flag everywhereHel­lo world! (Or, you know. KU Lovers)
Today Sep­tem­ber 23, is the day we cel­e­brate BISEXUALITY!!!!!!!

Okay. Look. This day is pret­ty impor­tant to me the­se days. I per­son­al­ly don’t iden­ti­fy as bisex­u­al for rea­sons, but I think it’s real­ly impor­tant that the whole world talk about the fact that bisex­u­al­i­ty EXISTS and IS REAL.

I’m sure any and all of you inter­net peo­ple are aware that there are peo­ple out there with opin­ions like “no one is actu­al­ly bisex­u­al, they just like sex” or “those bisex­u­als just need to pick a side already”. Well, today, let me just tell you that there are BISEXUALS EVERYWHERE.

Okay. so. may­be not like every­where, but way more places than you think.

Some of my per­son­al Bisex­u­al Role Mod­els include (but are not lim­it­ed to) Alan Cum­ming, Frida Kahlo, Bil­lie Hol­i­day, Alice Walk­er, and Joan Baez.

Oh, and let’s not for­get Cap­tain Jack. (Of Torch­wood) Daaaayum.

Bisex­u­al day is a real­ly great day to remem­ber that some peo­ple just love peo­ple. Gen­der doesn’t mat­ter. And real­ly, that’s a beau­ti­ful thing.


So, what do you think?