Advent. It is the BEST. We love it. We have all the sup­plies you need for an AMAZING ADVENT! Look! All the Advent Cal­en­dars! Big ones! Small ones! Ones with Kit­tens!!! Oh, and of course, Baby Jesus. We do also have Baby Jesus.



I’m hop­ing you’ll believe me when I say that we have the BEST selec­tion of Advent Cal­en­dars in town. I mean, San­ta is watch­ing me, so I wouldn’t lie.

There is, of course, some­thing just so very fun about find­ing secrets and stick­ers behind lit­tle paper doors. But that’s just the foun­da­tion of fun that Advent offers.

The whole point of Advent is to GET EXCITED! Some­thing big and won­der­ful is on it’s way! For some, the big won­der­ful thing is the birth of Jesus. For oth­ers, it’s that time spent with fam­i­ly around a Christ­mas tree open­ing presents and sip­ping hot choco­late. Some are just excit­ed that the end of Win­ter has begun and Spring is on it’s way. There are so many rea­sons to get excit­ed about the hol­i­days.

We all know that time moves strange­ly dur­ing the hol­i­days. You’re so busy wrap­ping and writ­ing and buy­ing and cook­ing that the whole of Decem­ber flies by and sud­den­ly you’re pick­ing up  the torn wrap­ping paper from the floor the day after Christ­mas and won­der­ing where the time went.

That, my dears, is why we have Advent. Advent is all about spend­ing some time in the present moment and just let­ting all the excite­ment build in your spir­it! It’s about get­ting your mind ready to par­ty! It’s about wait­ing and wish­ing and hop­ing and ANTICIPATION!!

Every day you open one of those lit­tle box­es, you get to spend one min­ute just being VERY VERY EXCITED! For­get about the stress of the hol­i­day for a min­ute every day. Whether you do it with kit­ten stick­ers, with the cast of Frozen or with pic­turesque sce­nes of the holy night when Jesus was born, we have the per­fect cal­en­dar for you.

Get ‘em while they last!
Have a hap­py Advent!

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