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12 Dec

Gift List: Stocking Stuffers!

Easily the best way to shower someone with gifts without breaking the bank. Plus, stockings are like the best part of Christmas. It's a sock filled with treats! What could be better? These are the little gifts that could be the icing on your Christmas cake this year.

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1 Dec

Kards Unlimited Calendar of Events: December!

DOOMSDAY! It gets you out of so many obligations! This time it's real! But don't let that stop you from celebrating all month long in December. This month is dominated by some very famous holidays, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of things to celebrate! Click READ MORE to begin your voyage of discovery! Read more >>

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28 Nov

The Ladies of Kards Unlimited
2013 Calendar!

Do you love scantily-clad ladies? Do you love bizarre and unique holidays and birthdays? Hey! Us too! So we created a 2013 calendar and filled it up with all of our special holidays and pinup-style photos of our lovely employees! As an added bonus, we are offering 10% off your entire purchase when you buy the calendar if you "like" the post on our facebook page! It couldn't be easier, and the calendar is totally awesome and obviously only available from Kards Unlimited.

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31 Oct

Kards Unlimited Calendar of Events: November!

Seems like every year at about this time we start to talk about November: One of my favorite months of the year. Or...Top 12 at least. Obviously, this month is all about the greatest holiday of all time: Thanksgiving!!! But there are plenty of other fun ways to fill your time in November. Click READ MORE to find out all about them!


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26 Oct

Top 10 Horror Books for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are anything like me you are watching scary movies and reading scary books. Obviously, scary movies are great, but I find horror books to be much more frightening. Movies have it easy, with makeup and special effects. Demon faces pop up out of nowhere and give you that heart attack feeling, but to me those are cheap thrills. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Horror books don't leap out at you covered in fake gore. They take your hand and lead your down a dark alley to inevitable doom, allowing you to visualize the details from your own personal set of fears. The slow, creepy progress of a horror book is what keeps me up late at night, reading under the covers with a flashlight. Most of these books have been adapted into movies, which is probably where you know them from. As with most book-based movies, the books are way better.

Here is a list of some of our favorite horror books and hopefully the weeks leading up to Halloween will find you under your own covers with a flashlight, reading wide-eyed all night.

Click READ MORE to read the list.

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24 Oct

Celebrate National Pizza Month!

Obviously every month is pizza month, but October is Pizza Month with capital letters! In America we consume 100 acres of pizza a day, or 350 slices every second! Pizza also makes the Ninja Turtles possible. There are over 63,000 pizzerias in America, but most of them make a product that can barely be called pizza, and satisfies no pizza cravings whatsoever. The solution, of course, is to make your own pizza at home, and the best way to get this done is to follow the instructions in Jim Lahey's incredible book My Pizza.

Lahey's book My Bread, along with Chad Robertson's Tartine Bread, changed the way we bake bread at home. And what is pizza but flat bread with toppings? Everybody knows that a great pizza relies almost entirely on the crust. Anybody can throw delicious cheese and toppings on a pizza crust, but a spectacular pizza requires a spectacular crust. In My Pizza, Jim Lahey gives you great instructions on how to achieve that at home, with whatever type of oven you may have. He uses the no-knead method that made his bread book famous, so although it requires a lot of time to rest, the recipe couldn't be easier and requires almost no work on your part. Once you have the crust figured out you are set, and you can move on to explore all the different pies, sauces, and toppings, as well as some accompaniments and desserts. The recipes are clear and delicious, and accompanies by great photographs of foods and techniques. If you have been searching for the best pizzeria in town then you have found it, and you live there.

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23 Oct

Halloween Gift Guide: Hats!

The hat is really the most important part of the Halloween costume. If you go out on Halloween without a hat then you may as well just walk around naked, because you will look like a fool. The other awesome thing about Halloween hats is that they are also the laziest and most-achievable costume. Especially at the last minute. I know that pretty much everyone out there puts their Halloween costume together on the morning of the 31st, so these costumes are really right up your alley. This is just a slice of our wide array of Halloween hats, modeled by our resident hat expert, Carly!

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11 Oct

50 Shades of Grey Sex Contract

We were all very inspired by 50 Shades of Grey. Very inspired indeed. Since the series has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, we know we aren't the only ones. So we thought we would try to bring a little bit of the naughty sexual fantasy into reality! We are now selling a sex contract based on the one from the books, but way more fun. Instead of being told what to do, you and your partner can fill in the blanks for all sorts of sexual preferences and activities. Then just take it over to a Notary Public and make it official! Or not. Think of it more like a Mad Libs for all the naughty bedroom activities that you like to fantasize about.

In addition to the contract, we are also selling a new line of beginner S&M products called "Sex & Mischief" for those of you who were "curious" about what all the fuss is about. We have handcuffs, blindfolds, crops, leashes, and the famous grey tie!

The contract is $4.95, or FREE with the purchase of two Sex & Mischief products. Stop in today to pick one up, or call and we can mail it out to you!

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