November 2 is both the Day of the Dead as well as National Plan Your Epitaph Day. I personally am a fan of both, but let's talk about the shiny new Epitaph Day!

We love fake holidays here at Kards, and we celebrate most of them accordingly. They are, usually, a happy! and! cheery! sort of thing-- not quite as grave of a matter as this national fête. Let's take a moment, though, and wonder why we should give a damn about all this business. Who cares what our gravestone says? The entire holiday is based on the famous premise that to have a forgettable tombstone is a worse fate than to have died at all. That's a philosophy that I think I can get behind. If W.C. Fields had been a better or more thoughtful sort of person, I think we all know that "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia." would read a little differently.

The Encyclopedia Brittanica  gives us a glimpse at just HOW great great epitaphs and last words can be if you put even the most minascule amount of forethought into them. Such great lines can be found among us normal-types who have passed on, as well.

So what would your tombstone say? "Beloved Mother, Devoted Wife?" How boring and grossly patriarchal. (FREE PUSSY RIOT)  I have a feeling that mine would go along the lines of  "Smoked Too Many Cigarettes, Drank Too Much Bourbon, People Loved Her Anyway."

Though, there's also a huge chance that it will merely read: "Well, I always did love napping."

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