There is a ginor­mous bath­tub in my parent’s bath­room. We call it “mom’s tub” and it’s rumored that it was a large per­cent­age of the rea­son my par­ents decided to buy our house 5 or so years ago. To be hon­est, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to fill with water and some­times the hot water runs out before the tub is even close to full, but talk about first world prob­lems, right?

Any­ways, I don’t use my parent’s bath­room or bath­tub very often, but this sum­mer I had the plea­sure of being left home alone for three weeks while my par­ents went on vaca­tion. It was a glo­ri­ous three weeks of sum­mery free­dom and funem­ploy­ment and con­sisted of a lot of late nights drink­ing on my back patio with friends. One night, I had a few friends over and after a drink or ten we decided it was bub­ble bath time. Calm down, every­one had or bor­rowed bathing suits.



It was the mid­dle of August so we didn’t really care about the tem­per­a­ture of the water, only that there were TONS of bub­bles and we could all squeeze in at once. We suc­ceeded, with photo evi­dence to prove it, and while I may have slipped on my way out of the tub with a bloody toe to show for it, we had a freakin’ fab­u­lous time.

The moral of the story? Decem­ber 5th is National Bath­tub Party day! While I highly rec­om­mend it involves friends, bub­bles and bathing suits, you might also try hav­ing a party of one. Here’s an alter­na­tive sug­ges­tion: Stop by to to wish us a happy bath­tub party day on your way home from work tonight, pick up one of our new win­tery scented Wyk can­dles and some Bath Tea, head home and have a nice relax­ing bath­tub party for one? Sounds like heaven to me.

...or this? Your call.

…or this? Your call. EDIT* This photo is the prop­erty of Kay Novy, fol­low her link in the com­ments sec­tion to find prints of this gor­geous pic for sale!

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  • I’m glad you like my bath tub photo for I sell it on Red Bub­ble art site and Fine Art Amer­ica site. You could at least give me credit for the photo you stole!

    • I didn’t real­ize that prints were for sale. I’m happy to credit you for the photo or remove it, if you prefer. 

      Sorry for the reap­pro­pri­a­tion, if we had known you were sell­ing it, we would not have used it with­out per­mis­sion.

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