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Welcome to Children's Authors and Illustrators Week!!

If you've ever stepped foot into the wonderland known as Kards Unlimited and walked through our children's  book section you might have realized that we have some of the best in town. Which means someone knows and loves children's lit. If you've ever had a question about children's books and were lucky enough to hear one of our walkie talkie convos you would have realized

  1. We are all insane
  2. We LOVE children's lit
  3. We're actually insane

What I'm going to do is hand this post over to some people who are much better at expressing real thoughts and who say things of worth.

Last years brilliant post - Childrens authors and illustrators week crazy 1800s style! Read it plz!

And here ====>  yes here!  <====

My very good friend the Librarian in the Cupboard has been giving her opinions on these matters for quite some time. She is hilarious and and incredibly knowledgeable and the name of her blog is better than yours.
Peruse it, search old posts, check out new posts. It's a good idea.

And look here at only a sampling of the children's books we have at KU!

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Merry Merry Children's Authors and Illustrators Week to You! 

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