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31 Aug

September 2015 Calendar of Events

September Events

Ah, Sep­tem­ber, it leads a dou­ble life. Some peo­ple are CLINGING TO SUMMER FOR DEAR LIFE, while oth­ers are count­ing down the days until pump­kin spice lat­tes are avail­able and they can begin carv­ing pump­kins. No mat­ter which way you swing, Sep­tem­ber prob­a­bly has a hol­i­day you’ll like whether it’s bour­bon (Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th), Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien (Tolkien Week Sep­tem­ber 20–26), or  cof­fee (Nation­al Cof­fee Day Sep­tem­ber 29). Read on to see all of the good stuff we’re crazy about this mon­th! Do it you won’t.



Mon­th-long hol­i­days are the best because you get a whole mon­th to savor them. Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th means drink­ing all the bour­bon! Children’s Good Man­ners Mon­th is a great time to edu­cate the chil­dren in your life how to behave. If you don’t have a library card, you’re in luck because Sep­tem­ber is Library Card Sign-up Mon­th. See also: 
The only thing bet­ter than hon­ey is Nation­al Hon­ey Mon­th! Hon­ey forever. Shame­less Pro­mo­tion Mon­th allows us to say HEY ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON FACEBOOK AND ISNTAGRAM AND TWITTER? WE LOVE YOU. Last but cer­tian­ly least, Sep­tem­ber is Plea­sure Your Mate Mon­th. But­ter them up with a cute card, get some mas­sage oil, light some can­dles, and hope­ful­ly that works out for you. Wink.


INTERNATIONAL ENTHUSIASM WEEK is Sep­tem­ber 1 through the 7. What do you get enthu­si­as­tic about? May we sug­gest every­thing this week? GET FIRED UP. Salami Day (Sep­tem­ber 7) is a good time to get re-acquaint­ed with some salami.

Birth­days this week: Jack Daniels and Wern­er Her­zog both on Sep­tem­ber 5. Here are Wern­er Herzog’s hilar­i­ous thoughts on chick­ens.


On Sep­tem­ber 8, 1966 Star Trek Orig­i­nal Series pre­miered. So today we are get­ting all ‘live long and pro­poser’. Roald Dahl Day is on Sep­tem­ber 13 and we’re prob­a­bly going to be eat­ing choco­late, peach­es, tak­ing RED WAGONS of books from the library, and so on and so forth. We love Roald Dahl! (You can get the print of the quote below here.)

Birth­days this week: Leo Tol­stoy (Sep­tem­ber 9) and Bel­la Swan (Sep­tem­ber 13).


Do you know any greet­ing card writ­ers? If so, you’re in luck on Sep­tem­ber 18, because it’s Hug A Greet­ing Card Writer Day. On Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sep­tem­ber 19), drink your grog with your beau­ty, play your horn­pipe, and RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER, you land lub­ber. Tolkien Week is back (Sep­tem­ber 20–26) and bet­ta than eva. We’ll have books on tape play­ing through the store, a Tolkien quiz to take and gen­er­al enthu­si­asm all week. Nation­al Dog Week (Sep­tem­ber 20–26) is a great time to sneak­i­ly pet oth­er people’s dogs while they’re not look­ing. And may­be adopt a dog. Or take your own dog for a walk. What­EV­ER. DOTHING!

Birth­days this week: Sophie DahlMont­gomery Burns, and Agatha Christie (Sep­tem­ber 15), H.A. Rey (Sep­tem­ber 16), William Gold­ingHermione Granger, and Arthur Rack­ham (Sep­tem­ber 19), George R.R. Mar­t­in and Mal­colm Reynolds (Sep­tem­ber 20), Bill Mur­ray, Stephen King, and H.G. Wells (Sep­tem­ber 21).


Dear Diary Day (Sep­tem­ber 22) is a great time to get back to jour­nal­ing. And don’t hold back. For exam­ple, “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Mar­garet. Gretchen my friend, got her peri­od. I’m so jeal­ous, God.” #Judy­Blume. MOVING RIGHT ALONG. Hob­bit Day (Sep­tem­ber 22) means throw­ing a Bil­bo Bag­gins birth­day par­ty! Yay! Cel­e­brate Bisex­u­al­i­ty Day (Sep­tem­ber 23) is a hol­i­day close to our hearts. No mat­ter who you’re into, we love you just the way you are. On Punc­tu­a­tion Day (Sep­tem­ber 24), you can fin­ish every sen­tence with an excla­ma­tion point! And dou­ble ques­tion marks after all ques­tions. Nation­al One Hit Won­der Day (Sep­tem­ber 25) you can pore over this list and rem­i­nis­ce. On Love Note Day (Sep­tem­ber 26), write some­one you love a love note. And yes, it can be your pet. KU Book Club meets on Sep­tem­ber 27 at 6 PM to dis­cuss Ray Bradbury’s Some­thing Wicked this way Comes. Bring  your book and a friend! Banned Books Week (Sep­tem­ber 27 — Octo­ber 3) IS OUR FAVORITE! Come on in to see the banned books we sell, because damn the man! Get ready for Ask A Stu­pid Ques­tion Day (Sep­tem­ber 29). While you either believe in stu­pid ques­tions or you don’t, you’re bound to get asked one today. On what is like­ly the most pro­duc­tive day of the cal­en­dar year, Nation­al Cof­fee Day (Sep­tem­ber 29) is a great excuse to pound that cof­fee! Caffiene fore­var. Blas­phe­my Day (Sep­tem­ber 30) encour­ages indi­vid­u­als and groups to open­ly express crit­i­cism of reli­gion and blas­phe­my laws. So get to get­tin.

Birth­days this week: Frodo and Bil­bo Bag­gins (Sep­tem­ber 22), Arthur Guin­nessJim Hen­son, and F. Scott Fitzger­ald (Sep­tem­ber 24), Mark Hamill and Shel Sil­ver­stein (Sep­tem­ber 25), John­ny Apple­seed (Sep­tem­ber 26), T.S. Eliot and Scott Pil­grim (Sep­tem­ber 27), Tru­man Capote (Sep­tem­ber 30).

31 Jul

August 2015 Calendar of Events

August Events (2)

Well folks, we’re into the last third of sum­mer. Sum­mer tech­ni­cal­ly ends on Sep­tem­ber 23, but we all know that sum­mer real­ly ends when Labor Day week­end ends. So, with that in mind, let’s all appre­ci­ate the CRAP out of the next mon­th. August is full of fun rea­sons to cel­e­brate, start­ing with goat cheese and end­ing with More Herbs, Less Salt Day! Click through to see ‘em all! Read more »

23 Jul

A Tribute to Daniel Radcliffe

Today’s Daniel Radcliffe’s birth­day and we want­ed to cel­e­brate the won­der­ful man he is.

Here he is rap­ping Eminem.

Here he is walk­ing like, a bil­lion dogs.

Daniel Radcliffe films a scene on the set of the motion picture "Trainwreck" in Bryant Park. CREDIT: Abaca USA/AKM-GSI [Via MerlinFTP Drop]

Daniel Rad­clif­fe films a scene on the set of the motion pic­ture “Train­wreck” in Bryant Park. CREDIT: Aba­ca USA/AKM-GSI [Via Mer­lin­FTP Drop]

Here he is um, being HARRY POTTER.

Angsty Har­ry was my favorite

Don’t you just want to be BFF with him?

Happy Dan

He gives to great char­i­ties, and look, here he is with a cute PUPPY!


I have no idea what this pic­ture is for/about but I don’t real­ly care.

He’s weird, but he’s my kind of weird.

Dan bongos


19 Jul

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Ice cream is the ulti­mate treat. I don’t care what time of year it is, ice cream is per­mis­si­ble. If you’re one of those peo­ple that’s like, “OMG I don’t eat ice cream when it’s cold out,” we are not friends. And there is always room for dessert, even if I’ve just eat­en a 7 course meal. ICE CREAM IS THE BEST! Here are a bunch of gra­tu­itous ice cream relat­ed gifs.

IC 9

I want to live in this place.

IC 8

See also: Ron Swan­son eat­ing a banana. Price­less.

IC 7


IC 1

Wuv, true wuv.

IC 2

<3 <3 <3

IC 3

True dat.

IC 4


IC 5

ic 6

And, the best for last.

8 Jul

JP’s Picks!

Food Rules by Michael Pol­lan  & Eat­ing on the Wild Side by Jo Robin­son

The­se books will change the way you look at food, gro­cery shop­ping, and pro­duce FOREVER, in the best way. Food Rules gives you the rea­sons behind just exact­ly how our food is mak­ing us sick and fat, and then tells you how to change your shop­ping and eat­ing habits to cut out preser­v­a­tives, chem­i­cals, and arti­fi­cial fla­vors in your foods. If you’ve heard of clean eat­ing, this is the bible. Eat­ing on the Wild Side gives you the best advice on how to shop for pro­duce. What vari­ety of every veg­etable is nutri­tion­al­ly best for you, how to tell if your car­rots are fresh when you buy them, how to tell if that bag of grapes is a mil­lion years old or only a few weeks old, and so much more.

The Delir­i­um Series by Lau­ren Oliv­er


You know how you pick up a book and start read­ing it in the store to see if you want to buy it and before you know it you’ve read 20 pages? This hap­pened to me with the first book in this tril­o­gy. I had to get it. I was imme­di­ate­ly pulled in by the world Oliv­er has cre­at­ed. A world where there is no love, because it is the most dan­ger­ous dis­or­der on earth, cured only by a pro­ce­dure in the brain. You’ll feel all the feels as you fol­low Lena from ‘Ima-Get-My-Brain-Washed’ to ‘Now-Wait-Just-A-Damn-Min­ute’. The sec­ond and third books in this un-put-down-able series are Pan­de­mo­ni­um and Requiem.

The Cir­cle by Dave Eggers


Have you ever won­dered what the world might look like if tech­nol­o­gy and social media start­ed to infil­trate every aspect of our lives? I hadn’t real­ly thought about it. Not until The Cir­cle. As you watch Mae’s life go from bor­ing cubi­cle job in the sub­urbs, to un-eraseable sex tape and CONSTANT shar­ing online in LA, you’ll find your­self won­der­ing where the Inter­net will take us. In the words of The Cir­cle, “Secrets are lies. Shar­ing is car­ing. Pri­va­cy is theft.” If that doesn’t sound like the most thought-pro­vok­ing set of sen­tences, I don’t know what does. Pick up this book for an inter­est­ing look into a poten­tial future of social media and an inter­est­ing sto­ry­line to boot.

Where’d You Go, Bernadet­te? by Maria Sem­ple


This is the chrono­log­i­cal recount­ing of how Bernadet­te Fox went miss­ing, and how she was found. Sev­er­al sto­ry lines start sep­a­rate­ly and end twist­ed togeth­er, and almost all of the sto­ry is told through a paper trail of let­ters, e-mails, con­fi­den­tial FBI files, psy­chol­o­gists notes, hand­writ­ten notes, fax­es, and IM chats com­piled by Bernadette’s daugh­ter Bee, after Bernadet­te mys­te­ri­ous­ly goes miss­ing. Much of the book hinges on a promised trip to Antarc­ti­ca which gets Bernadet­te into all sorts of trou­ble before she dis­ap­pears. Her vir­tu­al assis­tant in India who is actu­al­ly the Rus­sian mob does not help appear­ances. This social satire had me turn­ing the pages eager­ly to find out where the eff Bernadet­te went and how she did it.

Red­wall by Bri­an Jacques


This was one of my most favorite books when I was 10. It’s a clas­sic tale of good ver­sus evil as the peace-lov­ing mice of Red­wall take on the eeeeevil Cluny the Scourge. This book writ­ten for chil­dren but enjoy­able for any­one will have you root­ing for the under­dog, and pin­ing for Cluny’s demise.

Gone Girl by Gillian Fly­nn

Gone Girl

I’ve NEVER been so men­tal­ly effed up by a book. I thought about this book for WEEKS after I was fin­ished with it. It gets into your brain and you just can’t get it out. It’s the per­fect amount of sick, twist­ed, and yet… total­ly under­stand­able. The lev­els of cray cray in this book are unpar­al­leled, and it will make you want to take a show­er and then read it all over again.

8 Jul

All of July is AC Appreciation Days!

You know what’s awful? Being out, sweat­ing prac­ti­cal­ly to death, and then com­ing home to your swel­ter­ing home. And sweat­ing ful­ly to death.

AC 6

Or you know, a lot. What­ev­er. I’ve died about a mil­lion times in my melo­dra­mat­ic life.

AC 4

She’s actu­al­ly out­side? So IDK WTF is going on but IT’S FINE, Gil Elv­gren.

The point is, ain’t nobody got time to be sweat­ing their dick off in sum­mer. Espe­cial­ly when they’re try­ing to sleep.

"The actress recalls having to have the air conditioning angled at her while on the set of Harry Potter." Sort of related.

The actress recalls hav­ing to have the air con­di­tion­ing angled at her while on the set of Har­ry Pot­ter.” Sort of relat­ed. AND YOU GO GURL. Any­way.

Or bet­ter yet, has your car’s AC ever stopped work­ing in the dead of sum­mer? It’s like when you first get into your car after it’s been but­toned up, except it nev­er real­ly cools off and you’re essen­tial­ly rid­ing around in a giant, sun pow­ered toast­er oven. No thank you.

Ac 3

*Psh might as well ride my horse every­where* Cars with no AC. PUH-LEASE.

The­se are all of the rea­sons I appre­ci­ate AC. The­se dogs are not enjoy­ing AC but the out­put from an AC. But THEY ARE STILL SO CUTE.

AC 5

As always, here at KUAC 2


30 Jun

July 2015 Calendar of Events

Oh, July, you are the deli­cious epit­o­me of sum­mer. Hot days, hot dogs, corn on the cob, air con­di­tion­ing, ice cream, french fries, Inde­pen­dence Day… July makes me nos­tal­gic for those sticky ice pops with the plas­tic that will cut your lip, the pool, and sun­shine. Mmm. Click through to see all of our won­der­ful rea­sons to cel­e­brate this mon­th!

July 2015 Events

I drift­ed into a sum­mer-nap under the hot shade of July, ser­e­nad­ed by a cicadae lul­laby, to drowsy-warm dreams of dis­tant thun­der.” Ter­ri Guillemets

Read more »

22 Jun

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Eric Carle

When I say ‘Eric Car­le’ you prob­a­bly think instant­ly of The Very Hun­gry Cater­pil­lar. What you prob­a­bly don’t know about Mr. Car­le is that he had a cray cray life before he start­ed writ­ing and illus­trat­ing children’s lit­er­a­ture.  He was born in Amer­i­ca in 1929 but his fam­i­ly moved back to Ger­many when he was 6, and he grad­u­at­ed from the local art school there. When he was 15, the Ger­man gov­ern­ment draft­ed him to help dig the Siegfried Line. He saw some hor­ri­ble shit doing that, he would say lat­er that his wife thought he had PTSD from it, and he didn’t like to talk about it. Go fig­ure.

Since he was born an Amer­i­can, he was always eager to get back to the states. He came back over with $40 when he was 23. He start­ed work­ing at The New York Times as a graph­ic design­er. Then he got draft­ed into the US Army dur­ing the Kore­an War, sta­tioned in Ger­many (WTF REALLY?!) as a mail clerk. He went back to The New York Times after that, and then went on to be an art direc­tor at an adver­tis­ing agen­cy.

It wasn’t until the age of 38 that he start­ed doing his for­re­al thang. He col­lab­o­rat­ed with Bill Mar­t­in. Jr. on a book called Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? From there it was ENTIRELY DOWNHILL! He wrote over 70 books. SEVENTY! The book that stands out from my child­hood is The Grouchy Lady­bug, because well, chil­dren with an at-ee-tood can relate.




Now that you’ve been schooled on Eric Car­le, I sug­gest you get to buy­ing all of the­se books for every child you know because OH MY HEAVENS are they per­fect. Adorable, mean­ing­ful, and have I freak­ing men­tioned adorable? Hap­py birth­day, Eric Car­le!