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1 Apr

April Events and Holidays


Welcome, dear Readers, to the beautiful month of April. It is the month of flowers, of Tricksters and of Grilled Cheese! This month is absolutely packed with fun spring things! Highlights include:  National Peanut butter and Jelly Day (April 2), Tekko (April 7 - 10), National Library Week (April 10-16), Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12) and Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23)! There are PILES more holidays and events, so keep on reading!


April is the month of many things! It's Alcohol Awareness Month, Grilled Cheese Month, Knuckle Down Month and STDs Month! What an interesting combo! Basically, knuckle down, and educate yourself. Then celebrate with Grilled Cheese! Sounds good to us!

April month long


April starts off string with like 6 holidays in the first TWO DAYS! On April 1st, you can choose to celebrate April Fools Day or National Fun at Work Day! Or you can be everyone's favorite trickster-coworker and celebrate both! On April 2nd, it's International Children's Book Day, Tweed Day, National Peanutbutter and Jelly Day, and International Pillow Fight Day! If you feel like traveling a wee bit, you can hit up the 39th Annual Maple Syrup Festival in Meyersdale, PA. It's fab-tactic road trip weather, right?


This week is National Robotics Week (April 2 - 10)! So grab your WD-20 and get chugging! Wait. What?
On April 6th, we're pretty interested in the Speak Freely with John Fetterman event. World Health Day is on April 7th, the same day as the start of Tekko!! Celebrate National Siblings Day (April 10th) hanging out with your favorite sibling! Make sure to Instagram all those pics you take so your other siblings know what's up!


It's National Library Week! It's like the BEST WEEK OF THE WHOLE YEAR. This week is also jam-packed full of things: Barbershop Quartet Day (April 11), Drop Everything and Read Day (April 12), Scrabble Day (April 13), National That Sucks Day (April 15), Record Store Day and National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day (both April 16).

There are a number of fun things happening around the city, also! The Jungle Book (the new version) will be hitting theaters April 15, the same night as Carnegie Science Center's 21+ Night, themed SCI FI!  <3
The International Festival of Colors is on the 16th. Or, if you're looking for more Rough and Rowdy events, check out the Steel City Roller Derby Game (also April 16)!

Shadyside people will be excited to know that on Saturday, April 16th the 4th Annual Bark Shadyside Pup Walk, the 6th Annual Great Shadyside Yard Sale and the second Shadyside appearance of The Neighborhood Flea is happening from 9am - 2pm in the Liberty School Parking Lot (corner of Ivy & Ellsworth)!!!!


Start the week off on a high note: It's 420 (April 20) and National HIGH Five Day (April 21)! Earth Day is April 22, but Pittsburgh will be celebrating Earth Day from the 21st to the 24th. 
Talk Like Shakespeare Day is April 23. Passover starts on the 23rd as well, and goes on through the 30th.
Need your film fix? Huntsman: Winter's War opens April 22nd!



It's Administrative Professional Day and Morse Code Day on April 27! Say a big old thanks to the people who keep the world running smoothly with some beeps and bops and boops! Plant a tree on Arbor Day (April 29)! And then, the National Pie Championships happen! And International Jazz Day! Pies and Jazz! Both on April 30th! You can also get your spring-time Halloween fix and celebrate Walpurgis Night (also April 30).
We are ridiculously excited for one movie in particular this weekend: Keanu hits theaters April 29! It's a funny John Wick with a kitten. Seriously. So. Excited. Check out this trailer.


That's it folks! Happy April!

31 Mar

Harry Potter Midnight Release Party!

HP Curse SoMe

If you still need a copy of the Cursed Child, we will be getting more books in stock on Monday, Aug 1st.

We are SO EXCITED about this guys.

On July 30th at 10:30pm, we will be hosting a MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for the new and upcoming Harry Potter book: The Cursed Child. 

All you have to do to get an invite is Pre-Order The Cursed Child through us! For just the cost of the book, you will get the book AND an invitation to bring how every many people you would like to our Midnight Release Party. 

There will be plenty of fun at the party: we promise costumes, atmospheric music, Harry Potter Trivia and silly games like 'Guess How Many Every Flavor Beans Are In This Jar!"

If you're interested in getting more information send us an email today. Or stop in the store, even! Or give us a call! We don't recommend sending Owls, as we've recently lost a few in our rafters.



25 Mar

Superman vs Batman

bat1Well, guys. It’s here! The next/new/current/redo version of the SUPERMAN and BATMAN STORY.

It hits theaters TODAY.

I’m not going to lie to you, personally, I’m going to wait to see what other people say about it to see it myself. I’ve been burned out by new batmen. Also, I still have my doubts about the bat-suit.

I am, however, VERY …. excited is the wrong word. interested? about the portrayal of WonderWoman! !!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Please dear god of everything Superhero, please let her be totally kick-ass.

Anyway. Think about seeing the movie, I guess. I’m sure we’ll all have opinions in the next few days here in the store. So when you stop by to check out all our amazing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman merchandise, feel free to ask us if we’ve seen it yet!


20 Mar

To the Friendliest Man on TV: Happy Birthday

fredDear Mr. Rogers,

When I was little I was all about watching your show. You were just so calm, and kind, and loving. I learned a lot from you. I think you were probably my second best example of patience and kindness in my young life. (My mother was number one of course.)

It may have just been a TV show, but Mr. Roger's Neighborhood helped me become the person I am today. I am pretty sad that kids these days might grow up not knowing who you are. Who will be their example of unending patience and kindness?

Thanks for everything you taught me,


Today we Celebrate Won't You Be My Neighbor Day, which is also Mr. Fred Roger's birthday.
Check out the video below to learn some fun facts about dear ol' Fred.

If you or someone you know is just as in love with this man as we are, make sure you stop in to see our rather size-able collection of Mr. Roger's gift items and books!


16 Mar

Easter Is On Its Way!

easter blog banner

We have tons of Easter gifts and goodies, so stop by today to fill your Easter Basket!

8 Mar

Hot Presses = Hot Books!


Welcome to this beautiful world, books! We're so excited your here!

Today is the release of 2 YA books that we're very excited about! Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop and Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.

If you're looking for your own copy of these guys, let us know!!

1 Mar

March 2016 Calendar of Events

March Chamber Photo-2

Bring it on, March! The Easter Bunny has already made a stop here at Kards Unlimited to make sure we're all ready for his favorite day, and we got gold stars! ....Well, gold carrots, anyway. But there are plenty of other reasons to have a party this month! Like  Pig Day (March 1), What if Cats had Opposable Thumbs Day(March 3), the expected release of Anne Bishop's Marked in Flesh and Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight (both March 8), International Day of Awesomeness (March 10), Napping Day (March 14), and Extraterrestrial Abductions Day (March 20)! Keep reading for even more fun!


So, the very first holiday of the month is Pig Day (March 1)! This is probably a great reason to give up on your diet from the very start and just eat all the bacon. We'll be celebrating Dr. Seuss Day (March 2) in the store, so come on by and wear a silly hat with us. What if Cats had Opposable Thumbs is a real holiday. The internet says so! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot hits theaters on the 4th (Which is also Toy Soldier Day), so make sure you stop by to pick up a copy of the book first! Oh, and make sure you check out Tapescape at the Children's museum this month!


Cassandra Clare and Anne Bishop both release a new book on the 8th! Lady Midnight and Marked in Flesh, respectively. If you aren't into spending the whole of the week reading, don't worry. This week also hosts Middle Name Pride Day, International Day of Awesomeness, Mario Day (all on March 10th),  and International Fanny Pack Day (March 12)! Of course you could always pack those AWESOME BOOKS into your FANNY PACK and celebrate everything all at once!

FYI, Disney on Ice is in town this week! Frozen will be at the Consol on the 10th through the 13th!! Seriously we are so excited.




Daylight Savings starts this week off right! (March 13) Or very wrong. Seriously, why is this a thing?Good thing the next day is Napping Day and Pi day (both March 14). This week, we also celebrate (kind of?) The Ides of March (March 14), St. Patrick's Day (March 17), Awkward Moments Day (March 18).

This weekend, you're going to have trouble deciding what to do with yourself. On Friday the 18th, Little Prince THE MOVIE is coming out. Whhaaaat. Also, Allegiant (from the Divergent series) hits the screen.  On Saturday, fill yourself to gills at the Fleet Awakens Food Truck Rally and then head over to the Steel City Roller Derby game!



It's World Folk Tales and Fables Week! On the 20th we celebrate all kinds of neighbors far and near, with Extraterrestrial Abductions Day and Won't You Be My Neighbor Day. It's also the First Day of Spring. (Thank Aslan!) If you're all about spring and stuff, make sure you check out the 49th Annual Ukranian Easter Egg Sale! The much anticipated Batman Vs Superman hits the theaters this week (March 25), so make sure you plan that into your weekend!



Party Hard! It's Easter (March 27)! Followed by Pencil Day (March 30)! Just don't mix up your chocolate and your pencils.


25 Feb

Easy Food Fast: Potatoes Anna

ms1I freaking love potatoes. Yes. I AM Irish. But that's like a whole different story.

This month I decided to give Martha Stewart a try. You know how she has a million of those Everyday Food cookbooks? Well, we sell a lot of them. I decided to go with FRESH FLAVOR FAST! because I love alliteration. And Fresh food.

Anyway, back to the potatoes. I was paging through the book when I found a recipe called Potatoes Anna. It is basically thinly sliced potatoes, all buttered and baked into a cake. And I love cake as much as I love potatoes, so I was like, why not?

This recipe was DELISH. and really freaking easy, aside from the whole thinly slicing like 5 potatoes. Sounds easy, but making those sliced uniformly sized was a little tricky, especially since I didn't actually want to cut my fingers off.

But the rest of the process is basically Apply butter and salt and lay the slices out and then fry and bake that shit! Super easy!

I made this recipe for one of our Staff Meetings, since I thought that maybe it was time I started actually sharing my cooking with my dear co workers. You know, since they have to hear about all my cooking escapades anyway, they might as well enjoy a taste.

Overall, the reaction was pretty good.... But honestly, the perfectionist in me wants to make this dish a millions times over and over again until it's perfect! why? Well. below you will see the very pretty, pristine picture of Potatoes Anna as presented by Martha (F-ing) Stewart.


So Pretty, Right???? And it looks so simple!
But below, you'll see MY version of Potatoes Anna:

potatoes anna


yes. yes they did. and it was DELICIOUS. it just happens to look like..... crap. clllll the crap.

So, Potatoes Anna, guys: really easy, really yummy, but apparently you have to make it a few times before it actually looks good. >.>


Potatoes Anna

6 medium russet potatoes (2 3/4 pounds total), peeled
6 tablespoons butter, melted
Coarse salt and ground pepper

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Using a food processor with a slicing blade or a sharp knife, slice potatoes as thinly as possible, 1/4 inch thick or thinner. (Do not place sliced potatoes in water; the starch is needed to bind the layers.)

Brush bottom of a 10-inch cast-iron skillet with 1 1/2 tablespoons butter. Starting in center of pan, arrange potato slices, slightly overlapping, in circular pattern, covering surface. Brush with another 1 1/2 tablespoons butter; season well with salt and pepper. Repeat for two more layers.

Place over high heat until butter in pan sizzles, 2 to 4 minutes.

Transfer to oven; bake until potatoes are fork-tender, about 1 hour. Remove from oven. Run a small spatula around edges of potatoes; slide large spatula underneath potatoes to loosen. Carefully invert onto a plate, and cut into wedges.