20 Apr

420 dude

Happy 420 dudes!!  Today stoners across the United States will unite by firing up a joint in support for marijuana.  Flocks will gather at large meet ups in cities where marijuana is legalized.  Medicinal marijuana stores will sell out of their special baked goods.  Fast food locations will be crowded with hungry, enthusiastic citizens.  Celebration for this crop will be seen everywhere!


Let's take a peek about the origin of 4/20.  During the 1970s, a group of young-ins in Californiawanted to establish a way to score cannabis crops.  This group, also known as the Waldos, meet at 4:20PM in front of the Louis Pasteur statue to discuss the whereabouts of this rumored abandoned crop.  After many failed attempts to find the crop, 4:20 stuck as a code word for marijuana.  The spread of the code word has been attributed to Deadheads that attended neighboring schools.

Nowadays, more and more people are embracing the marijuana culture.  In Colorado, the marijuana market generated over $63 million in tax revenue with an additional $13 million in licenses and fees.  As states continue to fight for marijuana legalization, the future is looking green.

Interestingly enough, the traffic sign "420" is routinely stolen across the United States.  The Colorado Department of Transportation was so fed up with the thievery that they replaced the sign with one reading "419.99."  You will find this trend in other states too!


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