C.S. Lewis was born in Ire­land on this day in 1898. As you like­ly know, he most notably wrote The Chron­i­cles of Nar­nia. Here are 5 things you prob­a­bly didn’t know about C.S. Lewis!

5 Things You Didn't Know About C.S. Lewis

  1. He loved Beat­rix Potter’s sto­ries and was inspired to write his own sto­ried and illus­trate them as a child.
  2. He was raised Catholic, became an Athe­ist at 15, and returned to Catholi­cism lat­er in life, par­tial­ly influ­enced by his Oxford col­league and friend J.R.R. Tolkien. HIS FRIEND. J.R.R. TOLKIEN.
  3. He served in the British Army in the first World War and befriend­ed his bunk mate,  Edward Court­nay Fran­cis “Pad­dy” Moore. The two made a pact to care for each other’s fam­i­lies if the oth­er died, and when Pad­dy was killed in action Lewis kept his word. Paddy’s moth­er Jane became like a moth­er to Lewis, since his own moth­er died of can­cer when he was a child.
  4. Lat­er in his life, Lewis cor­re­spond­ed with an Amer­i­can writer and athe­ist turned Catholic Joy David­man, and entered into a civil mar­riage with her in 1956 so she could con­tin­ue to live in the UK, away from her abu­sive ex hus­band.
  5. Dur­ing World War Two, Lewis spoke on reli­gious broad­casts through BBC while Lon­don was under peri­od­ic air raids. Air Chief Mar­shal Sir Don­ald Hard­man wrote “The war, the whole of life, every­thing tend­ed to seem point­less. We need­ed, many of us, a key to the mean­ing of the uni­verse. Lewis pro­vid­ed just that.”

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