5 Jul

Bikini Day

Yes ladies of gentleman it's the greatest day of the year. Better than Christmas. Superior to your birthday. Doesn't even come close to your anniversary. That's right, it's time to get wet, because July 5th is National Bikini Day!

santa bik


 We all love the bikini, but who do we have to thank for it? Who else but the Greeks... kind of. Art dating from 286 AD show women in garments resembling  bikinis. But it wasn't till the Aussie's come along and laid the groundwork in 1907, when an Australian woman was arrested for wearing a form fitting swim suit in Boston.


Curvy in ALL the right places.

By the 40's two-piece suits were becoming a fad in the motherland of scantily clad women, Hollywood. But no one had yet to trim the excess material off the suits and give them a proper name. That is until 1946 when French (go figure) mechanical engineer by the name of Louis Reard grab the world by their swim suits and yanked, introducing us to the Bikini.


God Bless Louis Reard.

The name Bikini came from Bikini Atoll, one of a series of islands in the South Pacific where testing on the new atomic bomb was occurring that summer. Reard termed his swimsuit the "bikini" because he believed its revealing style would create reactions among people similar to those created by America’s atomic bomb in Japan just one summer earlier.

j simp bikini

America didn't care and rocked that shit anyway.

And the rest is history, So run out into the sun and some splash and take in everything this Bikini Day. Gentlemen, I recommend wearing sunglasses to REALLY take everything in without seeming too obvious or too creepy - You're welcome, no need to thank me, I'm genius, I know.


Because why not? You want it. 

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