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21 Feb

“Spoon? Why a Spoon, Cousin?”

If your response to the title is "Because it's dull, you twit", than you love Alan Rickman. or Robin Hood. But probably you love Alan Rickman.

Today is Alan Rickman's birthday.  YAY!

Why is Alan Rickman so great? LET ME TELL YOU:

--Alan Rickman loves the theater so much (AS HE SHOULD) that he has turned down multiple movie roles in favor of live theater. You can often see him in shows in New York, and he is amazing.

Private Lives

Private Lives

--When Alan Rickman was young, he had a speech impediment and had to have vocal training. This leads us to today, where is voice is the most amazing thing ever. It even has its own facebook page.

yeahhhhh.... we all do.

--I'm sure all you geeks knew this like a million years ago, but it needs to be mentioned again. Alan Rickman was J.K. Rowling's first pick for the character of Snape. In fact, she gave him insider tips about the character BEFORE BOOKS WERE RELEASED. HE KNEW ALL ALONG.

No one else could have done Snape like Alan Rickman. <3

--According to IMDB, Alan Rickman turned down the role of Sheriff in Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves twice before he was told that he could have complete control over his interpretation of the character. And then he did an amazing job creating the Sheriff of Nottingham. like whoa.

"That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas."

-- In the filming of Die Hard, the shot where Hans Gruber falls from the top of the building was  was actually Alan Rickman being dropped by a stuntman from a 20-foot high model onto an air bag. To get a genuine surprised look, the stuntman dropped him on the count of two instead of three.

what about THREE?

That's just a few things in the list of Awesome Alan Rickman Facts.

And to finish it off, here are some amazing pictures and videos of him being sexy and amazing!



6 Feb

Gifts to give some one with a brand new office job! Or the same old boring office job!




Do you spend your days in the cardboard box they call cubicles? Do you know someone with a brand new Adult Job? Well here are some things that you should probably have to fill the tiny space you call 'office'!

- A beach wall calendar to stare at when you get tired of working.
- A page a day calendar so you can waste 5 minutes a day ripping that page off.
- A mug that you will recognize when your coworker steals it.
- Some hand sanitizer for when you meet the guy who wanks at the water cooler.
- A lunch box that will make you feel like a kid again for 5 minutes so that you forget how old and responsible you are now.
- Snarky file folders to put the stupid office memos in.
- A mouse pad that doubles as a note pad because really you only have so much room in that cubicle.
- Office citations that you can write up...but really shouldn't actually send to your new coworkers
- A fail button for when you attend your first office meeting. Seriosuly. Use that thing. People will love it. 

Happy Job-Having, you adult, you!

4 Feb

Books to read if you think girls should be taken more seriously

These books feature strong women, young and not young, who change the world in a big way even though people thing they're 'just a girl'.




blue sword





10 Jan

National Letter Writing Day: A (Sappy) Letter For You All

To my Beloved Reader,

I once went to a rather strange play. It was about a young man who traveled to Paris in search of his past, taking with him a bundle of love letters. The letters were old and faded; they had been written by his grandfather to his grandmother long, long ago.
As he read through the letters in a small apartment in Paris, he encountered the all-engulfing , romantic, fiery love that his grandparents had shared. But the letters only told half the story, as his grandfather had saved none written to him.
This young man in continually inspired by the words of love put on paper. Finally, he reads one last letter. This one spoke of deep sorrow. His grandfather had outlived his beautiful wife, and dearly regretted not saving the letters she wrote to him. She had saved every word he ever wrote to her in a beautiful box so that she could remember his love at any moment. But he did not and, once she was gone, wished that he had something to hold in his hand and read with his heart.

As I walked out of the theater at the end of the play, I thought through all the keepsakes I have: playbills from shows I loved, pictures of friends, movie ticket stubs and dried flowers. The ones that are most precious to me are the letters that were written to me. They are there when I need them to reread and remember that I am loved and full of potential.

Today is National Letter Writing day, which is why I have written this letter to you, dear Reader. The month of love is just around the corner. The world will tell you that you should be buying chocolates, flowers, shiney gifts, but sometime the best most precious gift you can give is a heartfelt letter full of the reasons that your special someone is just so special.

Write well, dear Reader.

With Love,
A. Lirael Flint




8 Jan


Today we celebrate the great wonderful world of Bubble Baths! (Yeah, I know that song is about champagne, but I don't care)

I have always been a huge fan of a good relaxing bubble bath. (Usually paired with a dangerous habit of placing my laptop entirely too close to the tub so that I can stream Netflix....)

the all magical bubble machine.

My love of bubble baths started very young. One of my favorite reasons for visiting my Aunt's house was that she had this very strange and loud device that made ALL THE BUBBLES. See that thing on the right there? Yeah, it looked kind of like that except bigger and with more 80's production values. Like really cheap yellowing plastic. You stuck it in the bottom of the tub, and then there were bubbles EVERYWHERE! It was magical.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you have your perfect set up for a bubble bath already, but just in case it's been far too long since you've had a bubble bath and you want a very detailed how-to guide, here it is!



How to take a Bubble Bath for the person who needs all the tips:

Step 1:
Clean your tub ahead of time.
Look, this is the hardest step, but you're getting it over with first. It's also well worth the hard work, so just go ahead and do it. Cleaning your tub will make you feel much more relaxed and happy. No one wants to be mid bath and then start thinking about the slime and grime that is possibly encrusting your tub. But make sure you do this a day or so ahead of time!! Don't clean your tub and then just jump right it! there is bound to be some residue cleaning solution in your tub, and that stuff is killer on your skin!
*While you're cleaning your tub, make sure your tub actually has a drain stop! Some tubs sadly lack this feature. If your tub doesn't have a plug, you can always buy one!

awwwwwwwwww. kitty bathtime.

Step 2:
Collect the following supplies:
-Bubble bath solution! Choose a scent that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside! In a pinch a few dollops of shampoo or soap will work just fine, but to really get all the bubble action, you want to stick with actual bubble bath!
- A nice bottle of wine (optional, but you don't know relaxation until you mix hot water and an alcohol buzz)
-Some candles! If you want a scented candle, make sure you choose a smell that will mix nicely in the air with your bubble bath smell. You want something light and fresh, not a heavy thing that will give you a heachache after 30 minute of being in an enclosed room with it.
-A good book. Stop on by for recommendations!
-Music. You want something relaxing and meditative. Seriously. Don't be like, mannnn I just really like metal, I'm going to just listen to that. No. That's music for cleaning your house and boosting your pulse. You want to do the opposite of that.
- Toys! (also optional.) (also..... I'll let you decide if I mean kid toys or.... adult toys.) Just make sure they're water safe! Obvi, don't stick anything with batteries or chords in the water with you unless it's actually supposed to do that.
-A Very Fluffy Towel!
- Possibly one of those bath tub pillow things. sometimes the ceramic can be a little hard on your neck, and you can get a nice bath pillow for relatively cheap.
- Have roommates? You might need to print this out to hang on the door.

pop that bubble, gurl.

Step 3:
Create the perfect setting!
It's time to bubble bath! You have all your supplies ready, and your tub is clean! Now to start creating the spa-like scene for your epic bath.
-Start filling your tub. This can take a while, so it's nice to start this while you're prepping. Make sure to add the bubble bath in early, and occasionally give it a good stir to create an even amount of bubbles. Also, make sure to keep the bathroom door closed so that all that warm lovely steam fills the room.
-Light those candles! Just make sure they are not close enough to accidentally set your hair on fire.
-Put on some low soft music. (You're going to want to be able to adjust the volume AFTER the water stops flowing. Just keep that in mind.)
-Make sure the bathmat is there for when you get out. (I know that sounds like common sense, but I can't even tell you the numbers I have almost died because my bathmat was not where it should have been when I got out of the tub with my super wet, very clean feet.)

Step 4:
Fill an easy to reach table or surface with all the things you need during your bath:  fluffy towel, book and a small hand towel to keep it dry,  wine (Seriously consider using a plastic cup, because broken glass in water is like a literal death trap.) and toys of course.  Once everything is within reach, it's time to....

Step 5: 
HAVE A BATH. And enjoy the hell out of it.

Have fun bathing, guys!

P.S. Don't like bubbles? Use Bath Tea or Bath Bombs instead! ( We might have some in store, but they're going quick!)


4 Jan

Books to read if you want to eat healthy for some reason.


These books have some great things to say about REAL food for your REAL body. 


food rules





4 Jan

CLEAN CUPS! It’s time to celebrate National Hot Tea Month!

You must have a cup of Tea!

It's Hot Tea Month, here in January 2015! New Year, New You, New Cup of Tea!
In honor of Tea everywhere, I've compiled this list of AMAZING facts (that you may already know) about Tea! It's so exciting!

Many Teas aren't really Tea at all!

The magical tea plant and its very pretty flower.

An actual tea drink is one that contains the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. All those other teas are often just herbal infusions. Still very yummy, and hot to drink, but not actually tea! I mean, really, I don't care if you don't, but it's a fun fact, right?
Camellia Sinensis plants are native to North, East and Southeast Asia. So even though we all know that the English are the best tea drinkers in the world, (which I will actually negate in 2 paragraphs or so,) they were nowhere near the first to drink it.

Tea actually does have a happy drug in it!

It's called L-Theanine! While both tea and coffee drinks will give you a energy boost, tea actually gives you a boost with a side of calm. Instead of coffee jitters, you are more likely to be awake and attentive, but also relaxed. This is why tea is often combined with meditation. All those monks were like, man, I'm gonna fall asleep during meditation this afternoon. So they drank some tea.
Here's a link to some studies about it! Next time you're stressed at work, try tea instead of coffee. You might just be able to think more clearly and let go of some of the stress and panic.

Your handy guide to tea making!

Temperature Matters!

Okay, putting aside that there are teas that aren't actually tea, did you know (I'm sure some of you did) that different types of teas/herbals require different water temperatures and brewing times for optimal flavor? I know I used to just boil some water and throw in a tea bag, personally. But that is probably why I assumed that all black teas tasted slightly bitter. The problem was with my technique, not the tea.

If you don't really have time to triple check your water temperatures, there are some people on the internet that think that they have the skill down. Or you could just buy one of these really nice electric kettles. Or, even better, you could buy one for me as a Thank You for opening your eyes to the wonder of tea!!

The Best Tea Drinkers in the World Are.....

It's actually not the British, although they are in the top three. It's also not the Chinese or Japanese. Top countries with most tea drunk per capita are Turkey and Ireland! Then comes Britain, of course. Check it out here!

Now, I can't say much about tea drinking in Turkey.... But I can tell you that dorm rooms in Ireland come with an electric kettle. And when you visit any home, you aren't offered a cold drink, you're offered tea. In fact it's a well known rule (at least, it was when I was there) that every good Irish host will ask you at least three times if you want a cuppa, even when you firmly say no. And after the third time, they usually bring it to you anyway.

Tea can Bloom in your cup!
Okay, so that's stretching it for a subtitle. But the point is you can buy a thing called blooming tea, which are balls of tea that bloom into beautiful arrangements right in your glass/teapot! Look at these beautiful blooms!








And here's a picture of what it looks like when you buy sub-par blooms and don't have a fancy camera!

Anyway, Happy Tea Month, guys!
If you don't have any tea to celebrate with, just stop on by! We have a pretty decent selection, and I'd be glad to give out recommendations!

3 Jan

The Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix

bothDo you have a set of books that you re-read every year? For me it's the Abhorsen Trilogy. Do you want to know how much I love these books?

-I literally read AND listen to them once a year. Like separately. I listen to them once on audio book and then later in the year I read the actual physical books. (The audio book is read by Tim Curry. JUST SAYING)
-I have read through at least 2 copies of the books. At Least. Like I mean that I read the books so much that they disintegrate.
-When I changed my name legally (for entirely unrelated reasons), I added Lirael into my name.

Why do I love these books so much? Well, I would not have made it through my young life without these books. I'm not just saying that because they 'helped me grow up' or because I 'learned valuable things' or blah. I'm saying it because literally I would be dead if I didn't have these books. sab

Okay, so we're going to get dark for a second here, but bear with me.

I read Lirael (the second book in the series) during a particularly bad bout of teenage depression. I'm talking slight hospitalization-style stuff. I had already read and loved the first book, but Lirael is even nearer and dearer to my heart. Why? Because the story of Lirael was one of overcoming deep-rooted life long depression. I was dealing with that in my real life, and following Lirael through her own journey to overcome self hatred and depression brought me slowly but surely out of my own.

I know that not everyone is going to love this series as much as I do. I have a serious personal connection. But let me just tell you that it is worth at least one read. It is full of fantasy and survival and magic and a cat that talks. Seriously. Read these books. lirael