I. Love. Stephen. King. Honestly, though. Some people seem pretty creeped out by his novels and also, I suppose, his public persona, but I adore everything about the man.  September 21st marks King's 66th birthday, so let's run through a quick list of reasons why Stephen King is so great. Because lists.


Come get your copy on Tuesday morning! They'll go quickly!

1.) He is incredibly hardworking. From humble beginnings, King built a writing career for himself out of little and less.  He worked crappy jobs to support his young family while writing short stories and sending them off to magazine editors whenever he could. King's first real success was the publication of his now-infamous novel 'Carrie.' And, after nearly HALF A CENTURY of writing, he's still at it. 'Doctor Sleep,' the highly anticipated sequel to 'The Shining,' comes out September 24th!


Carrie will always be Stephen King's first literary child. Gross.

2.) He cares about the integrity of his craft. King first published a semi-autobiographical book called 'On Writing' a little over a decade ago, and it has since become one of the writing field's most lauded guidebooks. There are plenty of fun tidbits in 'On Writing' where King reveals details about his childhood and acknowledges that many people (fools, I call them) still consider him to be a hack. EVEN AFTER HAVING WRITTEN OVER 50 BOOKS. All I can say is I got mad respect, yo.


Ooooo. Yesh, pleash.

3.) Writing runs in his blood. Married to a writer and poet, King also has some well-known progeny.  His two sons, Owen and Joe, each have published works to their name, while Joe, in particular, has recently become one of the hottest names in horror (writing under the pseudonym Joe Hill, shorted from Joe Hillstrom King). Pretty awesome, right?! I just imagine the entire King family sitting around a cheerful fire discussing their new stories and works-in-progress. Adopt me.


I say the same thing all the time, Stephen.

I don't believe anyone needs more than three reasons to support their personal awesomeness, so I'll end there for now. And if you haven't already, now's the perfect time to pick up any of Stephen King's books. The weather's getting all crispy cool and Halloween's only about a month away! I personally recommend 'Pet Sematary.' Definitely the creepiest book I've read in a long time.

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