Why didn't we think of this sooner?! It's bananas, I know, that we're just now getting around to starting a book club (you know, because we're a bookstore and all), but better late than never, right?  Don't bother trying to contain your excitement, because THIS IS BLOODY AWESOME.

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What to expect from the first KU Book Klub meeting. AND MORE.

The KU Book Klub is open to all, bookworms of every age and reading preference, and we'll be deciding what the group will read based on what *you* want to read.  Nothing is off-limits; we are the mountain climbers of book readers, undaunted by even the weightiest of tomes!  That being said, we also enjoy lighter reads a la Twilight and The Hunger Games and pretty much everything ever because we luv bookz.

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It's a metaphor.

A few of the staff's favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Michael Chabon, David Sedaris, John Green, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, and, of course, the incomparable J.K. Rowling.  We enjoy humor, fantasy, horror, science fiction, YA, poetry, mysteries/thrillers, contemporary fiction, and the classics.  So clearly you'll fit right in.


There are fewer than zero unflattering photos of Ms. Rowling on the Internet...which is why we love her. #stayclassy

To kick things off, we'll be reading Little, Big by John Crowley - come in and buy a copy for book club!  We have plenty to go around.  Our first meeting will be Sunday, March 16th at 6pm, and we'll be reading up to Book 4 ("The Wild Wood")  in Little, Big, which starts on page 267.  Feel free to read ahead, but keep in mind that we'll be discussing the book over the course of several meetings, so be careful of spoilers!  We hate spoilers.



This will be even more magical than the Hogwarts welcome feast. Plan on it.

If you can't make it into the store to sign up in person (but please do! we'd like to meet you!), you can send an email to kardsunlimited@hotmail.com with the subject "KU Book Klub Sign-up" and we'll add you to the ultra-exclusive list. Ultra. Exclusive.  Just kidding - everyone's welcome!  So bring your book and your appetite (we'll have drinks and snacks on hand for you to enjoy), and we hope to see you at the KU Book Klub's inaugural meeting!

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Costumes optional but obviously encouraged.



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