Is the summer heat finally getting to you? Do you find yourself collapsing, face down on the floor in front of fan when you get home? Can you even remember what it feels like to be cold? Don't panic, we're here to help with a list of ten films to cool you off.

10. Alive


When your plane crashes in the Andes, and you have little to no food, what do you eat to survive? The answer may haunt you, or perhaps CHILL you to the bone.

9. The Edge


When your plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness and you must not only survive the man eating grizzly bear that's hunting you, but also the man who wants to kill you and take your wife. Damn, that's COLD blooded.

8. The Grey


When your plane crashes in the Yukon territory and you're being hunted down by a pack of wolves, who are picking off your group, one by one. Are you sensing a theme here? Don't fly over desolate snowy areas or you'll end up ON ICE.

7. Jeremiah Johnson

jerry j

Robert Redford with a beard? Yes, please. This rugged story of a man fed up with society and leaving the modern world for the harsh comfort of mother nature's mountains will leave you yearning for fresh powder and the smell of pine.

6. The Shining


Ghosts are cold, made colder by the dead of winter in the high mountains of Colorado. Will the Torrence family perish and freeze under the icy grip of The Overlook Hotel? You're going to want to wrap yourself in a blanket after this one.

5. Mystery, Alaska


The laughs come loud and often as small Alaskan town's frozen pond hockey team takes on the profession New York Rangers... in winter. Burrrr.

4. Death Hunt


Lee Marvin leads a manhunt across the Yukon territory in search of the supposed violent criminal played by Charles Bronson. Guns and guts galore in this fast paced action thriller.

3. Frozen


This is not that movie with the song you know all the words to. This is the terrifying story of three skiers stuck on a ski lift for three days with no food in the freezing temperatures of Colorado. You'll never look at a ski lift the same way again.

2. The Thing


Trapped in the desolate wasteland of Antarctica, battling with a shape shifting alien life-form that can perfectly replicate anyone, who is human and who is a thing? More importantly, who will survive?

1. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga


Filmmaker and all around crazy man, Werner Herzog spent a year in the arguably coldest place on earth where humans live year round. This fascinating odyssey will warm your heart, and make so very thankful for your hot summer.

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