Holy Mackeral! We have tons of P.G. Wodehouse books! And for good reason. They are all great, and he wrote over 100 books. However, it can be tough to figure out where to start, and the truth is you can start anywhere you want! There isn’t really a plot line to catch up on, and when he references past stories he always explains enough to know what’s going on. There are two main stories: Jeeves and Wooster, and Blandings Castle.

Jeeves and Wooster is about the wealthy and scatterbrained Bertie Wooster, the unfortunate situations he and his friends get into, and how his ingenious valet, Jeeves, gets him out of them. If you want to read chronologically, the first three books are “My Man Jeeves” (1919), “The Inimitable Jeeves” (1923), and “Carry on, Jeeves” (1925). “Carry on, Jeeves” includes the story “Jeeves Takes Charge” which explains how Jeeves came to work for Bertie Wooster. Other recommendations for Jeeves and Wooster books include “Right Ho, Jeeves” and “Mating Season.

Blandings Castle is concerned with Lord Emsworth and the residents of Blandings Castle, who also get themselves into unfortunate and hilarious situations. The first Blandings Castle book is “Something Fresh” (1915), but I would recommend starting with “Heavy Weather” or “Lord Emsworth and Others.” One of Wodehouse’s most beloved characters is Psmith (the “P” is silent, as in pshrimp) and he is part of the Blandings series. His first book “Psmith in the City” but I would go for “Leave it to Psmith.”

For a complete list of P.G. Wodehouse's fantastic books click here. Also, dont forget about the hilarious BBC adaptation of Jeeves and Wooster, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry! You can watch the first part of the first episode below, or just search on YouTube for a ton of clips.

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