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27 Apr

Eeyore’s Birthday!!!! Or Let’s Give Eeyore Some Props For Once


Imagine this: it's your birthday but literally everyone you know has forgotten. To make it worse, there's only ten people in your town and all of you have been living there for, like, forever. You go about your day-pretty upset but DEALING with it, which is super hard to do because your stuffing-for-brains friends keep asking you what's wrong! So annoying! So you finally break down and them HELLO it's your BIRTHDAY and are met not with profuse apologies, but with a "many returns of the day" mumbled in between pawfuls of hunny. Actually, that's not all. Later you have to cope with your friends pretending like they were planning a surprise party the whole time! Except that the only presents they managed to scrounge up were an EMPTY hunny pot and a broken red balloon.

I think most of us would be ready to move oh, I don't know, about 101 acres away and find a new crew. But not our buddy, the lovely and appropriately glum Eeyore. Why? Because Eeyore always makes the best out of any situation. Eeyore's is humble and happy to spend time on his B-Day with his friends! Eeyore is never materialistic. Empty hunny pot and a broken balloon? Awesome! Now you can put whats left of the balloon into the hunny pot and take it back out again! Hours of fun! Also red is his favorite color, so great :0)


This generosity of spirit is shown by Eeyore again and again. When Tigger bounced Eeyore on purpose into the river, he just went with it, floating down the river and easily winning a game of pooh sticks along the way!

So let's stop labeling Eeyore as the emo donkey from the Hundred Acre Woods and praise him on his birthday for his ability to go with the flow (for the most part), his keeping-it-realism, and his sense of draaaama.

The people of Austin, Texas certainly do! They have been gathering on the last Saturday of April since 1963 to celebrate Eeyore's birthday.  Originally started by the English students at the University of Texas, Eeyore's Birthday Party once included " a trashcan full of lemonade, beer, honey sandwiches, a live, flower-draped donkey, and a may pole (in keeping with the event's proximity to May Day)". Today the event is independent of the University and mostly consists of hippie drum circles and fun games for kids! Which definitely sounds like something Eeyore would just barely tolerate. Like, he would roll his eyes at the bongos but be super psyched about the locally sourced tofu corn dogs and the fact that proceeds go to Friends of the Forest.

A Very Happy Birthday to Eeyore, with love from Kards Unlimited.

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19 Mar

Happy Birthday, Lois Lowry!

Look, I'm in to the Hunger Games series as much as the next person ( strong female characters! rebellion! teens thinking deep thoughts!)-they're great- but my favorite dystopian children's book will always and forever be The Giver by Lois Lowry.


In fifth grade, this was The Book To Read if you wanted to be a Cool Kid. Of course, it wasn't just a fad, like putting tacks on your shoes or pogs, The Giver was and is truly great,managing the feat of being entertaining,thought provoking and very readable for young adults.  It was the first book I can remember having intense discussions about, and probably the first book I read that had something in it to discuss. That it had an ambiguous ending* too was mind blowingly cool for me and the future book snobs of Howe Elementary School. It felt so sophisticated and like all great books do, it made me want to seek out more from the author to read.


Which was a great thing because Lois Lowry's books are all excellent and now classics of YA fiction. From Number the Stars, which tells the story of friends growing up in Copenhagen during the Nazi occupation, to A Summer to Die, a book with the great opening line "It was Molly who drew the line" and also the saddest book EVER as you can tell from the title, Lowry didn't shy away from difficult subjects and as a result her books have stayed with countless young readers.


She is also an inspiration because the acclaimed author didn't publish her first novel until she was forty years old. Now she is the recipient of numerous awards including two Newberys and an honorary doctorate from Brown University. More importantly, her books are still devoured by young adults and loved by readers of all ages.

*I guess, taking the quartet into account, that the ending isn't that ambiguous, but it felt that way at the time.







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18 Mar

Mr. Rogers;Best Person Ever

Fashion icon,

mr 4

children's television innovator,

mr neighbor


and all around amazing neighbor,


Fred Rogers was born March 20th, 1928 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Mr. Rogers, as he was known to his many  fans, created one of the most popular and beloved children's shows of all time,  Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.  It ran  for almost 40 years, entertaining children with the simple messages of love, kindness and acceptance. Every episode, Mr. Rogers would talk to the audience about a topic relevant to a child's life, like going to school for the first time, then he might take viewers on a fun trip to see how things work  or to find out  how things are made. Check out one of my favorite clips where Mr. Rogers learns how upright basses are made!

The show also included memorable segments in the Neighborhood of Make- Believe, where he hung out with friends like Daniel Tiger, King Friday and X the Owl. These characters and many others were voiced by Mr. Rogers himself. Did you think Lady Elaine Fairchild was a bit (a lot) creepy when you were a child (now)? Me too! But that's ok because Mr. Rogers always helpfully reminded his viewers what things were real like the fact that you're great just the way you are,  and what things were fun, but just pretend for instance, purple robot pandas! Or like in this next clip, a pretend purple robot panda pretending to be a dinosaur!

Fred Rogers created so many wonderful moments that enchanted generations of children and parents. He saw television as a powerful medium that could be used to get through to kids and he most certainly succeeded.


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18 Feb

Are you all ready for the Oscars?!?

Aw yiss.  Look at those golden boys.

Aw yiss. Look at those golden boys.

I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love award shows. I know they are meaningless and boring and I shouldn't love them but I DO. I love the gorgeous dresses and the opening monologue jokes! I love to see celebrities mingling! Sure, it would be easier to skip the show and wait for the buzzfeed recaps ("Actually, the 47  things that happened at last nights Oscars were actually the best things that have actually ever happened." for example ) and you'll certainly be able to find all the best moments online. But, there's something so fun about sitting through the whole thing and experiencing all the bizarre, funny and sweet moments in real time.  Remember the Adele Dazeem thing! Remember Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech? So fun!

Take our quiz and tell us who you think will win!

Your Score:  

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6 Feb

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyyyyy you guys, February 7th is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! Certainly not the only day of the year you can eat ice cream for breakfast, but one hundred percent a special day for people (me) who want to eat ice cream for the most important meal of the day in a cocoon-like no judgement zone.


Maybe you need more encouragement to participate in ice cream for breakfast day? Maybe you are thinking that you just, you know, pop a container of greek yogurt in the freezer and eat THAT for breakfast, and it will be fun and equally exciting as ICFB-Day? You're Wrong. You're soooooooo wrong, Becky >:(

Just eat some ICE CREAM for BREAKFAST and LIVE a little!!! If you put cornflakes on top (DELICIOUS) it's BASICALLY like having a normal bowl of cereal for breakfast! It's FINE! People used to do it all the time:

icd 1

Greatest Generation



You don't even have to stick to coffee flavored ice cream! Try mint chocolate chip rice krispies or moose tracks bran flakes (HEALTHY)!

Go on, have FUN! It will be great! Until you get brain freeze, that is....


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3 Feb

Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week

The first week of February is Children' s Authors and Illustrators Week, a celebration started by Childrens Authors Network (CAN) to promote a love of reading, writing, and storytelling in "schools, libraries and children's shelters all over the country."



During the visits the authors and illustrators give presentations or lead workshops on their craft to inspire students to create art on their own. How cool is that?


Another great way to celebrate the week is by visiting your local library or bookstore and loading up on hilarious, beautifully drawn, insightful, inspiring children's books for your favorite little ones.  Read them together (or by yourself, it's fine. If people can run around reading 50 Shades in public like it'd NBD, sin verguenza, then certainly it's acceptable to read Frog and Toad alone in a coffee shop! ) and have a mini book club after! You can discuss what you think happens after the story ends and unlike normal book club you'll be sure that everyone has read the book ;)


"The gender politics of The Giving Tree are sketch, you guys"

This week is also a good time to marvel at the amazing skills of children's books artists. Their work is imaginative, silly, fun, endlessly re-readable.The George and Martha series by James Marshall is clever and fun while modeling a true, caring friendship between two inseparable hippos.



This is Not My  Hat and I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen are amazing books that I read as an adult, still laughing out loud and enjoying every page. Best surprise ending since The Sixth Sense, IMHO.


So suspenseful!

Final shoutout to Little Golden Books , which have some of the best, most colorful pictures and stories that have entertained generations of readers.


I love this book soooo much <3


plus they look so pretty stacked up on your shelf


Margaret Wise Brown and Richard Scarry are the best! Also Polite Elephant is sooo polite to wash up for dinner at that tiny little sink!

Have a great Children's Authors and Illustrators Week and tell us about your favorites!

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12 Dec

Gingerbread House Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Gang! Gingerbread House Day is December 12! Did you know there was an official Gingerbread House Day? I didn't, but now that I do,I think it feels totally right to have a day to celebrate gingerbread houses, because they are the BEST!  So Christmasy and the perfect way to flex your creative muscles and satisfy your sweet tooth AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Gingerbread houses were popularized by the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale Hansel and Gretel , becoming a popular Christmas decoration in Germany in the early 1800's. The world's largest gingerbread house was made in Texas (of course it was) in 2013 and looks delicious!

Even if your gingerbread houses turn out more like this

than this

you can still have a great time making a beautiful (hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so on...) masterpiece and many wonderful memories!

Here are some more fantastic gingerbread houses for inspiration! Hmmmm...maybe a Necco Wafer roof this year, or marshmallow snowmen, or a sour patch Hansel and Gretel as a shout out to the gingerbread house's spooky beginnings... So many choices!

Have a happy and Fun Gingerbread House Day, y'all!!!

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28 Nov

Dear Jon Stewart

Dear Jon Stewart,

Happy Birthday and a HUGE thank you to you! Thank you for the best show ever and the source of all my news (just kidding/ no I'm not...) The Daily Show! I guess, given the state of things, that I shouldn't be surprised at the show's continued relevance--you guys have much more than enough material to work with! But it is indeed impressive that fifteen years in to the show's run, TDS still manages to satirize the news and news media with such biting wit and intelligence.

Thank you for Stephen and Steve, whose debates illuminated both sides of any argument with grace and style,

thank you for Samantha Bee- I watch her one woman play about The Five basically every month and am still incredibly moved each time ;),

thank you for always finding new, amazingly funny corespondents like Jessica Williams (I miss you on GIRLS, JW!),

thank you for always giving us something perfect to post on Facebook, brilliant satire that says more than we ever could articulate,

And finally, thank you for your advocacy for important issues and media landscape-changing interviews.

Highest Regards and Warmest Birthday Wishes,


PS I forgive you for your part in the John McCain Maverick Madness of the 2000's, mostly because you've gotten so great at political impressions!



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