27 Sep



Welcome readers! 
This year, in order to fully celebrate Banned Book Week, Kards Unlimited is hosting another fantastic Book Reading Contest: KU BannedBookIt!

If you were a child of the 90's you will remember getting your first personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut when you met your reading goal for BookIt. It was a magical moment full of hot cheese and a sense of accomplishment.

So here at Kards, we're going to host our own BANNED Book It! The goal is to read as many Banned Books as possible! Reading books can win you prizes!

Here's how it works:
KUBannedBookIt will start on Sunday, September 27th, the first day of Banned Book Week! The final day will be November 10th!
During Banned Book It, you, the reader/contestant will read as many Banned Books as possible!
Each time you read a book, post about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (Picture of the book included, please), tag Kards and include #KUBannedBookIt
Each book/post will get you a sticker on our MAGICAL SCORE BOARD!
There will be two winners! The one who reads the most books will win a $50 Gift Certificate, and a RANDOM PLAYER will also win a $50 gift certificate! (So you all have a chance to win even if someone super ambitious starts playing!)
We will also be awarding Random 10% off coupons to notable players! So make your posts thoughtful/amusing! Or make a video acting out your favorite scene! Or send us a book report! Or come sing for us! You might win a Coupon!

In honor of our inner children, we will be concluding the contest with a PIZZA PARTY! It will be on November 15th at 6pm! We will want you there to party with us! Let us know if you'll be coming!

Are you excited yet?? START READING!

Here is a list of Banned Books we recommend!
Here are some Banned Books recommended by people on Goodreads!
Here is a handy little postcard you can print out to remind yourself of the rules or give to all of your friends! 


BannedBookIt INSTA

So, what do you think?