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Here at KU, we believe in your freedom to read! We celebrate Banned Books Week EVERY. YEAR. Some of you customers out there might be like, "Okay, KU, it's getting a little over-done. This is America, and we already have lots of freedoms, so you don't really need to get up in arms about banned books. Like what's the big deal anyway?" And to those customers we say: BANNED BOOKS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Also, you've probably read some already and you didn't even know! FOR EXAMPLE! Did you read Harry Potter and LOVE it?? Well guess what! That's a banned book! Someone in THIS FREE COUNTRY decided that Harry Potter was too dangerous for anyone to read. AND IN FACT SOME PEOPLE GOT TOGETHER AND BURNED A LOT OF HARRY POTTER BOOKS SO THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD READ THEM. WHAT THE HECK GUYS. book burning

Harry Potter changed my life, personally. So did The Lorax. And I'll be 100% honest, so did my childhood copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves. In someone's perfect world, I would never have read them. And in fact, TODAY IN THIS COUNTRY, some people are still without those books. And there are more important books hitting the shelves every day! Books about being free to be who you are, books about empowering yourself to overcome oppression! And let's be completely honest and real here, the people who are oppressed are the people that often ACTUALLY are affected by books being banned. They are the people who need access to these important and formative books and while in these days of internet they might have better access to these books than there used to be, they still have to deal with angry people out there that tell them they shouldn't read that crap because it will CORRUPT THEM. Yeah guys, people STILL ban books. Like today. It's still happening.

So yeah. Here at KU we're pretty passionate about this topic. Clearly because this was supposed to be like super short blog here but I couldn't help myself.

So please come celebrate with us! In the store, we will have information cards up with a lot of the banned books that explain where and why the book was banned. It's really interesting to see. I bet you'll be surprised at some of the titles. For example, did you know that Charlotte's Web is a banned book?? And so is Where's Waldo! Whhaaaaaat.

Any who. Check out this video of 2015's most banned books. Just released this year.

And then come get yourself some illicit and wonderful reading material. <3

Oh. On a lighter note, this other video right here is a gem. And full of helpful ways to protect your books from strangers.


So, what do you think?