind every­one of a very spe­cial drag­on, this guy right here:



Aw yeah.  Spy­ro the Drag­on.  So here’s the thing.  When I was a kid, we didn’t real­ly have video games in the house.  My par­ents didn’t even have cable.  They want­ed us to “read” and “learn things” and “play out­side” and all that oth­er unciv­i­lized non­sense.  Don’t get me wrong, in ret­ro­spect I real­ly appre­ci­ate my upbring­ing.  But when I was a kid, there was not a lot that thrilled me more than going to a friend or relative’s house where they were mod­ern and had video games and/or cable tele­vi­sion, so I could expe­ri­ence them.

Look at these adorable nerds.

Look at the­se adorable nerds.

So one sum­mer we road tripped out to my cousins’ house in Mary­land or Vir­ginia or some state where they lived, and they had one of the Spy­ro games.  And it was so so awe­some, you guys.  It was like all the things I loved rolled into one hero­ic, fly­ing, fire-breath­ing adven­ture.  I loved it.

Look at this game!  Doesn't it look SO fun?

Look at this game! Doesn’t it look SO fun?

For those of you who may not know, the Spy­ro games fea­tured the above lit­tle pur­ple drag­on, who ran around with his friend Sparx the Drag­on­fly sav­ing the world from var­i­ous prob­lems in the dif­fer­ent games.  Child­ish?  Yes.  But also a lot of fun.  I kind of want to go buy myself one right now, tbh.

So any­way, pick a drag­on and appre­ci­ate it today!  Drag­ons rule!

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6 Jan

It’s all elementary, really.

If any day is espe­cial­ly suit­ed to the cel­e­bra­tion of Sher­lock Holmes, it’s his birth­day, Jan­u­ary 6th!  (i.e. today!)  Sure, there are plen­ty of great detec­tives in pop cul­ture.  The bril­liance of Christie’s Poirot and Miss Marple is not to be ignored, Sayers’s Lord Peter is a pip, Colum­bo and Monk are great, and of course there’s Bat­man the World’s Great­est Detec­tive (some peo­ple say.)  There’s some­thing spe­cial about Sher­lock, though.  Even before the incred­i­ble mod­ern reboot intro­duced us to the oth­er-world­ly bril­liance of Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch & co., Sher­lock Holmes is a char­ac­ter that brings you into his world the way very few oth­ers do.  Not to men­tion he’s a total­ly awe­some anti­hero!  Every­one loves an occa­sion­al­ly drug-addled mis­an­thrope who solves crimes for a liv­ing!  Or if they don’t they are crazy.  Any­way, in hon­or of Sher­lock Holmes Day, I sug­gest you spend some time watch­ing every episode of the BBC’s spec­tac­u­lar show, Sher­lock.  To aid in your task (there are only 9 episodes, but they’re each about an hour and a half long, so you may have to pri­or­i­tize), here’s a list of all nine episodes, ranked from my least to most favorite.  (Though, to clar­i­fy, they’re all amaz­ing and bet­ter than pret­ty much every­thing else on TV) (Minor spoil­ers ahead.  Unless you know absolute­ly noth­ing about Sher­lock Holmes at all, con­fi­dent­ly read on!)


9.  The Blind Banker (Series 1, episode 2) — Great, but kin­da feels like a place hold­er.  Lots of expo­si­tion, Holmes and Wat­son get­ting to know each oth­er, that kind of thing.  There is, how­ev­er, an excel­lent scene where John tries to explain what a date is to Sher­lock and he doesn’t get it.  3.5/4 stars.

reichenbach fall2

8.  The Reichen­bach Fall (Series 2, episode 3) — Also great, but Sher­lock dies in it, so that’s not as good.  Plen­ty of per­fect inter­ac­tions between all the char­ac­ters, but again, Sher­lock dies.  Blah.  3.75/4 stars.

great game

7.  The Great Game (Series 1, episode 3) — Omg, so great.  We get intro­duced to Mori­ar­ty!  Ah!  And he’s so good, you guys.  If not for Bene­dict and Mar­t­in, it would total­ly be the Jim Mori­ar­ty show.  But again, seems very introduction/exposition-y.  3.9/4 stars.

study in pink

6.  A Study in Pink (Series 1, episode 1) — Oh man.  The intro­duc­tion between Sher­lock and John is so fan­tas­tic, you guys.  And the first case is SO cool!  Seri­al sui­cides!  4/4 stars!

hounds of baskerville

5.  The Hounds of Baskerville (Series 2, episode 2) — Great obvi­ous­ly because of the source mate­ri­al.  The Hound of the Baskervilles is def­i­nite­ly one of the best known and loved Sher­lock Holmes sto­ries.  Also great because we find out Sher­lock doesn’t know Lestrade’s first name.  So Sher­lock.  4.25/4 stars!

his last vow

4.  His Last Vow (Series 3, episode 3) — Real­ly amaz­ing.  You wouldn’t have thought that there could be a vil­lain scari­er and more evil than Mori­ar­ty, but there so is.  Ugh, I hate him.  What kind of per­son licks a stranger or pees in a person’s fire­place?  A psy­cho, that’s what kind.  4.75/4 stars!  Most­ly because it also fea­tures Sherlock’s par­ents who are amaz­ing beyond belief.

sherlock A Scandal in Belgravia 191

3.  A Scan­dal in Bel­gravia (Series 2, episode 1) — The sec­ond series pre­miere fea­tures one of the great­est char­ac­ters in the Sher­lock Holmes uni­verse, Irene Adler!  The Wom­an.  What a great moniker.   Oth­er great moments include my favorite line in the whole series, “I always hear ‘punch me in the face’ when you’re speak­ing, but it’s usu­al­ly sub­text.”  Snark from the one and only John Wat­son, ladies and gen­tle­men.  And also Sher­lock strut­ting around Buck­ing­ham Palace clad only in a bed­sheet.  Because rea­sons.  5.5/4 stars.  Srsly, so good.

empty hearse

2.  The Emp­ty Hearse (Series 3, episode 1) — It’s the series 3 pre­miere and John has a mus­tache and a fiancee!  And we find out pleas­ant­ly soon that Sher­lock was nev­er real­ly dead!  Very good, since with­out him there’s not much of a show.  Sec­ond best because it intro­duces Mary who’s prob­a­bly the best non-Sher­lock char­ac­ter in the show.  Yes, even bet­ter than John and Mori­ar­ty.  She’s so good, guys.  10/4 stars!

sign of three

1.  The Sign of Three (Series 3, episode 2) — This episode is the absolute best for a bunch of rea­sons.  1. John and Mary get mar­ried which is the cutest.  2. Sher­lock is John’s best man and it’s prob­a­bly the most feels in the entire known uni­verse.  If I ever give a best man speech, I real­ly hope that it’s half as good as Sherlock’s because if I can do that, I’ll have won at life.  3. The boys are even solv­ing mur­ders on John’s wed­ding day, which is pret­ty hard­core.

So that’s it!  Go watch Sher­lock and be amazed and enthralled.

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