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20 Jun

Summer Book Bingo 2018

Bingo is Back, Baby!

It’s time for our annual summer reading contest. Last year we hosted “Expand Your Mind Bingo” and we asked you to read outside your comfort zone. This year, we’ve decided that the world needs some fun and laughter, so all of our squares are good-ol’ summer fun! There will be dragons, steamy romance, talking animals, the whole summer deal! Join us for a jolly fun time reading books that will lighten your mood and let you take a mini mind vacation.

For those of you who are new to the game, there are incentives to knocking books off your reading list: Each book you read gets you an entry in our raffle for one of two Gift Certificates to the store, one $75 and one $25. Every Bingo gets you a 10% off coupon for an item of your choice. So read more, get more!!

Playing is simple. Post to Facebook or Instagram about the book you’ve just read, and get stuff!

So, if you’re ready for a rocking game of Summer Book Bingo, read on!
(Just want your bingo card, already? Click here to print one for you and one to share!)

The goal of the game: Cross off squares!

Read a book that counts for the square you'd like to complete (Or do the action it requires). Post a picture of your book (or open Kindle) on Facebook or Instagram and tag us (@Kards Unlimited on Facebook and @kardsunlimited on Instagram) with the hashtag #KUBookBingo and be sure to tell us which square you're crossing off.

Each time you cross off a square, you will get one raffle entry toward winning a Gift Certificate to Kards! The first name drawn will win a $75 Gift Certificate and the second name drawn will win a $25 Gift Certificate. (Sorry, you can't win both!) The more you cross off, the better chance you have of winning!

THIS YEAR: BONUS ACTIVITIES! Want to clear a square but don’t love the content? This year we’re offering some fun activities that can count EITHER to clear a square or get you extra chances to win the big prize!

When you get Bingo, (5 squares vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) you'll win a 10% off coupon for one item of your choice! Make sure you're keeping track at home. Just like in real bingo, you have to tell us you have a bingo in order to win. We'll be keeping track of your squares and will double check when you say 'BINGO!' on your Facebook or Instagram. (Make sure to tag us, though. Don't be shouting into the internet randomly! We might miss it.)

-One square per book! Yes, we know that some books have dragons AND lady heroes (we’ve read most of them) but you have to read TWO books to cross off both squares.

-One book per day! Speed readers, just save those books for another post on another day! And make sure you don't wait until last minute to post all your books. We are curious peeps and want to know what you're reading :)

-Post PUBLICLY on Facebook or Instagram, tag us and include #KUBookBingo to get credit for your squares. Each post requires a video or a picture. Mostly it’s just pictures of the book you’re reading, but some squares require a little something extra. Make sure you check out the description for each square to get all the details. Your post should say which square you're crossing off. Also, if you have a bingo, say it LOUD!
Here is an example: "(Pretty picture of the book Yes, Please) Just finished reading ‘Yes, Please’ for @Kards Unlimited book bingo! I've just crossed off the memoir by a funny person square! #KUBookBingo"

-You have to post BINGO to get a bingo! While we'll be keeping track of your squares, you have to say it to win it! Just post on FB or Instagram that you've gotten a summer reading bingo and make sure to tag us! We'll get in touch with you to get you your coupon.

Memoir by a funny person: Poehler, Stewart, Fey, Colbert. There are so many options.

Read in a pillow fort (pics or it didn’t happen): Make a pillow fort just like you did when you were a kid! We recommend you use all of the pillows and blankets in your home and make room for your puppy if you have one! Send us a picture of you reading in your fort to cross this square off.

Trashy Beach Book: You know the kind. The ones that you can read in one afternoon, that make you a little hot in the face, that have the most ridiculous cover art featuring a half-naked man full of muscles. Mmmm yum. If you need some suggestions, we are HERE for YOU.

Book with Dragons: Go on an adventure while sitting on your couch!

Choose your own adventure story: Remember those books where you get to the bottom of the page and it’s like “To tell Tony to go to hell, turn to page 32”? Those ones.

Your Pick: You get to choose whatever you want!

Humorous retelling of a classic: Like ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. Or like ‘Bridget Jones's Diary’. Or ‘Lamb.’ We’ll take short stories, poetry, or full novels. Dark comedy or light.

Friends / Enemies to LOVERS: Nothing says summer fun like reading about a simmering hatred that becomes bubbling passion.

Thurber Prize for American Humor: The Thurber Prize for American Humor is the highest recognition of the art of humor writing in the United States. To check out what books have won, visit their website here!

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook: Pretty much what it says. Just click the follow button! If you’re already a follower, like and comment on one of our daily posts.

Book with an Anti-Hero: Everyone loves a story about someone who is kind of a jerk but still manages to save the day, morals be damned.

Friend told you to read it: Ask your bestie what book you should read next!

FREE SPACE! … Do I need to explain this one?

Email an author (pics or it didn’t happen): You can also send them a physical letter. Just be nice, yo.

Read with a friend (pics or it didn’t happen): Have a two-person book club! You should both read the same book, take a picture together with your chosen book, and post it! Both of you need to post and tag each other, but both of you will be able to cross that square off at the same time! And hey, your friend doesn’t need to play Bingo, they just need to post with you once and they’ll still be entered in the drawing for the gift certificates.

Tell us why you loved a book from your youth. Bonus point for video!: Last summer works too, so you can go back in time as little or as far as you like.  Post a picture of the book and write a little paragraph about why it was your fave, once upon a time. For a bonus entry, instead of writing a paragraph, say it in a video!

Book with a Lady Hero: Everyone’s summer needs some more badass babes in it.

Book with a lion, a witch, or a wardrobe: We are SO clever. But seriously. There’s so much wiggle room here. We literally mean a book with either a lion, a witch, OR a wardrobe. Or two of the three. Or all three. In fact, you could just read 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe'.

Cookbook picnic (pics or it didn’t happen): Find a new cookbook you want to try out, make some yummy food, pack it up and hit the park! Take a picture of your picnic set-up and post it. For those of you who prefer air conditioning over sunshine and bugs, totes fine to set up a picnic in your living room.

Our Pick: Send us a message or stop by and ask us for a recommendation! We love telling people what book they should read next!

Book with talking animals: How cute! How fun! Animals that talk!

Choose a book by the cover: We’re not talking about blurbs. We’re talking about cover art! Find a book that just looks like a really fun, interesting read. Maybe it’s like pastel and covered in unicorns. Maybe it’s like WHAM BAM someone got paid one MILLION dollars to design these words to look like this! No research, no calling a friend, just be a little shallow and judge a book by its cover.

Read aloud to a child or pet (video or it didn’t happen): Post a video of yourself reading to a small munchkin. Furbabies totally count. You don’t have to read the whole book, but like it should be at least a 3-minute video. Don’t skimp on us.

Read with a stuffed animal (pics or it didn’t happen): If you don’t own a stuffed animal, you can borrow one. Or you can come to KU and we will help you find your new best stuffie friend. We need a picture of your book and your stuffie to cross this square off.

Book by Christopher Moore or Terry Pratchett or Wodehouse: The whole point of this year’s bingo is to get you to laugh and have fun. These are our very FAVORITE humor authors, and we have no guilt at all about forcing you to read them.

If there’s a square with a book type that you really just don’t want to read, have no fear, there are OPTIONS this year! Completing one of these extra things can either count as any square you choose OR you can just get extra entries into the prize raffle. Choose wisely, though, because once you post it, you can’t change it!

For two extra entries:
-Play dress-up: Dress up like your favorite literary character! Post a picture!
-Make a mixtape for a fictional character: Choose a character from a book and put together a playlist for them! For instance, Mr. Darcy’s Morning Mix or Winnie the Pooh’s Favorite Songs for Spring. You can put together a playlist on Spotify and share it with us or put together a Youtube video playlist. Or you can also make us a CD and drop it off. That’s fine, too.

For four extra entries:
-Create and perform a rap about your favorite book: It doesn't have to be good, but there has to be enthusiasm. We love enthusiasm. Post a video of your performance!
-Dramatic Reading, solo style: Choose a book and make a video of you dramatically reading the first page. The goal here is to get other people to WANT to read this book. Make it exciting! Fun! OVERLY DRAMATIC IS BEST!!! PRETEND YOU ARE US AND IT WILL PROBABLY WORK OUT BECAUSE WE ARE SO DRAMATIC HERE AT KU!

For five extra entries:
-Dramatic Reading, a group effort: Post a video where you act out some dialogue with a friend! Or many friends! Everyone who is in the video gets five points! Even people who don’t read any other bingo books!! They just need to post the video to their own social media with the proper tags and hashtags.
-Host a party themed around your fave book: A party is three or more people in our opinion. We want pictures! There should be themed food and costumes! Be creative!

For ten extra entries:
-Sharing is fun: Make a yummy treat to share and drop it off at Kards. Yeah, we’re not above bribery.

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