1. Have you started your seeds yet? No? Well, you're doomed then.
  2. Why does time move faster when you're a grownup and actually need to use all of the time?
  3. It's April. WTF.
  4. Keep reading for FUN HOLIDAYZ IN APRIL!

April is a month of many things. It's Alcohol Awareness Month, Grilled Cheese Month, National Knuckles Down Month and STD Month!

April Fools Day and Sourdough Bread Day are April 1st. Then comes National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day and International Children's Book Day on April 2nd. April 3rd is National Chocolate Mousse Day and Tweed Day! Don't get Mousse on your Tweed. Or Mouse, for that matter. Speaking of getting food all over yourself, the 4th is National Burrito Day.

On the 5th, the most recent film adaption of Steven King's Pet Sematary hits theaters. If you haven't been keeping track, the reviews are pretty good so far!! If you like Mr. King as much as we do, you should def hit up the theaters.

The 5th is New Beer's Eve. Crack those cans open. <3

Birthdays this week include:
Anne McCaffrey, Bart Simpson, and the Weasley Twins(all April 1); Hans Christian Anderson(April 2); Alec Baldwin(April 3); Robert Downey Jr.(April 4); and Paul Rudd(April 6).

The second week in April is National Robotics Week and National Library Week. The week gets a healthy start with World Health Day(ba-dum-chish) on April 7th. April 8th is Dog Farting Awareness Day, Rex Manning Day and Zoo Lovers Day.

April 9th is one of my personal favorites: National Unicorn Day! Listen, we have a super cute card for this (and a number of other strange holidays on this list) and I HIGHLY recommend you stop by, pick one up and send it out to your favorite person who fills your life with magic. Send more cards!!! Cards all the time!!! They are the easiest thing and make people feel SO warm and fuzzy. (Someone print this out, highlight this paragraph and give it to everyone I know. I seriously need to be getting mail that isn't billz, yo.)

April 10th is Sibling Day, followed by Barbershop Quartet Day on April 11th. On the 12th, it's Drop Everything and Read Day and International Day of Human Space Flight. And the week comes to a nice close with Scrabble Day on April 13th.

Birthdays this week include:
Chandler Bing(April 8). That's all. He is worth a whole week. <3

On April 15th, its National Glazed Spiral Ham Day! Although if you don't already have your Easter Ham.... well good luck, you about out of time.

Oh. Right. The 15th is also Tax Day. And That Sucks Day. No I'm not just like making a joke about how taxes suck. It's a real holiday. That someone probably invented while doing their taxes.

It's all going to be okay though. It's National Wear your Pajamas to Work Day on the 16th. Your boss called us and told us to tell you that PJs are appropriate work wear. The 17th is Haiku Poetry Day.

The 18th is Get to Know Your Customers Day, High Five Day and International Juggler's Day.

Passover starts on the 19th and continues through the 27th.

National Amaretto Day and National Garlic Day is also on April 19th. And we all know what April 20th is. (4/20, duh.)

And we wish you as much chocolate as you can eat on the 21st! It's Easter! The Easter bunny told us to remind you to always check for hidden Easter baskets BEFORE preheating your oven for Easter Breakfast.

Birthdays this week include:
Emma Watson, Henry James and Leonardo da Vinci(all April 15); and Tim Curry (April 19).

Earth Day is April 22! Followed by Talk Like Shakespeare Day (April 23), Administrative Professionals' Day(April 24), Arbor Day, National Audubon Day and National Pretzel Day(All April 26).

Also, the movie we have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR OMG:
Avengers: Endgame is in theaters April 26.
ARE. YOU. READY. We are ready.

Saturday the 27th is Independent Bookstore Day. It's also Morse Code Day!

The 29th starts off Children's Book week! It's the 100th anniversary of this fantastic week-long celebration of kids books, and we're going to have some fun stuff going on in the store. Make sure to keep an eye out on facebook for announcements.

We close off the month with International Jazz Day and Walpurgisnacht

Birthdays at the end of the month include:
Vladimir Nabokov(April 22); William Shakespeare(April 23); Hank Azaria(April 25); Eeyore(April 27); Harper Lee and Terry Pratchett(both April 28); Gal Gadot and Lisbeth Salander(both April 30).

Have a great April, everyone!

So, what do you think?