You will need so much support. So. Much.

I am completely aware that the majority of people give little to no merit to Astrology, but over the past year or so I've done a decent amount of reading and research in attempts to find an explanation for my ridiculous personality, and I'm pretty sure I've found the culprit. My name is Terry and I am a Scorpio. Scorpios, also known as the most intense sign in the Zodiac, are described as intuitive, curious, secretive, competitive, etc, etc, so on and so forth with just about every abrasive character attribute you can think of. Aside from my inability to keep anything remotely personal to myself, I am a pretty cookie cutter definition of a Scorpio, and I usually exist as such under a constant motto of  "Sorry I'm not sorry for being a Scorpio and also, thanks for dealing with me." 

November 18th is National Married to a Scorpio Support day. I'm not married, but I feel as though anyone who finds themselves in any kind of close relationship with the likes of us Scorpios could use a little support. I know I can be a handful, and even more so, I know that my intuition tends to freak people out. This might be the reason that I have only ever found myself in romantic relationships with Cancers, who are said to be the most compatible match for Scorpios. I can't even imagine how much support a non-Cancer committed to a Scorpio might need. Even so, being as stubborn as my sign indicates, I very rarely feel inclined to apologize for my Scorpio-ness. SO, I'm here, just this once, to preemptively apologize to my future husband.

Dearest tall, handsome, intelligent, creative, amazing, wonderful, future husband,

I'm sorry for:

  • being better at giving gifts to you than you are to me
  • knowing why you're behaving weirdly even when you think you've covered all your tracks
  • never ever stopping with the questions: why did you do this? what was the point of that? what is the meaning of life?
  • demanding that there be a reason for every single thing that you do
  • remembering everything, down to your great grandmother's middle name and exactly what you ordered for lunch the day we held hands in public for the third time
  • forgetting that you exist for 12 hours at a time while I get wrapped up in something that I'm writing or painting
  • "not wanting to talk about it right now" i.e. shutting you out when I'm too frustrated to explain to you everything that seems to make so much sense to me
  • flipping out that one time you didn't call cause you said you would and for some reason it was a really huge deal
  • loving you so ferociously that it verges on terrifying sometimes
  • stealing your thunder more often than not
  • being just a little bit manipulative and a little bit too secretive sometimes because I think I'm protecting you or something that I swear is done with good intentions but maybe isn't fully thought through
  • being a bossy handful
  • driving you crazy (in all the best ways)

Now stop screwing around on the internet and go make me dinner.

I love you,


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