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14 Nov

Gifts for your friend who’s always happy about something

On the flip side of the Pessimistic Friend, there are also those sunshine-y people who are never down for long. You know, the sun will come out tomorrow type deals. We need them as much as we need anyone, and we want to shower them with happy, optimistic gifts!

Optimism FB Photo

If they're into journaling, may we suggest the Affirmation Ball, Evidence the World is Basically Good: A Logbook for Optimists Journal, Hector and the Search of Happiness, Why You're Really, Really Awesome Pad, High Five Nifty Notes, Smiley Face soap and You are a Good Person soap.


Do they have a lot of energy? Get them a Rainbow Stunt Streamer. They're so magical. Don't Forget a mini Pusheen, and a Glitter Wand!


What about a GIANT PUSHEEN? Qwilly shown for size comparison.


How about some positive Blue Q socks.


Quotable mugs will help you start your days off on a good note!


13 Nov

Gifts for your friend who’s always on about something

We all have that person in our lives. You know, the one with the glass half empty, always curmudgeoning about something or other. We love them for their perspective, and we have a ton of great gifts for them! Know an optimist? Get ideas for them here!

Pessimist FB Cover

Maybe they're into reading? The Onion: Iconic Covers, Apathy, The Complete Worst Case Scenario Handbook, The Existential Coloring Book, Hate Mail, I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar, and Unnecessary Quotations.


Maybe they need to just get it all out?Evidence the World is Basically Evil: A Logbook for Pessimists, The Antisocial Network Journal, My Dysfunctions Journal, Hell Passport, and My Pet Peeves Journal.


If they're into practical gifts, not to worry! Sassy Blue Q Socks, Nihilist Toothpaste, Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug, Seriously? Desk Pad, and WTF Sticky Notes.


10 Nov

A Vonnegut and Gaiman Quote Appreciation Post

Neil Gaiman's birthday is the 10 and Kurt Vonnegut's birthday is the 11, so we thought we would make one giant quote appreciation post for the both of them. Nothing honors your favorite author like a bunch of their best quotes!

So, Neil Gaiman, first up!







And last but not least, Kurt Vonnegut!












8 Nov

Coloring books aren’t just for kids. NEVER GROW UP!

Seriously people. Not only is it fun to bust out the colored pencils or crayons, but it is proven to be RELAXING to color. And in the spirit of this new breakthrough, we have a ton of great coloring books to choose from here at Kards Unlimited. We have everything from Manga, to cats, drunk coloring (booze not provided), and quite a few things in between. Here's a look at a selection of our MOST AWESOME coloring books. Come on dahn to see the rest of em and get em while they're hot!

Zenscapes, Arabesque, Wild Animal, and Peacock Covers 2


Manga, Creative Cats, Tattoo Coloring Book, and Tiffany Designs Covers


Fairies, Goddesses, King Arthur and Edward Gorey Covers

5 Nov

This weekend is Sherlock Holmes Weekend! 7 ways to celebrate

Sherlock Holmes Weekend just might be the coolest weekend there ever will be. Although it's celebrated each year in Cape May, New Jersey we're excited to share in the festivities! How can you celebrate Sherlock Holmes Weekend yourself?

Sherlock 1

  1. Read a Sherlock Holmes book. he wrote a TON of Sherlock Holmes books, so you have plenty of material to use.
    Sherlock 2
  2. Watch one of the seven billion Sherlock Holmes adaptations, for TV and the big screen
    Sherlock 3
  3. Host a mystery dinner at your house, and invite guests to help you solve the mystery. Whodunit? Blaming each other all night until the truth comes out permissible.
    Sherlock 4
  4. Call all of your friends 'Watson' for the weekend. Extra bonus: change all of the contacts in a friend's phone to 'Watson' so they have to spend the entire weekend solving that mystery.
    Sherlock 5
  5. Wear a deerstalker all weekend. Wool cape and pipe recommended.
    Sherlock 6
  6. Try cocaine like good old Sherlock did. Just kidding. Drugs are bad, mmkay?
    Sherlock 7
  7. Re-number your house's address to 221B. Take that, mailman! WHO NEEDS MAIL?
    Sherlock 8
1 Nov

November 2015 Calendar of Events


November 2015 Events Main Image

Hello and welcome, November! Fall is in full swing, the days are shorter, and we'll be dreaming of thanksgiving dinner for the next 26 nights.  PASS THE CRANBERRY SAUCE! Here are all of the exciting things we'll be celebrating this month from Sherlock Holmes Weekend, to Homemade Bread Day, Dr. Who Day, and everything in between.


30 Sep

October 2015 Calendar of Events

Hay girl hay, October has arrived! It's FALL! It's the month of chili, apples, pizza, popcorn, sausage, and baking. Essentially, just another awesome Friday night, that goes on for a whole month, amirite? Put down your pumpkin spice latte and read about the REST OF THE THINGS you should be celebrating this month!

October Events (1)



28 Sep

What’s Ask A Stupid Question Day?

Funny you should well, ask. Ask A Stupid Question Day began as a way to encourage students to ask more questions in the classroom, because you know, social anxiety and the fear of looking stupid, and the like. But hey! We have no problem with stupid questions. They make life just a little more interesting.

Here are just a few ways you can ask stupid questions today! To stupidity and beyond!

During an altercation:

Stupid Questions

Attempt to get to the bottom of one of Obama's best kept secrets:

Stupid Question 3

Learn a thing or two about geography!

Stupid Question 2

And a little something about Toronto!

Stupid Question 4

Fact or fiction?

Stupid Question 5


Stupid Question 6