Awkward moments are my favorite. Sure, they're awful as they're happening (cue red face, anxiety sweating, and stuttering) but they always make for a funny story later. The other great thing about awkward moments is that they keep us grounded. Hearing others' stories of awkward moments undoubtedly brings up a number of our own awkward moments. So I'll share with you some of my own awkward moments.

  • Creeping on someone's Instagram feed when my phone mistakes my scrolling as double tapping, thus accidentally 'liking' one of their photos.
  • My phone rings, and I say hello before it's connected me to the person. So they know I've picked up but don't hear me say 'hello' and they just get silence.
  • Bumping into an inanimate object and saying, 'Excuse me,' before I realize it's not a person.
  • Forgetting someone's name as soon as they tell it to me because I'm so nervous I forget to remember.
  • Looking for an open treadmill at the gym and making eye contact with 7 people working out instead.
  • Accidentally making a lot of eye contact with the same person at the gym because they're just there and hoping to GOD they don't try to talk to me.
  • Singing along with a song in front of someone and singing the wrong lyrics.
  • Impatiently pulling on the car door handle multiple times as someone else simultaneously tries to unlock the car.
  • The other person getting so annoyed with me that they just get in the car and drive away. (JK this has never happened but could, you know?)
  • Trying to count a pile of money and repeatedly getting confused about the total.
  • Getting to the front of the line at the bank and forgetting what you even came for.
  • Using the ATM to avoid interacting with an actual person.
  • Getting on the bus and trying to pay when you're supposed to pay when you get off. (This makes the port authority bus drivers CRAZY.)
  • Sending someone a Facebook message and seeing that they read it but didn't respond to you. Ever.
  • Apologizing to your pet when you accidentally kick/walk into them.

And here are a few socially awkward penguin memes :) Please feel free to share your awkward moments!

So, what do you think?