Thanks to every­one who came out to book club on Sun­day! We had a rip-roar­ing old time, what?
Just look at all the­se smil­ing faces!



The gen­er­al opin­ion of all in atten­dance was that every­one should read this book! Why? Well, because it’s hilar­i­ous! and charm­ing! And just gen­er­al fun! Quite a few peo­ple at book club had already picked up anoth­er Wode­house book to read. And let me tell you, once you’ve got the bug, you’re done for. All the Bertie Woost­er is not quite enough Bertie Woost­er! 11666160_1456754604624552_7810846338112262679_n

The next book club will be meet­ing on August 16th at 6pm in the store.
We’re switch­ing gears quite dras­ti­cal­ly with this book! On to the creepy tale of ter­ror: The Strain by Guiller­mo del Toro and Chuck Hogan! If you’ve been aching to get your thrill on, we got you.

See you in August! But also hope­ful­ly before then, because there is PLENTY of time to read a mil­lion oth­er books (and post them for #KUBook­Bin­go to win prizes) before the next meet­ing!!!



So, what do you think?