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6 Feb

Your KU Valentine Guide Part 2

Valentine cards inspired by The Princess Bride.
So most of these puns are food related.... but hey're all pretty cute!!!
There's nothing as serious as coffee. We're talking real commitment, here.
5 Feb

Your KU Valentine Guide Part 1

Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Jurassic Park... we have it all.
Sentimental on many levels for those 90's babes.
So adorbs! Cute animals are the way to the heart!
Keep it simple, keep it cute.
1 Feb

February 2019 Events

Welcome to February! This month has plenty of goodies and fun packed inside it, especially for the shortest month of the year!! Some of the holidays include Take Your Child to the Library Day (Feb 1), Chinese New Year (Feb 5), Kite Flying Day(Feb 8), International Book Giving Day(Feb 14) and Curling is Cool Day(Feb 23). Birthdays this month include Tom Hiddleston(Feb 9), Judy Blume(Feb 12), and Alan Rickman(Feb 21). But that’s just the tippity top of the iceberg! Keep reading for even more celebrations and birthdays!


2 Jan

January 2019 Events

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2019! The year of better drive-through service! The year of living coral! (the color, not the…. actual coral. sadly.) The year of the Pig! The Euro turns 20 and Facebook turns 15! People born in 2001 can vote in the USA! So much is happening in 2019! Will we survive? WHO CAN SAY?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…. Right now, we’re all about just surviving January. If you need something to celebrate in January, we have a whole list of fun events headed this way! Keep reading for more!


1 Dec

December 2018 Events

Jingle Jingle Jingle Bells! Santa's on his WAY!
Okay, I promise this whole blog won't actually be written in the voice of Buddy the Elf. We just really love Christmas here. But there’s PLENTY of other events and holidays this month, Click READ MORE to check it out!


30 Nov

Super Sappy Holiday Feels!

Yes, that is the cast of The Year Without a Santa Claus in my nativity. <3