20 Apr


April 20 has become a counterculture holiday in North America,dedicated to the gathering of people and the consumption of cannabis (ganja, weed, pot, tree, green, the dank, the stank, or real sticky bud). 4204:20, or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) is a code-term that refers to the consumption of  cannabis and by extension, as a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture or simply cannabis itself.


This year, 420 happens to fall on the same day as Easter. Which means the internet exploded a little bit. These are some of the results...


.. and he brought the party.



If you're looking to make your Easter family dinner a bit more interesting this year whilst celebrating this joyous holiday,  you could always  BAKE yourself a treat. Why did I capitalize the word bake you ask? Because you can bake your pot right into a delicious baked good treat. So when you get the munchies you can satisfy your hunger with those Easter cookies you made special for the family, and keep your 4/20 going strong by ingesting more Mary-Jane. I know, my head almost exploded too. It’s like some kind of crazy stoner paradox.


I'm sure no one will notice...

For those of you who dig poetry I dug up (see what I did there with dig and dug, pretty cool, right?) a poem about 4/20. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

I was asleep in my bed, and then I awoke
I looked at the date, today I will toke.
I snatched up my pipe, and grabbed all my tree,
Then I got dressed and found my car key.
I drove to the park,
sat alone in the dark,
and now I can’t lie.
I’m utterly high.

Okay, so it’s not Robert Frost, but have a happy 4/20, and don’t bogart that joint. Just remember in the words of Mr. Matthew McConaughey, if you don’t have a joint “You'd be cooler if you did”.


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