20 Oct

Bela Lugosi

Children of the night, rejoice! It's Bela Lugosi's Birthday!


Most people recognize Bela Lugosi from his iconic role in Universal's classic horror film, Dracula. What most people are unaware of is how that infamous role played a major part in the deterioration of Lugosi's career.


Sad Lugosi

After the large success of Dracula, Lugosi found himself type-caste as the horror villain, and slowly degraded from a top billed actor in major releases, to lower budget B-movie productions who used him to hook audiences with a familiar name.


We're sure he was thrilled to meet that gorilla.

Lugosi's decline in the cinemas was also due to the fact that he had developed a serious addiction to morphine and opiates due a an injury he received in the war that caused him uncomfortable amounts of pain. His addiction became so notorious that film producers had actually believed him dead.


Late in his life, Bela Lugosi was sought out by infamous director Ed Wood, who was an enormous fan of Lugosi's work, to star in his films with parts written specifically with Lugosi in mind. Lugosi was living in obscurity and near poverty, and accepted somewhat graciously, Wood's offer. Lugosi decided to seek treatment for his drug addiction. According to a biography of Frank Sinatra, when the entertainer heard of Lugosi's problems, he helped with expenses and visited at the hospital. Lugosi would recall his amazement, since he did not even know Sinatra.


Lugosi died in his home of a heart attack on August 16, 1956 and was buried wearing one of the Dracula Cape costumes.

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