I hope you're not lactose intolerant, folks-- 'cause it's about to get REAL cheesy up in here. Think Velveeta shells, like. For real. The Kraft powdery nonsense doesn't even come close to the amount of dairy that's going to be inundating your eyeballs.

Onward, onward into the fog.

Today, January 25, is Have Fun at Work Day. But what does that MEAN? We don't know how not to have fun here at Kards, seriously. Even that time that I shattered a register and took out half the front counter ringing out the very first customer on Black Friday (true story), we still laughed. A lot. I mean, I mainly laughed because hey, what a way to get fired! You broke the store! Bye!


We're very sorry, but we're gonna have to let you go. As a rule, breaking the store is frowned upon.

Even our "normal" days are fun, though. You never know when you'll get a text from your boss asking if you could pretty, pretty please dress up as a pirate  the next day. Plus there was that whole calendar thing, which I know I will carry with me to my highlight reel if the whole Soylent Green thing ends up happening, after all.


^What this post makes you think we do at work all day.

We do have a lot of fun here, though, both behind the scenes and in front of your lovely faces. We all have our favorite products, favorite customers, favorite songs on the cable radio (Donde Esta Santa Claus), songs that make us weep hysterically (okay, maybe that's just me). I'm sure you guys have those things at your job, too, though, right? Right. If not, I mean... We've got these super cool products by Knock Knock for your office that will make it, uh, bearable? I've kind of suppressed the memories from the few months that I worked in PR so it CAN be made better, right? Is that a thing? For your sake, I hope so.


^What we actually do at work all day.

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