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1 Nov

November 2018 Events!

Hello friends!  November is, like, the second best month of the year.  Maybe third.  The weather is beautiful, there are a million awesomely autumnal things to do, and, in addition to Thanksgiving, there are some awesome things to celebrate!  So click READ MORE and get ready to get in the mood.  The mood, for food.


1 Jul

Bingo Square Brainstorm

Hello all our lovely bingo players!
Thank you so much for ALREADY knocking our socks off with all the bingo square submissions posted! We are super excited to see what kind of new stuff you all get into over the next few weeks.

In order to help you in your epic quest to cross off all the squares, we've come up with some ideas for what to read for a few of our squares. No need to follow these suggestions! And keep in mind that we're pretty lenient folk, so if you come up with a book that you're not quite sure fits, give us a shout and we'll... probably just give you the go-ahead.

Anyway! Without further ado: HERE ARE SOME IDEAS!

There are one million books that fit into this category, but these are some of our favorites!

"But Athena, Calypso was just released, how could it be your favorite already?"

Well, Dear Reader, anything Sedaris is our favorite. AND ALSO, Calypso made our ribs hurt. So, like, it can be our favorite if we want it to be.

And haven't you wanted to read Bossypants for like 5 years now? Do it already! Also also, btw, if you can't choose which one of these you want to read, we will also accept the Poehler, Day and Fey books as books with Lady-Heroes!


So we put Twilight and 50 Shades in this round of suggestions because they are well known books that people think they should (or really shouldn't) read. In the center there, though are some maybe lesser known hot hot books that should make you blush a little while you're chilling on your beach towel.

Super not into smut? I mean, that's fine, I guess. We're lenient, like I said. So read Time Traveler's Wife, Eat Pray Love, you know the type. Or if you want to get wild and crazy, you could read a book about recycling and how it affects the ocean. Get it? Trashy beach book? GET IT??? (credit goes to my gf for that one, folks, she's the smartest, cutest cookie)


It is entirely possible that we put a square involving dragons on our bingo card every single year. But DON'T YOU WORRY! You will NEVER run out of dragon books to read, I guarantee you. Dragon books come in all shapes and sizes. And people love dragons, so they are always writing new books about them.

These 5 dragon books are our faves. Maybe. Probably. I can personally speak for Dealing with Dragons, which is a super quick read and very fun!! And also Dragonriders of Pern, which I read five million times growing up. And The Hobbit, which is beautiful... you know what I'm going to take back the "maybe, probably" thing. these dragon books are our faves.

Okay, so we're (clearly) being EXTRA lenient here, because actual real "Choose your own adventure" books are not really super available everywhere. So two of these books are actually choose your own adventure books where you turn to page 57 for yes or 76 for no. The other three are some fun ideas that we will totally accept. And feel free to expand on these ideas. Let's explain our thought process here so you understand where we're going

The Kama Sutra: I mean, if sex is a wild wild adventure, which sometimes it should be, then The Kama Sutra is a perfect book for CYOA!  Now, we're not asking you to go out and have this adventure and then tell us all about it. I mean, we love deets, but like, some people aren't into sharing that kind of stuff and that is fine with us. Just read the book and maybe think about what your own personal adventure would include. Which line-up of positions would rock your socks off? And why are you still wearing socks at this point though, shouldn't you have taken them off by now?

Where's Waldo: This is an activity book, basically, and activities can totally count as adventures. If you're not into Where's Waldo, maybe do a book of crosswords or suduko or pull out that cute craft book you bought 5 years ago and actually MAKE some of the crafts. Have fun! Have an adventure! Take pictures!

Short stories: To us, a book of short stories is a world of opportunities. One book can take you on a myriad of journeys, meeting a multitude of characters. It absolutely qualifies as an adventure to us. So if you want to pick up a book of short stories you've never read, we'll gladly accept that as a CYOA book.


There's something for everyone here. The classic mythology lover, the modern hip chicklit reader, the lover of prose....

TBH, if you've read The Once and Future King, you know it can get a little serious towards the end. That's fine though. We said a HUMOROUS retelling, not a COMEDIC retelling. So if you chuckle a few times, it's all good. Post it.


Such a classic trope. You can't possibly have difficulty finding a book on your "to-read" list that includes this theme. But in case you can't, here are five suggestions! The quickest read among these is probably The Hunger Games or Shadow and Bone, so if you're looking for quantity over quality, those are good choices. Actually, quality isn't the right word here. These are ALL quality books, it's just that some people don't think that reading YA books is for grown-ups. Well. They're wrong. We can ALL be young adults at heart.


Summer Bingo usually has some sort of book award square, and we didn't want to skip that this year. So we chose the Thurber Prize because it's awarded to funny books and this is Summer FUN and Adventure Bingo. To see the full list of Thurber winners, visit their website. TBH, we'll take runner-up books too in addition to winners, so you got some options here. The 5 books above are ones we have at the store. Notice that there are two David Sedaris books there... That's because David Sedaris is hilarious. And amazing. I think we may have already gone over that though.... You know, you could probably cross off a lot of squares JUST reading Sedaris books. We'd be into that.


We want some broody, swearing, unusual, do right for the wrong reasons, do wrong for the right reasons kind of books! Hey, the latest movie from Larsson's series is coming out soon, so you could read that before the movie comes out. Or whatever, you know? It's a pretty common trope. I'm sure you can find a book that fits.


The definition of 'hero' is pretty broad. We don't need a superhero, although I hear that The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is a pretty amazing read. We also don't need a lady knight who saves the day, but you could read The Hero and the Crown if you want. And you should want. Heroes can also be regular everyday people who make the world around them better. As Edna Mode says in Incredibles II, "done properly, parenting is a heroic act." So..... plain and simple I guess we're looking for female protagonists really. But Lady Hero sounds cooler.


Listen, if you're reading a book and someone gets their winter coat out of the wardrobe, bam, you're done, that's it. Done. Was there a trip to the zoo and a lion enclosure in the background story? Good to go. But in case you don't run across any accidental lions, witches, or wardrobes in your already planned summer reading, here are some very clear cut options that absolutely count for this square.


Okay, so it was a little bit harder for us to spontaneously think of books with talking animals that aren't in YA, but I bet you know a few. The talking animal does not need to be a main character. They just need to have said words.


You really need to see these books in person to understand why they are the coolest covers. Also, it was kind of hard to just pick 5. These are the kind of book that when we open the box, we go, "OH MY GOSH LOOOOOOOOK I'M DROOLING". Totes happens. And then we all buy ourselves a copy. So really, you're lucky we have good looking books in stock ever because KU staff is a bunch of nerds and we like to buy our pretty books right out the box.


....I don't think we actually had to brainstorm this category with yinz. It's pretty self explanatory. But just in case, here are some good choices.