In today’s world of cell­phones and wifi, some­times it’s hard that not that long ago we were using very dif­fer­ent tech­nol­o­gy to com­mu­ni­cate across dis­tances. For instance, radio! And what I’m gonna kind of talk about right here and right now is Ham Radio, oth­er­wise known as ama­teur radio.


An exam­ple of what the top of my fam­i­ly van looked like…

My dad was a radio enthu­si­ast. We were one of those weird fam­i­lies that had a large radio anten­na attached to our chim­ney and at least 4 giant anten­nas on the top of the van. Dri­ving into park­ing garages was always ter­ri­ble because they would all get knocked down and you’d have to climb up on the roof to make them stand up again.


This is what it felt like inside of my fam­i­ly car.

Back in the days before the inter­net, I think the radio was prob­a­bly the coolest things. With some wires and an anten­na, you could com­mu­ni­cate with real live peo­ple for miles around. And my dad did that. He had a whole group of friends from all of the dif­fer­ent states. Like I said, the­se days, that’s real­ly not impres­sive. but in those days… he nev­er knew what they looked like. He nev­er saw their faces, just a voice from a box in the night.

So at this point, you’re prob­a­bly like whaaat. who cares and also what in the world does this have to do with today? Well, today is 10–4. Octo­ber 4th. But it just so hap­pens that 10–4 was a comon radio code, back in the day. There were a bunch of ‘10’ codes: 10–4, 10–20, 10–33…. They all meant some­thing. Because, you know. when you’re talk­ing over a radio wire that doesn’t have the best recep­tion, some­times it’s eas­ier to say a bunch of num­bers than it is to say all the words you want to say.Like 10–33, for exam­ple, means “Emer­gen­cy!! Every­one STAND BY!” It takes a lot less time to say 10–33 than to start yelling and freak­ing out over the radio.

So I know I’m show­ing my nerd right about now… or prob­a­bly also my age. Ham Radio was a big part of my child­hood. When we went on road trips, we didn’t lis­ten to music, we lis­tened to the truck­er chan­nel. It lead for some very col­or­ful road trips…. Truck­er talk is exact­ly what you think it would be. Except that some­times they do actu­al­ly talk about phi­los­o­phy.

imageAny­way, I told you that my dad was a big radio per­son back in the day. And so when his radio friends found out I had been born on Octo­ber 4th, (hap­py birth­day, me!) I became a famous baby. In the HAm radio com­mu­ni­ty, any­way. I
was the 10–4 baby. Even years after I was born, my dad would get in con­tact with an old radio bud­dy and they’d ask, “How’s the 10–4 baby?” “Oh, she’s fine. she’s 9 now.” That’s me. I’m famous.

By the way, 10–4 means “I acknowl­edge” or “I heard you and under­stand”. The best way to say it to pull out your best cow­boy accent and say “ten four, good bud­dy.”

Have a good 10–4 guys!

So, what do you think?