There is a ginormous bathtub in my parent's bathroom. We call it "mom's tub" and it's rumored that it was a large percentage of the reason my parents decided to buy our house 5 or so years ago. To be honest, it's kind of a pain in the ass to fill with water and sometimes the hot water runs out before the tub is even close to full, but talk about first world problems, right?

Anyways, I don't use my parent's bathroom or bathtub very often, but this summer I had the pleasure of being left home alone for three weeks while my parents went on vacation. It was a glorious three weeks of summery freedom and funemployment and consisted of a lot of late nights drinking on my back patio with friends. One night, I had a few friends over and after a drink or ten we decided it was bubble bath time. Calm down, everyone had or borrowed bathing suits.



It was the middle of August so we didn't really care about the temperature of the water, only that there were TONS of bubbles and we could all squeeze in at once. We succeeded, with photo evidence to prove it, and while I may have slipped on my way out of the tub with a bloody toe to show for it, we had a freakin' fabulous time.

The moral of the story? December 5th is National Bathtub Party day! While I highly recommend it involves friends, bubbles and bathing suits, you might also try having a party of one. Here's an alternative suggestion: Stop by to to wish us a happy bathtub party day on your way home from work tonight, pick up one of our new wintery scented Wyk candles and some Bath Tea, head home and have a nice relaxing bathtub party for one? Sounds like heaven to me.

...or this? Your call.

...or this? Your call. EDIT* This photo is the property of Kay Novy, follow her link in the comments section to find prints of this gorgeous pic for sale!

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  • I'm glad you like my bath tub photo for I sell it on Red Bubble art site and Fine Art America site. You could at least give me credit for the photo you stole!

    • I didn't realize that prints were for sale. I'm happy to credit you for the photo or remove it, if you prefer.

      Sorry for the reappropriation, if we had known you were selling it, we would not have used it without permission.

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