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18 Jun

Take Your Dog to Work Day: June 20!

One of the few things cool­er than actu­al­ly own­ing a dog is being able to take it places. Ya know, you can’t just walk into the gro­cery store or the phar­ma­cy with your dog. So you have to leave Fido at home while you run errands and go to work and you know that he’s secret­ly mad at you when you do this and then you feel bad but what can you do? Luck­i­ly, Shadyside is pret­ty darn accom­mo­dat­ing when it comes to bring­ing your dog out and about. We are one of the many awe­some busi­ness­es that has no prob­lem-o with your bring­ing your dog in with you.

Yogi comes to work!

Yogi comes to work!

Enter Take Your Dog to Work Day. Prob­lem solved! You get to bring your dog with you instead of leav­ing him home to stare at the wall for the entire day, just so he has as much ener­gy as pos­si­ble stored up when you get home so he can dri­ve you absolute­ly nuts with all of his ener­gy. This is the one day of the year where you say, “To hell with that!” and you bring your dog­gy along. And by the time you get home at the end of the day he is joy­ous­ly worn out from being *awake* all day. What a strange sen­sa­tion for the both of you!

I hope you have an enjoy­able day at work hang­ing out with your dog! Hap­py Take Your Dog to Work Day!

16 Jun

Happy Fudge Day! Except I Didn’t Say, Fudge.’

Oh fudge

Did you know that fudge is “made by mix­ing sug­ar, but­ter, and milk, heat­ing it to the soft-ball stage at 240 °F, and then beat­ing the mix­ture while it cools so that it acquires a smooth, creamy con­sis­ten­cy?” That’s not what I would have guessed ‘the soft-ball stage’ is if you asked me, but hey! You learn some­thing new every day.

This is not particularly relevant, but yes it is. You shut your mouth.

This is not par­tic­u­lar­ly rel­e­vant, but yes it is. You shut your mouth. 

he's back

Tan­gent: when we went to see this movie in the the­ater, at this part my dad yelled, “Duh!” Peo­ple loled.


Any­way. Fudge is one of those things that you real­ly could not just eat forever and ever. Because it’s so flip­pi­ty-frack­ing rich. Which is the point of it, so you real­ly can’t hold that again­st it. My favorite fudge is packed with nuts because I am a nut for nuts. Wal­nuts, almonds, peanuts, pecans… Yes please.


I’m also fair­ly cer­tain I can thank Lit­tle Deb­bie for this obses­sion.


Little Debbie

The­se were my FAVORITE thing to buy with my lunch mon­ey. See also: Zebra Cakes. Appar­ent­ly Lit­tle Deb­bie owned my 10 year old soul.

It’s been rumored that indi­vid­u­als have been known to add fruit to fudge, and I for one find that com­plete­ly repul­sive.


I just threw up in my mouth a lit­tle.


Why would you go and ruin per­fect­ly good choco­late with fruit? The peo­ple that like fruity fudge prob­a­bly like vanil­la ice cream too.


Judg­ing you.

Back to the real fudge *hair flip*





Did you know that a per­son who pack­ages fudge is a fudge pack­er? Appar­ent­ly South Park made Tom Cruise a fudge pack­er in an episode. …I can see that.


I will con­clude this Fudge Day post with instruc­tions to get yoself so deli­cious fudge today.


30 May

June 2015 Calendar of Events

Wel­come sum­mer! June is an excit­ing twelfth of the year. It’s full of things we love – gay pride, iced tea, Richard Scar­ry, gay pride, dough­nuts, jug­gling, sun­shine, gay pride… Do we have your atten­tion? I thought we might. Click through to see all of the rea­sons you should be cel­e­brat­ing this fine June!

June 2015 Calendar of Events! (1)

The­se are the June KU Cards you can get to send to your awe­some friends :)

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25 May

Happy Memorial Day!

Memo­ri­al day is a two pronged hol­i­day. You’ve got your patri­otic-hon­or-those-who-have-died-for-our-coun­try side, and the IT’S-FINALLY-SUMMER side. While the spir­it of each is quite dif­fer­ent, Memo­ri­al Day serves as an impor­tant day for Amer­i­ca.

Memorial Day 4

It does a body and mind good to take a moment to be thank­ful for the peo­ple who have given their lives for this coun­try. That’s huge.

Memorial Day 1

It takes a lot of courage to serve for your coun­try and do it self­less­ly, and for that, I’m ever thank­ful.

Memorial Day 2

Memo­ri­al Day is a great day to get togeth­er with your fam­i­ly and friends to appre­ci­ate your free­dom. Can’t hurt to have some deli­cious food and drink, either.

Memorial Day 3

No, the­se are not french fries, THEY ARE FREEDOM FRIES

Memorial Day 5

Burg­ers and dogs COMINRIGHT UP.

Memorial Day 6

Insert­ing into face­hole in 3… 2… 1…

No BBQ is complete without patriotic punch!

No BBQ is com­plete with­out patri­otic punch!

Here’s a com­pli­men­ta­ry Hulk Hogan being Amer­i­can gif:

Memorial Day 8




29 Apr

May KU Book Club Book: Stardust by Neil Gaiman

StardustKU Book Club meets again!

Who? You.

What? Neil Gaiman’s Star­dust.

When? Sun­day May 17, 6 PM.

Where? Here in the store, fools.

Why? WHY NOT?!

From Goodreads, “Hope­less­ly crossed in love, a boy of half-fairy parent­age leaves his mun­dane Vic­to­ri­an-Eng­lish vil­lage on a quest for a fal­l­en star in the mag­i­cal realm. The star proves to be an attrac­tive wom­an with a hot tem­per, who plunges with our hero into adven­tures fea­tur­ing witch­es, the lion and the uni­corn, plot­ting elf-lords, ships that sail the sky, mag­i­cal trans­for­ma­tions, curs­es whose effects rebound, bind­ing con­di­tions with hid­den loop­holes and all the rest.”

Join us for live­ly con­ver­sa­tion, snacks, booze, and did I men­tion how awe­some we are? Yeah. See you there!

Exctied gif

16 Apr

National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!

You know what’s annoy­ing? Hav­ing to get dressed in the morn­ings. Pick­ing out clothes can be so ugh.


 Don’t feel like wear­ing this. I wore this two days ago, will any­one notice? Is that a stain? …Great.


Well. Today you don’t have to do that crap. It’s Nation­al Wear Your Paja­mas to Work Day! Bar­ring chang­ing your under­wear (always change your under­wear) you can roll right out of bed and into work, no prob­lem.


Or. OR. You can even change into oth­er paja­mas! The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less! And hope­ful­ly your paja­mas won’t give HR too much of a headache. I mean, we’re fine with you going to work in a ted­dy, but you know, some peo­ple have sticks up their butts.


Any­who, are you so excit­ed? WERE SO EXCITED! We’ve opened up the day for our employ­ees to wear their PJs to work so don’t call us slobs today, call us relaxed and paja­ma-ed.


11 Apr

You Have Our Permission To Drop Everything And Read Tomorrow

If you’re like most of the peo­ple I know, you want to read more but can’t seem to find the time. Drop Every­thing and Read Day to the res­cue!


The premise is sim­ple — stop what you’re doing and READ! Plan free time into tomor­row and feel no guilt let­ting those dirty dish­es sit a lit­tle longer, or putting off your laun­dry for some time. Pay no mind to your phone and sim­ply sink into a good book. It can be hard to just be, but dammit, books are impor­tant! READING IS IMPORTANT!


So, if you hap­pen into our store tomor­row, you will find all of our employ­ees with their nose stuck in a book when they’re not help­ing cus­tomers. What could be bet­ter? Pop a squat on our couch, post up in Cof­fee Tree, or stay at home and enjoy your recre­ation­al read­ing time.

Chan­nel your inner Belle and get to read­in’, fool!

3 Apr

April is Grilled Cheese Month!

If you Google ‘grilled cheese’ approx­i­mate­ly one hun­dred mil­lion bajil­lion delight­ful images come up. Seri­ous­ly.

LOOK AT THEM. Are you hungry yet?

LOOK AT THEM. Are you hun­gry yet?

Cheese and bread are my absolute two favorite things on earth (what up cho­les­terol, you can suck it because CHEESE). Put some but­ter on it and now you have Paula Dean involved, which is always tasty. Grilled cheese is absolute­ly delight­ful, and it’s so easy to make I’m not sure why I ever make any­thing else.

Ooh, tomatoes!

Ooh, toma­toes!

Grilled cheese has been around forev — think ancient Romans —  but it didn’t start to get pop­u­lar until the 1920s when processed slices of cheese and sliced bread became promi­nent. Once World War II was in full swing, so was the grilled cheese. It used to be just one slice of bread with cheese melt­ed on top but it even­tu­al­ly mor­phed into the two slice sam­mie we all know and love today. I think it’s pos­si­ble to say cor­rect­ly that grilled cheese is the best thing since sliced bread. Eh? Eh?


Here's a scary child planning on devouring her grilled cheese.

Here’s a scary child plan­ning on mur­der­ous­ly devour­ing her grilled cheese.

So, in con­clu­sion, grilled cheese is

  • The best thing ever
  • So easy to make
  • Also easy to have your burn­er up too high and to burn the shit out of
  • Not healthy in any way
This is a baked potato grilled cheese. *Dying*

This is a baked pota­to grilled cheese. *Dying*