Book Club was fun-tac­tic as usu­al, dear read­ers! We had some pret­ty great dis­cus­sion about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Adven­tures of Sher­lock Holmes. 

For instance, we all kind of thought it was inter­est­ing to read about a time and cul­ture where not hav­ing a job was like the cream of soci­ety and those WITH jobs were looked down upon with dis­tain. HOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED. Also, it’s a lit­tle cray that peo­ple just like kept wild leop­ards and stuff on their estates for kicks. Like, look, here’s a leop­ard  own now!

We decid­ed that the­se aren’t the type of mys­ter­ies that you can try and solve along with the book… Sher­lock keeps a lot of things to him­self. But over all, the sto­ries are a VERY fun read. #wor­thit!

Next book is.…… (drum roll please)


Here’s what Goodreads has to say about it:Under the influ­ence of their charis­mat­ic clas­sics pro­fes­sor, a group of clev­er, eccen­tric mis­fits at an elite New Eng­land col­lege dis­cov­er a way of think­ing and liv­ing that is a world away from the hum­drum exis­tence of their con­tem­po­raries. But when they go beyond the bound­aries of nor­mal moral­i­ty they slip grad­u­al­ly from obses­sion to cor­rup­tion and betray­al, and at last — inex­orably — into evil. ” DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN.

We’ll be meet­ing on July 17th, 6pm, in the store to talk about it, so stop by for your copy today!
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So, what do you think?