Book Club was fun-tactic as usual, dear readers! We had some pretty great discussion about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. 

For instance, we all kind of thought it was interesting to read about a time and culture where not having a job was like the cream of society and those WITH jobs were looked down upon with distain. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Also, it's a little cray that people just like kept wild leopards and stuff on their estates for kicks. Like, look, here's a leopard  own now!

We decided that these aren't the type of mysteries that you can try and solve along with the book... Sherlock keeps a lot of things to himself. But over all, the stories are a VERY fun read. #worthit!

Next book is....... (drum roll please)


Here's what Goodreads has to say about it: "Under the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality they slip gradually from obsession to corruption and betrayal, and at last - inexorably - into evil. " DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN.

We'll be meeting on July 17th, 6pm, in the store to talk about it, so stop by for your copy today!
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So, what do you think?