8 Jan


Today we cel­e­brate the great won­der­ful world of Bub­ble Baths! (Yeah, I know that song is about cham­pag­ne, but I don’t care)

I have always been a huge fan of a good relax­ing bub­ble bath. (Usu­al­ly paired with a dan­ger­ous habit of plac­ing my lap­top entire­ly too close to the tub so that I can stream Net­flix.…)

the all mag­i­cal bub­ble machine.

My love of bub­ble baths start­ed very young. One of my favorite rea­sons for vis­it­ing my Aunt’s house was that she had this very strange and loud device that made ALL THE BUBBLES. See that thing on the right there? Yeah, it looked kind of like that except big­ger and with more 80’s pro­duc­tion val­ues. Like real­ly cheap yel­low­ing plas­tic. You stuck it in the bot­tom of the tub, and then there were bub­bles EVERYWHERE! It was mag­i­cal.

Now, I’m sure a lot of you have your per­fect set up for a bub­ble bath already, but just in case it’s been far too long since you’ve had a bub­ble bath and you want a very detailed how-to guide, here it is!



How to take a Bub­ble Bath for the per­son who needs all the tips:

Step 1:
Clean your tub ahead of time.
Look, this is the hard­est step, but you’re get­ting it over with first. It’s also well worth the hard work, so just go ahead and do it. Clean­ing your tub will make you feel much more relaxed and hap­py. No one wants to be mid bath and then start think­ing about the slime and grime that is pos­si­bly encrust­ing your tub. But make sure you do this a day or so ahead of time!! Don’t clean your tub and then just jump right it! there is bound to be some residue clean­ing solu­tion in your tub, and that stuff is killer on your skin!
*While you’re clean­ing your tub, make sure your tub actu­al­ly has a drain stop! Some tubs sad­ly lack this fea­ture. If your tub doesn’t have a plug, you can always buy one!

awwwwwwwwww. kit­ty bath­time.

Step 2:
Col­lect the fol­low­ing sup­plies:
-Bub­ble bath solu­tion! Choose a scent that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside! In a pinch a few dol­lops of sham­poo or soap will work just fine, but to real­ly get all the bub­ble action, you want to stick with actu­al bub­ble bath!
— A nice bot­tle of wine (option­al, but you don’t know relax­ation until you mix hot water and an alco­hol buzz)
-Some can­dles! If you want a scent­ed can­dle, make sure you choose a smell that will mix nice­ly in the air with your bub­ble bath smell. You want some­thing light and fresh, not a heavy thing that will give you a heachache after 30 min­ute of being in an enclosed room with it.
-A good book. Stop on by for rec­om­men­da­tions!
-Music. You want some­thing relax­ing and med­i­ta­tive. Seri­ous­ly. Don’t be like, mannnn I just real­ly like met­al, I’m going to just lis­ten to that. No. That’s music for clean­ing your house and boost­ing your pulse. You want to do the oppo­site of that.
— Toys! (also option­al.) (also.…. I’ll let you decide if I mean kid toys or.… adult toys.) Just make sure they’re water safe! Obvi, don’t stick any­thing with bat­ter­ies or chords in the water with you unless it’s actu­al­ly sup­posed to do that.
-A Very Fluffy Tow­el!
— Pos­si­bly one of those bath tub pil­low things. some­times the ceram­ic can be a lit­tle hard on your neck, and you can get a nice bath pil­low for rel­a­tive­ly cheap.
— Have room­mates? You might need to print this out to hang on the door.

pop that bub­ble, gurl.

Step 3:
Cre­ate the per­fect set­ting!
It’s time to bub­ble bath! You have all your sup­plies ready, and your tub is clean! Now to start cre­at­ing the spa-like scene for your epic bath.
-Start fill­ing your tub. This can take a while, so it’s nice to start this while you’re prep­ping. Make sure to add the bub­ble bath in ear­ly, and occa­sion­al­ly give it a good stir to cre­ate an even amount of bub­bles. Also, make sure to keep the bath­room door closed so that all that warm love­ly steam fills the room.
-Light those can­dles! Just make sure they are not close enough to acci­den­tal­ly set your hair on fire.
-Put on some low soft music. (You’re going to want to be able to adjust the vol­ume AFTER the water stops flow­ing. Just keep that in mind.)
-Make sure the bath­mat is there for when you get out. (I know that sounds like com­mon sense, but I can’t even tell you the num­bers I have almost died because my bath­mat was not where it should have been when I got out of the tub with my super wet, very clean feet.)

Step 4:
Fill an easy to reach table or sur­face with all the things you need dur­ing your bath:  fluffy tow­el, book and a small hand tow­el to keep it dry,  wine (Seri­ous­ly con­sid­er using a plas­tic cup, because bro­ken glass in water is like a lit­er­al death trap.) and toys of course.  Once every­thing is with­in reach, it’s time to.…

Step 5: 
HAVE A BATH. And enjoy the hell out of it.

Have fun bathing, guys!

P.S. Don’t like bub­bles? Use Bath Tea or Bath Bombs instead! ( We might have some in store, but they’re going quick!)


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