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27 Feb

It’s Open That Bottle Night!

IMG_8889This Saturday marks one of my favorite obscure holidays, Open that Bottle Night!! You know that bottle of wine that you were going to open when you landed a full-time job. The bottle you bought that cost one paycheck and you planned to open when you fulfilled a life-time achievement. Nowadays, its just sitting in your pantry collecting dust and judges you every time you see it. Instead of wallowing in sorrow about your life, how about consuming your selected bottle as a celebration of your search and commitment?

Take a sip from the bottle of wine your late grandfather gave to your as a wedding present. Or the fancy bottle of champagne you parents gifted to you as a graduation gift. Reminisce on the good memories while cherishing the moments with your friends.


Share the bottle with your life-long friends or drink it with a nice dose of Netflix. Either way, Kards Unlimited is your destination to make sure you are celebrating the holiday in the best manner.

We have everything from wine glasses with fantastic sayings to cocktail napkins.

Use these fabulous cocktail napkins to freshen your wine teeth. If you drink wine, you are fully aware of the dangers of red wine on your pearly whites. Be prepared and subtle by purchasing these alcoholic beverages inspired cocktail napkins. You definitely will be thanking us when you see your friend rocking the wine teeth.

Remind your friends of this perfect, relaxing day of celebration by sending them a KU original "Open That Bottle Night" card. Now, your friends can join in on the fun!!


Let us know how your night goes by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page with your prized beverage!!

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21 Feb

Happy Birthday Alan Rickman!


This Sunday marks what would have been the 70th birthday celebration of British actor Alan Rickman.   Unfortunately, the once celebratory event will be filled with emotion this year as we reflect on his passing in January of this year. On January 14th, Rickman passed away following a battle with cancer.  Almost immediately the internet burst with emotion.  Cast and crew associated with Rickman began to pay tribute.  Daniel Radcliffe wrote fondly of Rickman in a heartfelt post commending Rickman as "one of the loyalest and most supportive people I've ever met in the film industry." After his death, a humorous story resurfaced detailing his relationship with Rupert Grint during the Potter Series.  Alan Rickman's response shows a side of warmth and displays the true man he was.

pic of ron and snape


Rickman managed to capture our hearts in numerous films spanning from comedies to dark dramas.  In many of his films, Rickman portrayed villainous characters partially due to Hollywood typecasting after his performance as Hans Gruber in action filled Christmas movie Die Hard.


Trivia fact: The look of absolute terror on Hans Gruber's face as he fell to his death was the first take of the film. The director decided to drop Rickman one second before the actor expected to fall.






To add to his extensive resume, Rickman balanced comedy and pathos as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest.  Rickman's character truly made this 1999 sci-fi movie into a classic.  For those who have not seen the movie, it's on Netflix.  Do yourself a favor and watch it.  You have no excuse.

Alexander Dane

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged"

Rickman was musically inclined gracing the stage of numerous Broadway productions.  He debuted his talents on Broadway in a mesmerizing performance as Le Vicomte de Valmont in " Les Liasons Dangereuses." Critics raved his performance as dark and mysterious; a title that he kept through his acting career. His rendition of "Pretty Woman" in Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street still remains one of my favorite scenes in the movie.
sweeney Todd

At Kards Unlimited, we are still in mourning for this talented soul.  To commemorate his birthday, purchase our Alan Rickman tribute card.  It was only fitting to create a card that rightly captured the performance of Alan Rickman in the Harry Potter series. Send it to any Harry Potter fan to show you are thinking about them on this somber day.
Additionally, Kards Unlimited carries a large variety of Harry Potter themed gifts and books. Perhaps send your fellow Potter fan a Slytherin tie to remind them of the legend that was Severus Snape.


Alan Rickman will be forever in our hearts.  We love you, Snape. Always.  
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14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  

1To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we wanted to give a quick look at the history of the global day of love celebration. The history of Valentine’s Day is rather obscure and full of mystery.  Most historians cannot agree about the origin of the holiday but one story prevails as the most believable.  

According to legend, Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome.  Saint Valentine of Rome was persecuted as a Christian.  Roman Emperor Claudius II eventually ordered his execution when his attempt to convert Saint Valentine to Roman paganism failed.   Before Saint Valentine’s execution, he performed a miracle on the jailer’s daughter allowing her to see again.  Some believe Valentine wrote the first valentine card on the eve of his execution.  The supposed valentine was addressed to the jailer’s daughter with the signature as “Your Valentine.”  This signature would later be adapted into the expression “From Your Valentine” which is still used today from large published like American Greetings.  Years later, another embellishment emerged from the story of Valentine’s Day.  Some historians argued that Saint Valentine would perform secret Christian weddings for soldiers that could not wed.  In addition, Saint Valentine was said to have cut hearts from parchment to give to soldiers as a reminder of their commitment.  

2Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world with diverse traditions in each location.  In the Norfolk, Jack Valentine leaves sweets and presents for children outside the rear door of their houses.  This particular tradition has spanned over centuries.  In Slovenia, Saint Valentine is associated with the growth of flora and the marriage of birds.  In Korea, it is custom for women to give men boxes of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  One month later, men are expected to return the favor.  

Interestingly enough, the custom of exchanging cards and flowers on Valentine’s Day was first noted in the early part of the twentieth century.  In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging gifts really skyrocketed.  Nowadays, approximately 190 million Valentine’s Day cards as sent each year.  According to one website, the average American spent $131 on Valentine’s Day in 2015!  

4Here at Kards Unlimited, we love Valentine’s Day and we are stocked according to your needs.  Check out our hilarious and heartfelt Valentine’s card selection today before your significant other realizes you missed another special holiday in your relationship.  

Remember purchasing something flashy will give you brownie points.  Ask our fabulous jewelry manager Athena to hook you up with an accessory from our jewelry collection.  Athena will be in store from 10AM-4PM today to answer any of your questions.  5

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2 Feb

Gifts for your Favorite Librarian

February is Library Lovers month! I’m pretty sure that there is no one who loves your library more than your local librarian, so we thought we’d list a few great ideas of ways to say thank you to your favorite Librarian. <3

As a kid, I was mesmerized by the enormity of my local library and how the store was routinely stocked with all of my favorite books. My librarian as a child was a sweet, elderly woman named Nancy.  Every time I would enter the library, she would greet me with freshly made cookies and a recommended new book. She introduced me to the book that would later mold my career aspirations. By encouraging me to search for comfort in books, Nancy inspired me to read with an open mind and think critically.

Jobs as a librarian are very rewarding. Librarians encourage all individuals, regardless of social and economic background, to embrace their bookworm qualities. In some ways, libraries serve as the general people’s university while librarians act as the professors. Plus, it must be nice as a librarian to have first dibs on hot titles and early released books.

As perusers of libraries, we constantly ask for recommendations and assistance in the quest to find our books. Why not give back by purchasing a fabulous present for your favorite librarian? Even your librarian needs some loving in February.  Here’s a list of our top five favorite gifts.




Book Lover’s 2016 Calendar

This jam-packed page-a-day calendar is filled with hundreds of book recommendations.  The calendar also includes fascinating quotes and trivia. Book recommendations are balanced between genres from classic love stories to history dramas.  Your librarian’s reading list will definitely lengthen with this great gift. Plus, all calendars are currently 50% off!






bookmarkWhile librarians have an incredible job, it can be fast-paced. Losing their place in their current reading material would be the last thing they want to happen in the leisure time. Why don’t you make sure your favorite librarian never loses their place ever again by gifting a precious bookmark?  Our collection of bookmarks is cute and hip.  Each bookmark includes a unique phrase proudly announcing the reader’s love of reading. My personal favorite is the “My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt” bookmark.

Re-Used Book Journals

Here at our store, we have a large collection of priceless re-used book journals. The journals are fashioned from the covers of old books.  These covers range from classics like “The World of Mice” to books from the Nancy Drew series. Now your librarian can write her thoughts in style with these unique journals.  Who said something old could not be something fabulous?




mugLiterature Mugs

In this cold weather, try to give your librarian a way to sip her preferred hot beverage.  Search our mug section for stand-outs like our Mark Twain inspired mug and Jane Austen inspired mug.  Maybe try something comedic like our Mr. Rogers Sweater Changing mug?  Your librarian will be thankful once the weather hits the subzero temperatures.


With Valentine’s Day creeping around the corner, what’s a better gift than a book inspired necklace/earrings?  Our Voz jewelry collection is the perfect fit for any bookworm.  With selection from the dark Edgar Allen Poe to the cheerful Winnie the Pooh, your librarian can be accessorized with flairs of cleverness and style.

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