So, if you’re a red­dit enthu­si­ast, then you’re prob­a­bly famil­iar with the Bearenstein/Bearenstain Bears alter­nate real­i­ty the­o­ry.  Two weeks ago, this the­o­ry broke the inter­net, and our nos­tal­gia crav­ing hearts, when a mem­ber of the rap group Run the Jew­els (he real­ly likes to smoke weed) went on a tweet­ing spree about the Bearenst#in Bears.  For any of you who are out of the loop (liv­ing under a rock), the children’s book series is offi­cial­ly called The Bearen­stain Bears (and always has been), yet a large seg­ment of the pop­u­la­tion remem­bers the spelling as “Bearen­stein.”  The inter­net forums are buzzing with peo­ple say­ing that at some point in his­to­ry the spelling changed via but­ter­fly effect result­ing in two diver­gent time streams.

Run them Jewels Fast

Run them Jew­els Fast


Did we glimpse a par­al­lel uni­verse that still exists some­where and con­firms our sus­pi­cions that Bearen­stein was at one point (or place) the cor­rect spelling?  After all, how could we all be wrong???  How deep does the rab­bit hole go? This is an epic con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry that can­not even be fact checked because facts are flu­id and always chang­ing in time. Wild!  This is some crazy Doc­tor Who-Time Lord Shit!  I believe it was all the work of the Doc­tor, his Tardis, and a son­ic screw­driver.  Has a glitch in the Matrix occurred? Did a Delore­an appear when we weren’t pay­ing atten­tion?  Did we do the time warp again?
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Per­son­al­ly, I am in the Bearen­stein camp, as are my moth­er, boyfriend, and best friend.  This the­o­ry has been around for years.  I’m hon­est­ly sur­prised I didn’t hear about it soon­er with my pas­sion for crazy con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries.

Bearenstein 4 Lyfe

Bearen­stein 4 Lyfe


Arti­cles far and wide are claim­ing that there are var­i­ous false mem­o­ries through­out his­to­ry, known as the Man­de­la Effect.  I looked into the Man­de­la Effect and the most infor­ma­tive web­site had so much traf­fic that it couldn’t be accessed.  Appar­ent­ly, lots of peo­ple have false mem­o­ries of Nel­son Man­de­la dying in pris­on in the 1980s.  And how about that “famous” paint­ing of Hen­ry VIII hold­ing that turkey drum­stick?  Yeah, about that, it doesn’t exist.




So, are we sim­ply being nos­tal­gic?  Rus­sell Smith of The Globe and Mail News sums it up quite nice­ly: “Real­ly this is a dis­cus­sion of nos­tal­gia: about child­hood and its inac­ces­si­ble per­fec­tion. Peo­ple are miffed when they are told that their childhood…is not exact­ly as they remem­ber.  They want to claim child­hood as some­thing dif­fer­ent from real­i­ty, as a myth that should remain untouched, inac­ces­si­ble.  It is a poet­ic impulse, real­ly, not a philo­soph­i­cal one, and often expressed in art.  The past is a for­eign country…they do things dif­fer­ent­ly there.”

So what do you remem­ber Bearen­stein or Bearen­stain?

Does the spelling really matter...the bears taught us so many life lessons.

Does the spelling real­ly matter…the bears taught us so many life lessons.

So, what do you think?