August Events (2)

Well folks, we're into the last third of summer. Summer technically ends on September 23, but we all know that summer really ends when Labor Day weekend ends. So, with that in mind, let's all appreciate the CRAP out of the next month. August is full of fun reasons to celebrate, starting with goat cheese and ending with More Herbs, Less Salt Day! Click through to see 'em all!

All of August (1)National Goat Cheese Month. I'm probably extremely biased because goat cheese is my favorite cheese of all time (sorry Velveeta, you just aren't real food) but MAN is goat cheese good. Creamy, delicious, and soft, I could eat goat cheese every single day. On crackers, in salads, straight off of my finger... My point is you should be getting your be-hind to your nearest cheese-ery and purchasing some goat cheese.

Goat Cheese

Why not eat goat cheese, you stupid photo? WHY NOT???!?!!?

National Panini Month. Wow, August was tailor made for my taste buds. Paninis are divine. My personal favorite involves pesto, mozzarella, and tomatoes, delightfully smushed between two buttery, crunchy pieces of french or sourdough bread. Maybe with some onions thrown in there too. If you don't live paninis you're doing them wrong. Probably. Who hates paninis? CRAZY PEOPLE.

You're getting veeeeryyyyy hungryyyyyyyyy

You're getting veeeeryyyyy hungryyyyyyyyy

August 1-7

August starts out strong with Spider-Man Day on the first, and International Clown Week through the 7.  Next up is National Hobo Weekend 3-9. What a time to be alive! Dom Perignon Invents Champagne day is August 4, and you can take your champagne with you as you celebrate National Farmer's Market Week from the 4 through the 10.  National Mustard Day dominates August 5, and you should be sure to bust out your best Dijon. Or yellow. Or whatever. The end of the first week of August takes a beery turn, with Root Beer Float Day on the 6th, followed by International Beer Day on the 7th. So much beer, so little time.

Birthdays this week: The Joker, Herman Melville,and Kevin Smith (August 1), Neil Armstrong (August 5), Andy Warhol and Piers Anthony (August 6), and Sidney Crosby (August 7).

August 8-14

By far the oddest holiday of the year comes on August 8, with Sneak Some Zucchini onto your Neighbor's porch Night. Just um, make sure they don't think you're trespassing onto their property with zucchini. "And just where were you going to put that zucchini?" "ON YOUR PORCH! On your
porch *begins to cry*." Don't let things get out of hand. Moving right along, we've got National Resurrect Romance Week from the 9 to the 15. Light some candles, change the sheets (oh la la), and open their car door for them. Or whatever would make them happy. You know what I mean. Weird Contest Week runs from August 10 to the 14, and National Duran Duran Appreciation Day shares the spotlight with S'Mores Day on the 10. Eating s'mores while listening to Duran Duran? Now that's my kind of party. This week finishes up with Vinyl Record Day on the 12. Sorry, can't talk, this vinyl isn't going to play itself here guys.

Birthdays this week: Ginny Weasley (August 11), William Goldman (August 12), Alfred Hitchcock (August 13), and Steve Martin (August 14).

August 15-21

This week is entirely birthdays and I'm not even mad about it. I personally view birthdays as sacred celebrations that should be honored by letting the birthday boy/girl/person do whatEVER the h-e-double-hockey-sticks they want to. Birthdays this week: Lois Lane 17, Gene Roddenberry, Ogden Nash, and Mr. Snuffleupagus (August 19), H.P. Lovecraft (August 20), and Christopher Robin Milne (August 21).

August 22-31

I know what you're thinking, and Go Topless Day (August 23) is not topless women. It's for taking the top off of your Jeep, y'all. Hug Your Boss Day is August 23, so hopefully your boss is into hugs and HR is not into firing people for hugs at work. The 24 is a busy day with Pluto Demoted DayVesuvius Day, and National Waffle Day all vying for your attention. Here's how you do it. Waffles for all meals (obv.), trying to see Pluto through a telescope for a few hours, weeping about it's planetary status and/or lack thereof, and finally Googling Mt. Vesuvius for evar. Last but CERTAINLY NOT least: More Herbs, Less Salt Day is August 29. Herbs are honestly way better than salt, and they can transform a meal from blah to OH MY GAHD. Salt is for losers. Just kidding. Kind of. Eff you hypertension!

Birthdays this week: Ray Bradbury and Dorothy Parker (August 22), Gene Kelly (August 23), Tim Burton and Sean Connery (August 25), Pee Wee Herman and Ira Levin (August 27).

So, what do you think?