20 Apr


Grab your bowls, bongs, and blunts! It's 420, and here at Kards Unlimited we're celebrating!

420 card

 We even made our own holiday card!

420, the 20th of April, is the designated counterculture holiday dedicated to the consumption of cannabis (ganja, weed, pot, tree, green, the dank, the stank, or real sticky bud).  Now, of course it's acceptable to partake in this activity throughout the rest of the year as well, but 420 gives the stoners, midnight tokers, and occasional enthusiasts, a chance to come together on one joyous day of the year and blaze, man.


But if you're anything like me, or my good buddy, Spock, you like to keep your mind boggled and logical while toking, to which I recommend a little something we may or may not carry at our store... (Hint: We Do)


The real game is keeping track of who's turn it is.

books candles

You'll never have a better time coloring!

spock stoned

"Blaze me up, Scotty!"

Though remember to always keep a keen eye out and be wary of  "The Man".  He may not take too kindly your celebration, so to protect yourself, you should pick up one of these awesome tins since that plastic bag is a little bit conspicuous. But if it says marijuana or weed on it it’s like reverse psychology and no one will think there’s actually weed in it! Right? Unless they reverse my reverse psychology.


Cannabis is also useful in a medical capacity; as an excuse to get high.

I also managed to find this Family Guy musical number about weed, but the poster had to speed up the video due to copyright violations, which only serves to make the video funnier (that, and the weed).


 For those of you who dig poetry I dug up (see what I did there with dig and dug!?) a poem about 4/20. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

I was asleep in my bed, and then I awoke
I looked at the date, today I will toke.
I snatched up my pipe, and grabbed all my tree,
Then I got dressed and found my car key.
I drove to the park,
sat alone in the dark,
and now I can’t lie.
I’m utterly high.

And remember...

D s

Or a companion...

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