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22 Feb

Happy National Margarita Day!

While the orig­in of the mar­gar­i­ta is pret­ty fuzzy, it was invent­ed between 1938 and 1948. No can remem­ber when it hap­pened exact­ly, prob­a­bly because of the tequi­la.

Mar­gar­i­tas are both my friend and my foe. On one hand, they give me quite a good buzz pret­ty quick­ly, they taste deli­cious and come in awe­some frozen fla­vors like man­go. On the oth­er hand, they give me quite a good buzz pret­ty quick­ly, which leads to me talk­ing too loud­ly about the peo­ple I’m near, par­tial­ly falling off of my chair at moments, and singing along with what­ev­er music is play­ing. May­be I’m lis­ten­ing to what you’re say­ing, may­be I’m not. Mar­gar­i­tas kind of turn me into my worst self, but they also make every­thing a lot more fun. So I stick with them. I mean, look at this thing. Tell me you don’t want to sip it until you have a brain freeze.

To refresh your mem­o­ry (we can’t all be mixol­o­gists (sheesh)), mar­gar­i­tas are a tasty con­coc­tion of tequi­la, triple sec, and lime/lemon juice. And if you’re like me and dig the frozen kind, pureed fruity good­ness. The salt on the rim is option­al, as is your ver­bal cen­sor once you get about 3/4 of the way through your first drink. Hey man, you know what? If I can squeeze in a serv­ing of fruit while get­ting tip­sy at the same time, things can’t be that bad, y’know? We live in a world where you can get drunk drink­ing liq­uid fruit and alco­hol. That sounds like a pret­ty damn great world to me, guys. To mis­quote Arrest­ed Devel­op­ment, ‘Say what you want about Amer­i­ca — thir­teen bucks can still get you a hell of a lot of margs!’ (Who said any­thing bad about Amer­i­ca?)

9 Jan

Happy Birthday, Snape!

Not gonna lie. There was a time when I couldn’t wait for Snape to get killed off. He killed Dum­b­le­dore for meep’s sake. But in the end, it was all part of a greater plan in which Snape’s turned out to be this awe­some, heart­bro­ken dude with a lot of feels. Not to men­tion, the frig­gin’ Half Blood Prince. So, Hap­py Birth­day, Snape! Here’s a gifset/photo com­mem­o­ra­tion!


The cry­ing will com­mence in 3, 2, 1…

And now for some more light­heart­ed Snape gifs/photos





Always pads

Snape Air

Snape Air

8 Jan

Bringing Back The Bubble Bath In 6 Easy Steps

I wan­na talk about bub­ble baths. It’s been a very long time since I took a bath, but I think this year is the year I bring back the bub­ble bath. Jan­u­ary 8th is bub­ble bath day, so let’s DO THIS THING.

Some peo­ple like to hate on the fact that you’re sit­ting in ‘dirty’ water, but the point of a bub­ble bath isn’t clean­li­ness. Jebus peo­ple, get it togeth­er. The point of a bub­ble bath is qui­et time, relax­ation, and intro­spec­tion. Grant­ed, you prob­a­bly need to clean your tub/shower before you set out on a bub­ble bath adven­ture, but it will total­ly be worth it. If you need some bub­ble bath inspi­ra­tion, let me be your bub­ble bath guide.

Step one: Clean your tub. Yes, this sucks. But this is the only part that sucks.

Step two: Plug the tub and start the hot water (but test it before it gets going to make sure you don’t burn your junk off).

Step three: Pour in bub­ble bath while the tub is fill­ing so it gets good and sudsy.

Tokyo Milk makes some awesome bubble bath

Tokyo Milk makes some awe­some bub­ble bath

Step four: While you’re wait­ing for the tub to fill up and the bub­bles to um, bub­ble, grab a few can­dles and light them. Make sure you place them near you but not in such a way that they will a.) fall into the tub or b.) set your hair on fire.

I wanna burn them all! One at a time, though.

I wan­na burn them all! One at a time, though.

Step five: Turn on some relax­ing music and put your phone on silent. You don’t need to use it with wet fin­gers OR drop it into the tub.

Step six: Sink into the bub­bles and relax. Spend as much time as you like get­ting pruney, and may­be even read a lit­tle. Ooh, read­ing!

I would suggest a good mystery, like The Cuckoo's Calling, written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

I would sug­gest a good mys­tery, like The Cuckoo’s Call­ing, writ­ten by J.K. Rowl­ing under the pseu­do­nym Robert Gal­braith

18 Dec

It’s Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day! An Elf Appreciation Post

I think it’s safe to say at this point that we’ve all seen Elf since it was released 10 years ago. One of my favorite sce­nes from the movie is the scene in where Bud­dy goes to work with his father (who is in denial that this man child that says he’s an elf is real­ly his bio­log­i­cal son). When the father’s office phone rings Bud­dy quick­ly reach­es over the desk and his father, grabs the phone and says

Today is the one spe­cial day of the year when it’s total­ly social­ly accept­able to answer your phone like this. Bonus points if it’s your work phone. Dou­ble bonus points if it’s your mom and she won’t get the ref­er­ence. Triple bonus points if you make this your voice­mail greet­ing for a day.

Oth­er notable Bud­dy the Elf moments:

Because he’s always smil­ing, and it starts to get creepy

Upon find­ing a NYC cof­fee shop that boasts ‘World’s Best Cup of Cof­fee’ in its win­dow

Get­ting hit in the face with a snow­ball


Meet­ing a mall San­ta

Learn­ing to ride an esca­la­tor

Now go watch Elf and plot your phone greet­ing! Yay!


10 Nov

November 10th is Area Code Day! What up 412/724/878?

Does any­one remem­ber the days before area codes were absolute­ly manda­to­ry for mak­ing a phone call? I remem­ber the very day when I tried to call my mom at work after school with a 7 dig­it num­ber and couldn’t get through.

What kind of blas­phe­my was this? What the h-e-dou­ble-hock­ey-sticks was an area code? You mean I have to remem­ber MORE num­bers just to reach some­one?? Sheesh, being 7 is hard. Any­who. From that day on, phone num­bers were 10 dig­its long. But the good news is that most peo­ple I knew had the same area code attached to their phone num­bers.


Area codes actu­al­ly orig­i­nat­ed in the 1940s, but were only nec­es­sary for long dis­tance calls. They even­tu­al­ly became nec­es­sary for all calls to all peo­ple in all places in the US.

There’s also the inter­est­ing social impli­ca­tion of area codes. Many peo­ple can instant­ly judge you sole­ly by your area code. Unless you have an area code from anoth­er area. Then they just want to know where you’re from ’cause you obvi­ous­ly ain’t from ’round the­se parts.

No mat­ter how you feel about area codes, today is a day to cel­e­brate those three cute lit­tle num­bers in front of your phone num­ber!

Look at this craziness

Look at this crazi­ness


10 Oct

It’s National Baking Month!

By a show of hands, who here is not a fan of baked goods? If you raised your hand, for one, I can’t see you, this is the inter­net. And TWO,

Liar HP

Lit­tle baby Har­ry can see you across the inter­net (it’s like mag­ic or some­thing!)

So! Now that we have that straight­ened out, let’s talk about Nation­al Bak­ing Mon­th! Cup­cakes, cook­ies, muffins, cakes, dessert breads, pies, cheese­cakes, scones, brown­ies… Are you get­ting hun­gry yet? Are you feel­ing inspired?! (Where is my apron?!) GAH!!!!!

Bake All The Things

Octo­ber is the per­fect time to get adven­tur­ous in the bak­ing depart­ment (more com­mon­ly known as ‘your kitchen’). There’s that nip in the air, and peo­ple are cray cray for pump­kin spice any­thing. Seri­ous­ly. Cray cray.

Brace Yourselves Pumpkin Spice is Coming


Here at KU we have plen­ty of bak­ing type acces­sories to help you get your bake on. Like the­se love­ly aprons and totes adorbs dessert cook­books.

These aprons are delightfully cute!

The­se aprons are delight­ful­ly cute!

Cookies, cupcakes and whoopie pies, oh my!

Cook­ies, cup­cakes and whoop­ie pies, oh my!

And! Don’t for­get the­se cute cup­cake dec­o­rat­ing kits we have a vari­ety of.



Carbs are not the ene­my dur­ing Nation­al Bak­ing Mon­th. If you’re think­ing But­ter­beer cup­cakes are the per­fect baked good to try mak­ing, click here for the deli­cious recipe (and addi­tion­al HP cup­cake food porn).

Mmm butterbeer cupcakes

Mmm but­ter­beer cup­cakes

And if that’s not enough for you, here are a few Pin­ter­est-found recipes that should turn out deli­cious­ly (you can take the cred­it if they do, I won’t tell the Pin­ter­est police). Hap­py bak­ing!

3 Musketeers Fudge Brownies

3 Mus­ke­teers Fudge Brown­ies