So as you may or may not know, May 1st is Batman Day. Awesome. There is actually surprisingly little info on Batman Day itself, but I'm gonna pull out a little Batman general info and whatnot, then basically just nerd out about how cool he is.

Batman made his first appearance Detective Comcs #27, which came out in May 1939. He's always been a badass. Kickin' ass and taking names. But he's also a sweet detective. The Killing Joke graphic novel is considered to be one of the best comics. You should definitely check it out if you like Batman stuff. Guess what Alan Moore was in on it. You know it'll be good.



I'm gonna go ahead and say aside from Vertigo stuff, Batman is the only DC character that has really gripped me. His stuff is super dark and gritty and gotten better with age. He doesn't have any super powers. Except for the greatest super power. Essentially unlimited wealth. Him and Ironman would be super bros. Which bring me to my next point: I HATE Superman. He has a power for literally everything. It's outrageous. I won't get into that too much,  but I do want to bring up Frank Miller's Batman:Dark Knight series. In the last book batman enacts this awesome plan and actually beats Superman. He leaves Superman with a sweet line before faking his death for some crazy political reason. Check it.


eat it Superman.

So I guess we can talk about the movies now. They are amazing. There have been so many batman movies. 8 so far, the first one being in '66 with Adam West. Most of them were pretty awesome too, which is more than can be said for any other comic book hero movie franchise. The second most recent, The Dark Knight, can easily be considered the best comic book based movie of all time. I dare you to question that. Heath Ledger's performance alone made that movie absolutely amazing.


So good.

And finally wanna talk animated? I do. I love cartoons. I still watch cartoons on a regular basis. Don't judge me. But for good reason. Some cartoons are legit as hell. That includes a few of the past Batman series. Batman Beyond was flippin sweet. It was all set in the future and cybery, which is %100 my jam. Batman, who wasn't Bruce Wayne cause he was so old (he was still running the show though), wore a sweet ass powered robo bat suit. Super 90's, I loved it. It ruled.

He had sweet claw hands and rocket boots I think.

He had sweet claw hands and rocket boots I think.

More importantly though was Batman: The Animated Series, which originally aired form '92 to '95. Prime Batman years for me. This series is hands down the best comic book series that has been created. It appealed to kids and adults alike with it's surprisingly deep stories, well written dialogue, and dark and gritty feels. It has even been rated the second greatest cartoon of all time, losing out only to the Simpsons. That's a feat in itself. It was nominated for over 20 awards and won a lot of them. Simply too good. Such a huge part of my childhood. (they won't let me embed it :(  )

So there you go. Just a little reminder why Batman rules in case your'e a dumbbutt and forgot.


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