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12 Oct

Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories


This month is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We have lots of feels about that: we love puppies and we especially love when puppies find a safe and  love-filled place they call home! So when we got this particular book in stock, we were all a-crying, sighing and full of warm fuzzier!  Finding Home: Shelter Dogs and Their Stories by Traer Scott is chalk full of pictures of some really amazing dogs, all of whom Scott encountered while volunteering at various animal shelters.

Scott combines the amazing photography with stories of these wonderful doggies: From Morrissey,  a pitt bull who struggled with anxiety behaviors while in the animal shelter until he found a forever home with a family with four children, to Bingley, a dog made deaf during a drug bust who found a family willing to love and live with a dog who can't hear. The stories are all inspiring, although some can be a but heart wrenching.

This book makes a great coffee table book and conversation starter for any and all dog lovers. Show all your visitors these beautiful sad-funny faces and maybe you can help convince someone to bring home their very own shelter dog friend! 

6 Oct


It's Mad Hatters Day!! In honor of this glorious holiday, we bring you: HATS! Kards has a huge selection of hats, so we thought we would show them off to you, readers! Many thanks to our beautiful models. You are all now famous, because I've said so!

But seriously, look how much fun these people are having with hats! You, too, could have that much fun! Stop by today to put a thing on your head!!

29 Sep

October 2016 Events and Holidays


Welcome October! Things may be cooling down, but there's still plenty of fun to be had! October is National Chili MonthNational Popcorn Popping Month and Raptor Month! We're also celebrating Name Your Car Day (Oct 2), National Pierogi Day (Oct 8),  Be Bald and Free Day (Oct 14), National Frankenstein Day (Oct 29) and of course, HALLOWEEN (Oct 31)! Birthdays this month include Mario Lemieux (Oct 5), William Penn (Oct 15), Sylvia Plath (Oct 27)  and Alf (Oct 28). Also! KU Book Club will be meeting on October 9th to talk about Neil Gaiman's American Gods! For more FUN FUN FUN, keep on reading!





October is freaking PACKED with month long celebrations. Seriously. Look at this line-up. October is National Chili MonthNational Apple Month, National Cookbook MonthNational Field Trip Month,  National Baking Month and  National Popcorn Popping Month! And those are just the NATIONAL holidays.  It's also Pizza Month,  Adopt a Shelter Dog MonthSarcastic Month, and Raptor Month! Seriously, if you think October is boring, you CRAY.


Start your month out on the right foot with International Frugal Fun Day (Oct 1). All those fall festivals can start adding up, so if you spend the first Saturday of the month doing something fun and free, you'll have more money to spend on PUMPKINS. (This coming from the girl who spent $200 on pumpkins last year. TO BE FAIR I WAS BUYING THEM FOR MY WEDDING. Still. I love pumpkins. And Fall. And October.)

Here's a great FREE frugal fun idea: Doors Open Pittsburgh (Oct 1 - 2)! A bunch of buildings downtown will be open to the public for FREE behind the scenes tours! If you're the type of person who likes to look in people's bathroom cabinets (face it, we're ALL that type of person) then this event is for you!

Next up is Name Your Car Day  and Phileas Fogg's Wager Day (both Oct 2). 10/4 is Ten-Four Day. Obviously. It's also Vodka Day. I personally plan on celebrating both those holidays HARD. Gonna bust out my Hamm Radio and get drunk off my butt and sing sea shanties to the truck drivers, TEN-FOUR, YOU HEAR ME?

After celebrating Vodka day, you might feel the need to reset your system. Which is super convenient, because National Kale Day is on October 5th. And everyone knows that Kale is the best for a hangover. When it is served with a side of a whole pig's worth of bacon, of course.

October 6th is Mad Hatter Day. Please come to Kards and try on all of our hats. I'm not kidding. We have a lot of hats. The Girl on the Train hits theaters on the 7th and then the 8th is Pittsburgh's all time favorite holiday: National Pierogi Day!


While you're making Pierogis with your amazing polish grandma, make sure you ask her about her young life. It's National Storytelling Weekend (Oct 7 - 9) and stories about our grandparents past are, in my humble opinion, some of the very best stories.

Birthdays this week include:
Snoopy (Oct 2), Anne Rice (Oct 4), Mario Lemieux (Oct 5), and Count von Count (Oct 9)


It's National Angel Food Cake Day (Oct 10). If you don't have a nice Angel Food Cake to eat, you can celebrate by watching this super cute awesome cartoon from the 50s.  It's My Party Day is October 11th! I'm celebrating early this year, personally.

Imma going to go ahead and say that October 12th is officially Indigenous Peoples' Day. It was formerly known as Columbus Day, but the times, they are a changin'.


International Skeptics Day is on the 13th, followed by Be Bald and Free Day (Oct 14) and National Grouch Day (Oct 15)

Birthdays this week include:
H.J. Heinz (Oct 11), William Penn (Oct 14), Friedrich Nietzsche and P.G. Wodehouse (both Oct 15)


Take it nice and slow this week. There's only two weird holidays on our calendar, which is A-Okay, because Halloween's on it's way and we gotta get ready! This week is Boss's Day (Oct 17) and Caps Lock Day (Oct 22).


Birthdays this week include:
Oscar Wilde (Oct 16), Bela Lugosi (Oct 20), Carrie Fisher (Oct 21) and Ursula K. Le Guin (Oct 21).


Did you know that there's a whole day dedicated to Bologna? Yes there is! National Bologna Day is October 24th! You can have all the Bologna sandwiches you want! For me, that would be zero sandwiches, but I'm sure there is someone out there who lives for this holiday.

Over the weekend, check out the Pittsburgh Pet Expo (Oct 28 - 30). And then you can party it up for National Frankenstein Day (Oct 29). I suggest maybe throwing a Monster Mash.

The 30th is a triple threat with Create a Great Funeral Day,  Candy Corn Day and Devil's Night!

Birthdays this week include:
Pat Conroy (Oct 26), John Cleese and Sylvia Plath (both Oct 27), Alf and Evelyn Waugh (both Oct 28)


Why yes, I am dedicating a whole week's space to one day! That's because October 31st is a VERY SPECIAL DAY. I mean first of all, it's National Knock Knock Jokes Day. And secondly, it's National Magic Day.


ahem. Caaaaan you tell that we love Halloween? Seriously though, we've got of fun stuff in the store to help you get your spook on! Stop by to see our beautiful halloween decorations and try on all the silly hats!

Birthdays on Oct 31 include:
Willow Smith, Michael Collins, Peter Jackson, Christopher Columbus, Vanilla Ice, Juliette Gordon Low, and Ethel Waters.


25 Sep

Banned Books Week 2016

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.37.11 AM

Here at KU, we believe in your freedom to read! We celebrate Banned Books Week EVERY. YEAR. Some of you customers out there might be like, "Okay, KU, it's getting a little over-done. This is America, and we already have lots of freedoms, so you don't really need to get up in arms about banned books. Like what's the big deal anyway?" And to those customers we say: BANNED BOOKS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Also, you've probably read some already and you didn't even know! FOR EXAMPLE! Did you read Harry Potter and LOVE it?? Well guess what! That's a banned book! Someone in THIS FREE COUNTRY decided that Harry Potter was too dangerous for anyone to read. AND IN FACT SOME PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER AND BURNED A LOT OF HARRY POTTER BOOKS SO THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD READ THEM. WHAT THE HECK GUYS. book burning

Harry Potter changed my life, personally. So did The Lorax. And I'll be 100% honest, so did my childhood copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves. In someone's perfect world, I would never have read them. And in fact, TODAY IN THIS COUNTRY, some people are still without those books. And there are more important books hitting the shelves every day! Books about being free to be who you are, books about empowering yourself to overcome oppression! And let's be completely honest and real here, the people who are oppressed are the people that often ACTUALLY are affected by books being banned. They are the people who need access to these important and formative books and while in these days of internet they might have better access to these books than there used to be, they still have to deal with angry people out there that tell them they shouldn't read that crap because it will CORRUPT THEM. Yeah guys, people STILL ban books. Like today. It's still happening.

So yeah. Here at KU we're pretty passionate about this topic. Clearly because this was supposed to be like super short blog here but I couldn't help myself.

So please come celebrate with us! In the store, we will have information cards up with a lot of the banned books that explain where and why the book was banned. It's really interesting to see. I bet you'll be surprised at some of the titles. For example, did you know that Charlotte's Web is a banned book?? And so is Where's Waldo! Whhaaaaaat.

Any who. Check out this video of 2015's most banned books. Just released this year.

And then come get yourself some illicit and wonderful reading material. <3

Oh. On a lighter note, this other video right here is a gem. And full of helpful ways to protect your books from strangers.


20 Sep

Happy Tolkien Week!


<3 This man.
Happy Tolkien Week, everyone! Over here at KU we are celebrating Tolkien week by listening to some Audiobooks in the store. And also the music of Lord of the Rings! So stop in the store to listen to beautiful sounds! In case you didn't know, we are huge LOTR fans here. We have like 3 different versions of the books for sale forever and always, so if you find yourself in need of a new set of Tolkien books, you can probably just stop by and we'll help you out.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.16.47 AM

18 Sep

It’s Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day!

In our opinion, good greeting card writers are basically celebrities. They deserve all the hugs and chocolates and flowers because they are the bread to our butter!

While we could spout endlessly about so many of the best card lines, we are super fortunate to have a greeting card celebrity as part of our very own staff!! I mean, all of our staff are encouraged to give writing a good card a crack, but there is a star amount us, and in honor of Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day, I want to take a moment to send a big old shout out to our very own, super awesome Jessi Sedon!! 


Jessi has designed some amazing cards for us. Yeah.! Did you know that? Did you realize that some of the cards we sell here are our very own lines? Well, NOW YOU KNOW! Or you probably knew that because we're really proud of them so we talk about them a lot. >.>

ANYWHO! Jessi has designed some WHAM-BAM cards recently. She's like an artistic genius and we could not be more thankful to have her in our family of crazy-cool weirdos.

Next time you stop in the store, say hi to (yeah, i'm just going to say it) Pittsburgh's GREATEST Greeting Card Writer! She gets to refuse hugs if she wants to (HER BODY HER CHOICE), but I bet you she won't refuse a giant smile and maybe some chocolates! Or, just spend some time checking out all of her beautiful artwork.

Thanks for everything Jessi! We Love You!