So you only really have to beware March 15th (the ides of March, according to the Roman calendar) if your name is Julius Caesar and all your underlings are planning to assassinate you.  If those things aren't true of you, you're probably good.


In case this was unclear.

Couple things that I find interesting about today:  First, that it didn't become some weird, unlucky day for everyone ever.  That kind of seems like something that would have happened, you know?  Like, Caesar was assassinated on March 15th, let's make sure something terrible happens every March 15th hereafter!  Because portents and stuff!  (Also, portents.  Great word.)

Another thing:  I really wish the Gregorian calendar used terms like 'ides'.  For real, though.  In the Roman calendar systems, the first day of every month was known as the Calends, which is an awesome word.  Each month also had a 'nones' and an 'ides'.  These days are thought to have corresponded with phases of the moon.  Of course, since we no longer use a lunar calendar, the words no longer have any significance, but they're still cool-sounding.


I think this probably happened on a sweet day like the Ides of Septembris or something.

Basically what I'm saying, I guess, is that Classical Rome was awesome and despite the fact that none of the modern conveniences existed then, I would totally love to have experienced that time.

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