So I know you guys are probably getting tired of reading my blogs entries (lol, as if.), but I'm totally blogging at you again, this time about one of my favorite poets, T.S. Eliot. In the interest of full disclosure and to be more exact, Eliot is actually my fourth favorite poet (after Coleridge, Byron, and Tennyson), but that's still top five and he's incredible.

Almost everyone has at least heard of The Waste Land, even if they haven't read it, and that's because in a lot of ways, it's a poem that defined its generation in addition to being a poem which defined its artistic movement. As far as Modern poetry goes, it's hard to compete with Eliot's work. I don't need to and won't go into full on literary criticism mode, but The Waste Land's illustration of the angst, disillusionment, and desolation remains a powerful and salient image 90 years after the fact.

That's good writing. Something to aspire to.

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