flag everywhereHello world! (Or, you know. KU Lovers)
Today September 23, is the day we celebrate BISEXUALITY!!!!!!!

Okay. Look. This day is pretty important to me these days. I personally don't identify as bisexual for reasons, but I think it's really important that the whole world talk about the fact that bisexuality EXISTS and IS REAL.

I'm sure any and all of you internet people are aware that there are people out there with opinions like "no one is actually bisexual, they just like sex" or "those bisexuals just need to pick a side already". Well, today, let me just tell you that there are BISEXUALS EVERYWHERE.

Okay. so. maybe not like everywhere, but way more places than you think.

Some of my personal Bisexual Role Models include (but are not limited to) Alan Cumming, Frida Kahlo, Billie Holiday, Alice Walker, and Joan Baez.

Oh, and let's not forget Captain Jack. (Of Torchwood) Daaaayum.

Bisexual day is a really great day to remember that some people just love people. Gender doesn't matter. And really, that's a beautiful thing.


So, what do you think?