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Here at KU, we believe in your free­dom to read! We cel­e­brate Banned Books Week EVERY. YEAR. Some of you cus­tomers out there might be like, “Okay, KU, it’s get­ting a lit­tle over-done. This is Amer­i­ca, and we already have lots of free­doms, so you don’t real­ly need to get up in arms about banned books. Like what’s the big deal any­way?” And to those cus­tomers we say: BANNED BOOKS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Also, you’ve prob­a­bly read some already and you didn’t even know! FOR EXAMPLE! Did you read Har­ry Pot­ter and LOVE it?? Well guess what! That’s a banned book! Some­one in THIS FREE COUNTRY decid­ed that Har­ry Pot­ter was too dan­ger­ous for any­one to read. AND IN FACT SOME PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER AND BURNED A LOT OF HARRY POTTER BOOKS SO THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD READ THEM. WHAT THE HECK GUYS. book burning

Har­ry Pot­ter changed my life, per­son­al­ly. So did The Lorax. And I’ll be 100% hon­est, so did my child­hood copy of Our Bod­ies, Our­selves. In someone’s per­fect world, I would nev­er have read them. And in fact, TODAY IN THIS COUNTRY, some peo­ple are still with­out those books. And there are more impor­tant books hit­ting the shelves every day! Books about being free to be who you are, books about empow­er­ing your­self to over­come oppres­sion! And let’s be com­plete­ly hon­est and real here, the peo­ple who are oppressed are the peo­ple that often ACTUALLY are affect­ed by books being banned. They are the peo­ple who need access to the­se impor­tant and for­ma­tive books and while in the­se days of inter­net they might have bet­ter access to the­se books than there used to be, they still have to deal with angry peo­ple out there that tell them they shouldn’t read that crap because it will CORRUPT THEM. Yeah guys, peo­ple STILL ban books. Like today. It’s still hap­pen­ing.

So yeah. Here at KU we’re pret­ty pas­sion­ate about this top­ic. Clear­ly because this was sup­posed to be like super short blog here but I couldn’t help myself.

So please come cel­e­brate with us! In the store, we will have infor­ma­tion cards up with a lot of the banned books that explain where and why the book was banned. It’s real­ly inter­est­ing to see. I bet you’ll be sur­prised at some of the titles. For exam­ple, did you know that Charlotte’s Web is a banned book?? And so is Where’s Wal­do! Whhaaaaaat.

Any who. Check out this video of 2015’s most banned books. Just released this year.

And then come get your­self some illic­it and won­der­ful read­ing mate­ri­al. <3

Oh. On a lighter note, this oth­er video right here is a gem. And full of help­ful ways to pro­tect your books from strangers.


So, what do you think?