It hath been proclaimed! Today, cousins, is Talk Like Shakespeare Day!

Whether you're actually a fan of old Willy the bard or you know how to add "eth" to the end of all your verbs and call it "old english" today can be a fun day for you. Who doesn't want to flounce around saying things in a fake British accent and pulling out words that you think sound old and throwing them around! Without you even knowing it, you probably talk like Shakespeare to an extent every day of your life!

  • Dead as a door nail.
  • As luck would have it.
  • Fight fire with fire.
  • Fancy free.
  • In a pickle.

All stuff that guy said! Then there are some movies that you love and watch over and over again that talk like Shakespeare if you need some inspiration today.

Based on the Taming of the Shrew. They don't talk like Shakespeare all the time but they throw some good lines in there.

Romeo + Juliet. What's better than Leo, Claire Danes and John Leguizamo all speaking like Shakespeare plus lots of neon, gun fights, drugs and pool makeout scenes? THE ANSWER IS NOTHING. There is nothing better. Watch this right now if you haven't.

FUN FACT! We have 8 billion Shakespeare related products. Most of them filthy.

One of the best parts about talk like Shakespeare day is that homeboy was filthy and mean. He made up some of the harshest most creative insults and talked about sex in every way imaginable. Walk up to someone and ask them to make the beast with two backs with you and see if they get it. If not, at least you get it. And really amusing ourselves is the whole point in life.

Play with your Shakespeare action figure!

Not only is this the truest. It is also in tshirt form.

Start your day by learning lots and lots of ways to insult people in ways they won't understand. It's like like cursing someone in another language. Only this is better because you'll feel even smarter and it's in english and nothing is better than insulting someone AND confusing them with their own language!

In addition to being dirrty and witty as all hell, our pal Willy was also quite the romantic. He kind of wrote THE definitive love story that almost everything is based on. Good job, Shakespeare way to make the rest of us look bad.

"Arthur Phillips’s father is a two-bit forger and con artist, but, still, when he claims to have discovered a lost Shakespeare play, Arthur believes him. At first." DUN DUN DUN!

Shakespeare magnetic finger puppets are all the rage! Walk around with this guy on your finger all day while you're talking like Shakespeare and you can get a free ride to that padded room you've always wanted !

Would we be Kards Unlimited without our share of Shakespeare related cards? No, we would just be called Kards. Because we wouldn't be unlimited. Or even worse. We might just be called "Cards". With a C. I shudder at the thought!

So go out today and get your Shakespeare on!

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