Is the sum­mer heat final­ly get­ting to you? Do you find your­self col­laps­ing, face down on the floor in front of fan when you get home? Can you even remem­ber what it feels like to be cold? Don’t pan­ic, we’re here to help with a list of ten films to cool you off.

10. Alive


When your plane crash­es in the Andes, and you have lit­tle to no food, what do you eat to sur­vive? The answer may haunt you, or per­haps CHILL you to the bone.

9. The Edge


When your plane crash­es in the Alaskan wilder­ness and you must not only sur­vive the man eat­ing griz­zly bear that’s hunt­ing you, but also the man who wants to kill you and take your wife. Damn, that’s COLD blood­ed.

8. The Grey


When your plane crash­es in the Yukon ter­ri­to­ry and you’re being hunt­ed down by a pack of wolves, who are pick­ing off your group, one by one. Are you sens­ing a the­me here? Don’t fly over des­o­late snowy areas or you’ll end up ON ICE.

7. Jere­mi­ah John­son

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Robert Red­ford with a beard? Yes, please. This rugged sto­ry of a man fed up with soci­ety and leav­ing the mod­ern world for the harsh com­fort of moth­er nature’s moun­tains will leave you yearn­ing for fresh pow­der and the smell of pine.

6. The Shin­ing


Ghosts are cold, made cold­er by the dead of win­ter in the high moun­tains of Col­orado. Will the Tor­rence fam­i­ly per­ish and freeze under the icy grip of The Over­look Hotel? You’re going to want to wrap your­self in a blan­ket after this one.

5. Mys­tery, Alaska


The laughs come loud and often as small Alaskan town’s frozen pond hock­ey team takes on the pro­fes­sion New York Rangers… in Alaska.…outside.…in win­ter. Bur­rrr.

4. Death Hunt


Lee Mar­v­in leads a man­hunt across the Yukon ter­ri­to­ry in search of the sup­posed vio­lent crim­i­nal played by Charles Bron­son. Guns and guts galore in this fast paced action thriller.

3. Frozen


This is not that movie with the song you know all the words to. This is the ter­ri­fy­ing sto­ry of three skiers stuck on a ski lift for three days with no food in the freez­ing tem­per­a­tures of Col­orado. You’ll nev­er look at a ski lift the same way again.

2. The Thing


Trapped in the des­o­late waste­land of Antarc­ti­ca, bat­tling with a shape shift­ing alien life-form that can per­fect­ly repli­cate any­one, who is human and who is a thing? More impor­tant­ly, who will sur­vive?

1. Hap­py Peo­ple: A Year in the Taiga


Film­mak­er and all around crazy man, Wern­er Her­zog spent a year in the arguably cold­est place on earth where humans live year round. This fas­ci­nat­ing odyssey will warm your heart, and make so very thank­ful for your hot sum­mer.

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