Aw yiss.  Look at those golden boys.

Aw yiss. Look at those gold­en boys.

I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love award shows. I know they are mean­ing­less and bor­ing and I shouldn’t love them but I DO. I love the gor­geous dress­es and the open­ing mono­logue jokes! I love to see celebri­ties min­gling! Sure, it would be eas­ier to skip the show and wait for the buz­zfeed recaps (“Actu­al­ly, the 47  things that hap­pened at last nights Oscars were actu­al­ly the best things that have actu­al­ly ever hap­pened.” for exam­ple ) and you’ll cer­tain­ly be able to find all the best moments online. But, there’s some­thing so fun about sit­ting through the whole thing and expe­ri­enc­ing all the bizarre, fun­ny and sweet moments in real time.  Remem­ber the Adele Dazeem thing! Remem­ber Matthew McConaughey’s accep­tance speech? So fun!

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