August 2016The heat of sum­mer has ARRIVED! We are all about our air con­di­tion­ing, so feel free to stop by for some cool air and a few laughs. August is Admit You’re Hap­py Mon­th and Nation­al Eye Exam Mon­th! Also up this mon­th is Spi­der-Man Day (Aug 1), Root­beer Float Day (Aug 6), Inter­na­tion­al Beer Day (Aug 7), Bad Poet­ry Day (Aug 18) and Nation­al Waf­fle Day (Aug 24)! Birth­days this mon­th include Andy Warhol (Aug 6), Lois Lane (Aug 17), Mr. Snuf­fle­u­pa­gus (Aug 19) and Pee Wee Her­man (Aug 27)! Book Club will be meet­ing on August 28th at 6 PM to talk about Dou­glas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide the the Galaxy! For EVEN MORE hol­i­days and birth­days, keep read­ing!


This mon­th is Admit You’re Hap­py Mon­th! Stop mak­ing your­self all grumpy and stuff about life, and JUST LIVE IT! I hear that a great way to remem­ber how hap­py you are is to go to your local card shop and spend an hour laugh­ing your butt off at all the super inap­pro­pri­ate cards! (Srsly tho, we love the sounds of laugh­ter here at KU) It’s also Nation­al Eye Exam Mon­th so make sure you get your eyes all checked out.


No one likes squint­ing. It gives you lines. On your face.

This week is Inter­na­tion­al Clown Week (Aug 1–7)! Get out your red noses and faceprint and STRIKE TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF ALL.

Also this week is Nation­al Ice Cream Sand­wich Day (Aug 2), the day that Dom Perignon invent­ed cham­pag­ne (Aug 4), and Nation­al Mus­tard Day (Aug 5).

Who’s hit­ting the the­aters to see Sui­cide Squad on open­ing night?? It’s in the­aters on the 5th!

The week­end holds all kinds of great­ness: Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6), and Inter­na­tion­al Beer Day (Aug 7)! Also this week­end is the Hor­ror Fan Craft Fair & Flea (Aug 6), and that is real­ly the ONLY way to spend your week­end. High five to the peo­ple who are run­ning that thing, because WHAT A GOOD IDEA.

Birth­days this week include:
The Jok­erHer­man Melville and Kev­in Smith (all Aug 1), Neil Arm­strong (Aug 5), Andy Warhol and Piers Antho­ny (Aug 6), and Sid­ney Cros­by (Aug 7).


This week is Nation­al Farmer’s Mar­ket Week (Aug 7–13), so make sure you hit up all your fave mar­kets!! There’s one in Shadyside now! Did you know?? NOW YOU KNOW!


We have a card for that. This is the card for that.

Next up is my per­son­al favorite, Sneak Some Zuc­chini onto your neighbor’s porch Night (Aug 8)!!!! I wish you all the best sneak­ing! Then there’s Book Lover’s Day (Aug 9), Nation­al Duran Duran Appre­ci­a­tion Day  and S’Mores Day (both Aug 10), and Vinyl Record Day (Aug 12).

Also on the 12th, Sausage Par­ty hits the­aters.  If you haven’t seen the trail­er for Sausage Par­ty yet, do it now. Don’t be deceived though. This is NOT a kids movie. It’s from the mak­ers of Super­bad. So. You know. Not for kids.

If you’re not into movies, it’s okay! You can always hit up the Blue­grass Fes­ti­val on August 13th!

Birth­days this week include:
Gin­ny Weasley (Aug 11), William Gold­man (Aug 12), Alfred Hitch­cock (Aug 13) and Steve Mar­t­in (Aug 14).

It’s Weird Con­test Week (Aug 13–17)!!! We’re work­ing on con­coct­ing some epic con­test here at KU, so make sure you check back to see how you can win some sil­ly prizes!

Relax­ation Day  is on the 15th, so stop by to get some sooth­ing show­er bursts or some­thing. TREAT YO’ SELF.

dogNext up is Bad Poet­ry Day (Aug 18), Lit­tle Italy Days in Bloom­field (Aug 18–21) and the start of Bike­Fest (Aug 19–28)

Birth­days this week include:
Lois Lane (Aug 17), Gene Rod­den­ber­ry, Ogden Nash and Mr. Snuf­fle­u­pa­gus (All Aug 19), H.P. Love­craft (Aug 20) and Christo­pher Robin Mil­ne (Aug 21)

Okay, so this week starts a lit­tle rough: Plu­to Demot­ed Day and Vesu­vius Day share the 24th. But it is all okay because that same day is also Nation­al Waf­fle Day. So you can total­ly drown your sor­rows in syrup. That’s a legit thing to do.
The week ends with FREEDOM! It’s Go Top­less Day (Aug 28)! #FreeTheNip­ple


Birth­days this week include: 
Ray Brad­bury and Dorothy Park­er (both Aug 22), Gene Kel­ly (Aug 23), Tim Bur­ton and Sean Con­nery (both Aug 25), and Pee Wee Her­man and Ira Lev­in (both Aug 27)


There’s a cou­ple more days left, so don’t give up yet! You can have two more par­ties at LEAST! Cel­e­brate More Herbs, Less Salt Day (Aug 29) with some killer herba­ceous recipes and fol­low it up with some S’MORES for Toast­ed Marsh­mal­low Day (Aug 30)

That’s it! That’s all we’ve got! We sure hope this August is your BEST AUGUST YET!

So, what do you think?