You know what’s awful? Being out, sweat­ing prac­ti­cal­ly to death, and then com­ing home to your swel­ter­ing home. And sweat­ing ful­ly to death.

AC 6

Or you know, a lot. What­ev­er. I’ve died about a mil­lion times in my melo­dra­mat­ic life.

AC 4

She’s actu­al­ly out­side? So IDK WTF is going on but IT’S FINE, Gil Elv­gren.

The point is, ain’t nobody got time to be sweat­ing their dick off in sum­mer. Espe­cial­ly when they’re try­ing to sleep.

"The actress recalls having to have the air conditioning angled at her while on the set of Harry Potter." Sort of related.

The actress recalls hav­ing to have the air con­di­tion­ing angled at her while on the set of Har­ry Pot­ter.” Sort of relat­ed. AND YOU GO GURL. Any­way.

Or bet­ter yet, has your car’s AC ever stopped work­ing in the dead of sum­mer? It’s like when you first get into your car after it’s been but­toned up, except it nev­er real­ly cools off and you’re essen­tial­ly rid­ing around in a giant, sun pow­ered toast­er oven. No thank you.

Ac 3

*Psh might as well ride my horse every­where* Cars with no AC. PUH-LEASE.

The­se are all of the rea­sons I appre­ci­ate AC. The­se dogs are not enjoy­ing AC but the out­put from an AC. But THEY ARE STILL SO CUTE.

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