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6 Apr

The Joy of Burritos

Who doesn’t love a deli­cious­ly packed bur­ri­to? Just look at that. The types of ingre­di­ents can vary so much, it’s almost mind-bog­gling. Choose beef, poul­try, fish, veg­gie; add avo­cado, beans (pin­to, black, kid­ney or even refried), let­tuce, toma­to, corn, onion, and rice (white or brown). Don’t for­get cheese, sour cream, gua­camole, sal­sa, and pico de gal­lo. Do you like your cheese saucy or crumbly? Do you like your sal­sa chunky or smooth? Not to men­tion spice lev­el. How spicy would you like it? What sort of spicy? Hot jalapeno? Smokey chipotle? Chile? Per­haps a hint of sweet­ness? How about your tor­tilla … would you like white or wheat? It’s all up to you.

Ever had a break­fast bur­ri­to? Yeah, I said it. Break­fast. Bur­ri­to. Eggs, bacon, and cheese wrapped up? Uhh, yes, please. But again, your options are end­less. Switch out the bacon for sausage. Throw in some veg­gies. Make it spicy. Try a crepe instead of a tor­tilla. I know it sounds amaz­ing, but try not to cry.

    Behold, the dessert bur­ri­to

Or how about some of your favorite berries topped with fresh whipped cre­me, all wrapped up? Deli­cious, of course! Dessert bur­ri­to.  You’re wel­come.

A go-to of my own is the PB&J bur­ri­to. It may sound unusu­al, but it’s just as sat­is­fy­ing and easy to make as any sand­wich that uti­lizes bread. Already “been there?” Try switch­ing out the jam for a banana. Add some hon­ey if you like!

Are you hun­gry yet? Mouth water­ing? Head out to your favorite bur­ri­to stand or restau­rant. Bet­ter yet, hit the mar­ket for some qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents and have your­self a Bur­ri­to Buf­fet with all of your friends.

San­gria any­one?

19 Feb

Son of a Bat: The Story of Damian Wayne

Not every super­hero is lucky enough to have a fam­i­ly. In fact, it’s often the lack of loved ones that pro­pels a “Mask” into the bat­tle, as it were, and what push­es them to keep search­ing for jus­tice.

We know Bruce Wayne lost his par­ents at a very young age due to vio­lence, and Bat­man has nev­er been one to show much emo­tion. He’s reserved and qui­et when it comes to his feel­ings on…feelings. How­ev­er, every now and again we get a peek into the soft­er side of the Bat. Espe­cial­ly when it comes to his son, Dami­an.

There’s a father-son bond between the­se two that isn’t often seen in the many worlds of comics. Bruce was unaware of his son’s exis­tence; Damien was brought up by Tal­ia al Ghul and trained by the League of Assas­sins to be able to destroy Bat­man. The plans went awry and Dami­an end­ed up being adopt­ed by Bruce and trained as his next Robin. Bruce wor­ries about his son in the way only a man who has lost his whole fam­i­ly can, and vice ver­sa. They keep each oth­er in line. It can be quite dra­mat­ic and even adorable to see their inter­ac­tions togeth­er.

But where Bruce is very strict and straight-laced, Dami­an is easy-going and loves to laugh. Damian’s sassy atti­tude is quite amus­ing and his rule-break­ing can often get him into trou­ble with Bruce and the oth­er mem­bers of the Bat-fam­i­ly. There was always a con­flict with­in Dami­an that had him, on one hand, look­ing to Bat­man as his father and men­tor, but on the oth­er hand, look­ing to his grand­fa­ther Ra’s al Ghul (the Demon’s head) as an influ­ence. It’s all too easy to kill your ene­mies and walk away. Dami­an strug­gles with his inner demons on a dai­ly basis.

Because Dami­an has cho­sen to stay with Bruce and cho­sen the path of not killing, Tal­ia and Ra’s want revenge. They feel that he has betrayed the fam­i­ly and all of their teach­ings, so they set out to assas­si­nate him and to hurt Bruce in one ter­ri­ble moment.

The assas­si­na­tion plot a suc­cess, Damien is killed, but as long as the Mul­ti­verse flour­ish­es and the Lazares Pits boil, all is not lost…