Ok, so.  Jan­u­ary 16th is Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day.  Usu­al­ly, I like to talk about a bunch of dif­fer­ent drag­ons and why appre­ci­at­ing drag­ons is super fun and great.  How­ev­er, this year I’d like to remind every­one of a very spe­cial drag­on, this guy right here:



Aw yeah.  Spy­ro the Drag­on.  So here’s the thing.  When I was a kid, we didn’t real­ly have video games in the house.  My par­ents didn’t even have cable.  They want­ed us to “read” and “learn things” and “play out­side” and all that oth­er unciv­i­lized non­sense.  Don’t get me wrong, in ret­ro­spect I real­ly appre­ci­ate my upbring­ing.  But when I was a kid, there was not a lot that thrilled me more than going to a friend or relative’s house where they were mod­ern and had video games and/or cable tele­vi­sion, so I could expe­ri­ence them.

Look at these adorable nerds.

Look at the­se adorable nerds.

So one sum­mer we road tripped out to my cousins’ house in Mary­land or Vir­ginia or some state where they lived, and they had one of the Spy­ro games.  And it was so so awe­some, you guys.  It was like all the things I loved rolled into one hero­ic, fly­ing, fire-breath­ing adven­ture.  I loved it.

Look at this game!  Doesn't it look SO fun?

Look at this game! Doesn’t it look SO fun?

For those of you who may not know, the Spy­ro games fea­tured the above lit­tle pur­ple drag­on, who ran around with his friend Sparx the Drag­on­fly sav­ing the world from var­i­ous prob­lems in the dif­fer­ent games.  Child­ish?  Yes.  But also a lot of fun.  I kind of want to go buy myself one right now, tbh.

So any­way, pick a drag­on and appre­ci­ate it today!  Drag­ons rule!

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