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23 Feb

A Gathering of Shadows! OUT NOW

1Another MUCH AWAITED BOOK has hit the stands!!! 

This is the super exciting sequel to A Darker Shade of Magic, which all the people were talking about. Personally, I haven't read it yet, but it's on my list. Especially because it has some pretty solid reviews from our own book tuber, Michael! Check out his synopsis and review below!!

22 Feb

February Book Club Wrap-up: Once and Future King Part 1

Thanks bunches to all you book clubbers that sacrificed your beautiful Sunday evening to come talk books with us!

For all you other people that couldn't make it, well. It's okay! We're going to keep talking about this book for next book club as well!!!

That's right, on April 10th, at 6pm, we will be getting together to talk about the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sections of The Once and Future King.

If you haven't started reading the book yet, let me tell you that one of the reasons we're going to keep reading it was that EVERYONE LOVED IT! We were all really excited about continuing on to the next section of the book. In fact, one of our clubbers said that she's been telling everyone she meets to read The Once and Future King. So we're not kidding guys. This one is a gem.

Things we loved in particular: 
Merlin, the skinny old man in running shorts when everyone else is in tunics and leggings.
Merlin, popping in and out of time. hilarious.
Robin Wood! (not hood. wood.)
Done. Done. Not done.
That questing beast, guys. <3

Things that grossed us out:
The house made of Meat...??? What was that??? LOLZ

See yinz in April!!

12 Feb

Have you seen the Deadpool movie yet?

I mean it hit theaters TODAY. So like you should have seen it by now.

I mean. I haven't seen it yet. But everyone who lives with me has. They went to the midnight showing or whatever. AND THEY DIDN'T TAKE ME WITH THEM.
What. Jerks.
I mean. I love you guys, roommates. I HOPE YOU HAD FUN AT YOUR MOVIE NIGHT THING. I hope you didn't choke on your popcorn.
Sincerely. I hope that.


dead3No. don't finish your text.

9 Feb


I don't know whose idea it was to have these two books release on the SAME DAY, but it's happening, guys.

Today is the release of both: Glass Sword, the second book in the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard AND Morning Star, the third book in the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. WHICH ONE TO READ FIRST???

If you haven't heard about these series, you might want to get on that. Both series are pretty rad. And now the Red Rising Trilogy is complete, so there's that!! No waiting for the next book required.

Today is conveniently also Read in the Bathtub day..... soooooo you could celebrate with a nice hot bath and just read both wham-bam. That's our suggestion.

5 Feb

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies THE MOVIE

pride-prejudice-zombies-poster-2016Today is a prestigious day in the universe! Today the long-awaited film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hits the big screen!!!!!!
Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. I actually only know one person who is eagerly awaiting this particular movie. But I swear, she's excited enough for like 3  people, so there's that.

If you're wondering what the hack I'm talking about, well let me catch you up on the new literary movement: adding monsters to classic stories! Seth Grahame-Smith has 'upgraded' a number of classic tales by adding vampires or sea monsters. The story of Abraham Lincoln (he fights Vampires, now), for instance. The gospel of Luke(The Wise men are actually murderous thieves apparently?)!   .... and Pride and Prejudice (And Zombies!)
So in honor of the movie being released today, I went ahead and asked my friend who is super excited about this movie just why exactly she is super excited. Because I feel like we all really need to know.

This is Sara. She really likes hand sanitizer.

My friend and roommate is Sara. No 'h'. This is an important distinction for Sara(h)s.
She loves Jane Austen and so does her mom, and she's definitely planning on making her mom go to the movie with her. Here's what she has to say about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:

So, you've read the book, right? Can you tell us what about it you like?

I have actually not read the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book itself.   I’m a huge fan of the original work though, and I really like anything that keeps it in people’s minds.  I feel like this refreshes and revitalizes the work and so people care about it ,which keeps it relevant.  As for the original book, I love it because of the characters.  People talk about the brooding Mr. Darcy and complain that he's  how we end up with characters like Edward Cullen.  But what people miss is that Darcy doesn’t find happiness until he lets that go.  Jane Austen’s characters usually have something to learn before they can find happiness, and Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are no exception.
So how do you feel about the fact that the guy who's playing Mr. Darcy in this particular rendition looks like a whiney, wet sock?


Matt Smith <3

I usually prefer to avoid too much hype about things I'm already going to watch, so I hadn't been paying any attention to the casting. Then I found out that Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who) was in it and I was like, well clearly he's going to be Mr. Darcy and that's going to be really interesting. THEN I found out that he's Mr. Collins??? Who is SUPPOSED to be a wet sock. Why would you get the DOCTOR and then cast him as not a major character, and an intentionally unlikeable one at that! And you know what worries me much more? The actual Mr. Darcy actor has got like maybe a dozen credits on his IMDB page.
So I'm not feeling too great about it! But hopefully we'll all be proved wrong and he'll be amazing.

Haha I sure hope so. Matt Smith is a pretty amazing actor, so he'll probably steal the show. Okay. Final question! Which theater snack will you be enjoying during this very strange Zombie movie? 
Well popcorn obviously, and then probably cookie dough bites! A friend introduced me to them and now I totally love them. I'll also definitely be sneaking my own water bottle in because they only sell water in hilariously huge bottles.
Thanks Sara! I sure hope the movie is a fun watch!
Want to read the book before you head to the theaters? We definitely have it, and most of Mr. Grahame-Smith's other books as well. 
1 Feb

February 2016 Calendar of Events

February Events 2016-4

Welcome February! Thank goodness January is OVER! Jan 2016 was definitely a bit choppy there for a bit. But time keeps moving, and it a new month full of new things! Exciting things! Keep reading to hear about the hot stuff happening in the cold of February.


This month is Library Lovers Month, National Condoms Month and Marijuana Awareness Month! You can probably celebrate those all at once... just saying.



On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil has his say for Groundhog Day. On the 5th, get your freak on for Working Naked Day! It's probably best to get permission first though. The 5th is also Bubble Gum Day and the release of the MUCH ANTICIPATED(here, at least) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in theaters!! Buy your tickets now, kids!

Celebrate on the 6th with a pint of Ben & Jerry's! It's Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! It's also a great day to visit I Made It! Market in the Waterfront! They'll be selling so many hand-made goodies. You just have to stop by and see!

Birthdays this week: Ayn Rand and James Joyce (February 2), George Romero (February 4), and Arthur Weasley (February 6).


I'm sure everyone has already put the Super Bowl in their calendars, but just incase you need the reminder, it's on the 7th! The 8th is Opera Day, so make sure to save your vocals! The 9th is Mardi Grass and Read in the Bathtub Day. You might want to choose between the two, because eating massive amounts of pancakes and drinking all the booze will probably make it really hard to read in the tub. The 9th is also the release day for Morning Star by Pierce Brown AND Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard!!  We are so ready to continue the Red Rising and Red Queen Series, JUST LET US TELL YOU. OMG.

On the 12th, we would celebrate Darwin Day, but we will be super busy SEEING DEADPOOL IN THEATERS.

Birthdays this week: Laura Ingalls Wilder and Charles Dickens (February 7), Seth Green and John Williams (February 8), and Judy Blume and Charles Darwin (February 12).



Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY????



Of course, we all know that the 14th is Valentine's Day. But did you know that it is also Ferris Wheel Day? Followed, on the 15th, by National Gumdrop Day and the Westminster Dog Show on the 15th and 16th!

Birthdays this week: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (February 17), and Bruce Wayne (February 19).



Heartbreak of all heartbreak, Alan Rickman would have turned 70 on the 21st. However, you can distract yourself from that pain by getting tickets to the Steel City Roller Derby Game on the 21st. It's the Allegheny Avengers vs. the Mon Monsters! It's also BOOK CLUB! Join us to talk about T.H. White's The Once and Future King. <3

The 22nd is National Margarita Day! It's a NATIONAL holiday, so you should probably celebrate. On the 23rd, we celebrate the ancient art of throwing stones with Curling is Cool Day, as well as the release of A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab!

National Chili Day is on the 26th. The 26th is also the first day of Texas Cowboy Poetry Days, but more importantly, it's day one of Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest! Beerfest closes out on the 27th, which is also, conveniently, Open That Bottle Night.

Birthdays this week: Alan Rickman (February 21), and Edward Gorey (February 22).


Start off the week by watching the 2016 Oscars on the 28th! This week also has a BONUS ROUND day, because Leap Day is on the 29th!

Birthdays this week: Superman (February 29)


27 Jan

Drunken Cookbook: Big Lebowski Sundae


These books are super cute.

Welcome to the January edition of Cooking With Kards!

Apparently I didn't get enough deserts over the holiday season, because this month I decided it would be a good idea to test run a desert item I found in the Drunken Cookbook!

If you've never seen the Drunken Cookbook or it's companion, the Hungover Cookbook, let me tell you that they are super cute. These are 100% great gift items to get that person you know who likes to drink a lot and pretends to cook.

Notice I said pretends to cook there. So the real deal on these books is this. While they are super wicked cute, fun and well written, they are not really for cooking. I mean, you CAN cook out of them, but they're really mostly actually for reading. They are full of clever drunken word play and wacky illustrations. Very fun to read. And I mean, like I said, you CAN cook the things, but some of the recipes are complicated.

To be honest, I was too lazy this month to  to want to do anything this month, so it basically was like, 'Welp. We're skipping all of these pages and going right to desert.' I mean I read some of the recipes, but I was too busy thinking about ice cream to be open to falling in love with them.

I chose the Big Lebowski Sundae! It was cold, and there was booze in it. Did I mention that pretty much all of the recipes in the Drunk Cookbook contain booze? I feel like that's an important fact.

Anyway, the Big Lebowski Sundae is basically a sundae version of a white russian. If you couldn't figure that out, you need to watch the Big Lebowski STAT. seriously.


MLP glass set! ^.^

I used a recipe that was for 2 sundaes and made 3 sundaes out of it.... because I was using the SUPER CUTE but SUPER SKINNY pony glasses that I just bought at the store the other day. (If you're wondering what ponies have to do with the Big Lebowski, you should check out the 100th episode of My Little Pony. The dude makes an appearance!)

And, along the same 'too lazy to do anything' theme, I totally didn't actually measure anything. I can make a white russian in my sleep, so I was like, I'll just eyeball this crap.

The verdict: mostly yum! The only not yum part for me was the crushed hazelnuts, but that's because I hate hazelnuts. Love hazelnut flavor, but hate the nuts. So.... Aside from that bit, it was a-okay! I mean.... really, it was just a really sweet white russian. The ice cream didn't last very long. (I probably should have actually chilled the glasses, but what can I say. I was IMPATIENT.)


The illustrations inside!

In case you don't trust my opinion, I made my two roommates try these things with me. They are both huge Lebowski fans. (Which is why I can make a white russian in my sleep, yo. Sometimes you just have to drink white russians all the freaking time.) They both like it! And they want me to tell you guys that you just have to stir it up a lot! Which is true. There is like a solid block of condensed milk in the cup if you don't stir it. But take the pictures BEFORE you stir, because damn, it's pretty when fresh. all those layers of khalua and milk and ice cream YUM.

So, try it out guys! It's a great day for a Big Lebowski Sundae!

P.S. Remember when I said I was lazy? I was lazy enough that all of the pictures I took of the dang ice cream looked like crap. So no pictures this month. YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO MAKE THEM FOR YOURSELF!

Big Lebowski Sundae

4 ice cubes
4 tbsp Kahlua
4 tbsp chilled vodka
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 14-oz can condensed milk
1 tbsp toasted crushed hazelnuts
2 maraschino cherries

Take 2 chilled sundae glasses, or any other type of tall glass that you might have at hand, and put the ice cubes, Kahlua, and vodka in them. Carefully place a scoop of ice cream in each so that it doesn't fall into the bottom of the glass but rests on top of the ice cubes, distinct from the dark Kahlua layer beneath.

Pour in the condensed milk, almost to the top of each glass. Add another scoop of  ice cream, sprinkle with the toasted, crushed hazelnuts, add a teaspoon of Kahlua for color, and top with a maraschino cherry to garnish.

24 Jan

Jewelry Manager on Site for Valentine’s Day shopping!


Val_ Manager on Site

If you need help picking out something shiny for your loved one, we're here to help! Specifically, our Jewelry Manager is here to help during the times above! Stop by and ask for Athena and she'll work with you personally to make sure you choose a great gift for Valentine's day!